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Paul Ryan Research: Abortion and Family Planning

Paul Ryan Research: Abortion and Family Planning

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Published by americanbridge21

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: americanbridge21 on Aug 15, 2012
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Ryan Called Pro-Choice Liberals “Deeply Pessimistic” And Accused Them Of Denigrating Life And PromotingFear.
 According to the States News Service, in a press release, Ryan wrote, “At the core, today’s ‘pro-choice’ liberals aredeeply pessimistic. They denigrate life and offer fear of the present and the future-fear of too many choices and too many children. Rather than seeing children and human beings as a benefit, the ‘pro-choice’ position implies that they are a burden.Despite the ‘pro-choice’ label, liberals’ stance on this subject actually diminishes choices, lowers goals, and leads us to live withless. That includes reducing the number of human beings who can make choices.” [States News Service, 9/20/10]
Ryan Said Pro-Life Conservatives Were “Natural Optimists.”
 According to the States News Service, in a press release,Ryan wrote, “…pro-life conservatives are natural optimists. On balance, we see human beings as assets, not liabilities. Allconservatives should find it easy to agree that government must uphold every person’s right to make choices regarding theirlives and that every person’s right to live must be secured before he or she can exercise that right of choice. In the state of nature-the ‘law of the jungle’-the determination of who ‘qualifies’ as a human being is left to private individuals or chosengroups. In a justly organized community, however, government exists to secure the right to life and the other human rightsthat follow from that primary right.” [States News Service, 9/20/10]
Ryan Said He Would Support “Young Guns” Candidates Who Were Pro-Choice.
 According to The Janesville Gazette,“Young Guns might differ on social issues, Ryan said. He has endorsed candidates who are pro-choice on abortion, whileRyan is pro-life. ‘The only litmus test is whether they’re going to take on this debt and deficits and entitlement spending whenthey get here, or are they going to buckle when pressure occurs?’ he said. ‘We’re just going to agree to disagree on those issueslike abortion, and we’ll do so with mutual respect,’ he said.” [The Janesville Gazette, 7/22/10]
Ryan Voted To Require At Least 1/3 Of AIDS Relief Funding In Bill To Be Dedicated To Abstinence Promotion.
  According to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, “Here's how area members of Congress were recorded on major roll call votes inthe week ending Friday. HOUSE… ABSTINENCE: The House on Thursday voted, 220 for and 197 against, to require thatat least one-third of the funding in H.R. 1298 (above) be spent on promoting abstinence until marriage as the best way toprevent AIDS… Wisconsin Voting Yes: Ryan, Petri, Green. Voting No: Baldwin, Kind, Kleczka, Sensenbrenner Not Voting:Obey.” [Saint Paul Pioneer Press, 5/4/03]
Ryan Supported Criminalizing Transport of a Minor Across State Lines for an Abortion.
In 2006, Rehberg voted infavor of making it a crime to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion without parental consent. The bill allowed fora fine and up to one year in prison. Also, parents would have been allowed to sue people who helped their daughters acrossthe border. The bill did allow an exception if the abortion was necessary to save the life of the minor. The bill passed 264-153.Roll Call 479, S 403, 09/26/2006; CQ Today, 9/26/06]
 Ryan Supported Restricting Access to Abortion for Military Personnel.
Ryan voted against an amendment to the annualDefense Department authorization bill to allow overseas troops and their relatives to get abortions at military hospitals andclinics. The amendment was defeated 194-233 [ Roll Call 216, H 1815, 05/25/2005 ]
Ryan Opposed Choice and Family Planning for Federal Employees.
Ryan voted against an amendment to allow womencovered by the federal employee health benefit program to receive abortion services. The amendment was defeated 184-230Roll Call 422, H 4871, 07/20/2000 ]
 Ryan Opposed Choice and Family Planning for Federal Employees.
Ryan voted in favor of a spending bill thatcontinued the ban on federal employee health insurance from covering abortions and allowed for religious health plans to beexempt from requiring prescription drug coverage to include contraceptives. The measure passed on a vote of 210-209 [ RollCall 305, H 2490, 07/15/1999 ]
 Ryan Supported Restricting Access to Abortion for Military Personnel.
Ryan voted against an amendment to allow privately funded abortions in overseas military hospitals. The amendment was rejected, 203-225 [ Roll Call 184, H 1401,06/09/1999 ]
Ryan Opposed Providing OTC Status for “Morning-After Pill.”
Ryan has been a strong opponent of efforts to legalizethe “morning after” pill. Blunt has voted three times to prevent the Food and Drug Administration from approving the drug for use in the United States. In 2000, Blunt voted in favor of an amendment that would prohibit the Food and Drug  Administration from using funds to test, develop or approve any drug for the chemical inducement of abortion. In 1999, Blunt voted in favor of an amendment to prohibit the use of any funding for Food and Drug Administration to test, develop, orapprove any drugs for the chemical inducement of abortion. In 1998, Blunt voted in favor of an amendment to prohibit theFood and Drug Administration from using funds appropriated in the bill to test, develop or approve any drug for chemically induced abortions. [ Roll Call 173, H 1906, 06/08/1999 ]
Ryan Voted To Prohibit FDA From Using Funds To Test Or Approve Morning After Pill.
Ryan voted in favor of anamendment aimed at the “morning after pill” that would prohibit the Food and Drug Administration from using funds to test,develop or approve any drug for the chemical inducement of abortion. [ Roll Call 173, H 1906, 06/08/1999 ]
Contraception Mandate
Ryan Said Health And Human Services Mandate Of The Affordable Care Act Was An Affront To Religious Liberty And A “Teachable Moment” For President Obama.
 According to States News Service, “The following information wasreleased by the office of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan: Laura Ingraham: ‘Joining us now to talk about his speech at CPAC andalso Congressional approval rating and the President’s bump up in the polls with not really an economic agenda to show for it,but nevertheless that’s where it is, Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin.’ […] ‘Congressman Ryan: As you know, you and Iare both Catholics. This to quote the President is ‘a teachable moment.’ I would say it is not quite the lesson the President ishoping we would learn before the election. It is a lesson of what happens when you apply the progressive philosophy of government. You have ‘ObamaCare’ and it is a philosophy that believes we now have government-granted rights and that thegovernment’s job is to grant us our rights. When those government-granted rights collide or conflict with our constitutionalrights, well such is the sacrifice needed in the name of progress. So you have this new government granted right, health care, incollision with our First Amendment right of religious freedom and guess what is winning? It kind of surprises me that they areshocked at this backlash because the President and the Administration spoke to Catholic leaders, about this. I rememberhaving long talks with Bart Stupak and other Catholic Democrats back when they were passing this bill about this very issue.’”[States News Service, 2/9/12]
Ryan Denied Advocating Jail For Doctors Who Perform Abortions Or Women Who Get Them, But Added “If It’sIllegal, It’s Illegal.”
According to the Associated Press, “Ryan, 28, a former congressional aide from Janesville, deniedspecifically recommending jail for physicians and women, but he added ‘if it's illegal, it's illegal.’ He also accused Spottswoodof altering her position on ‘partial-birth abortion’ to appear politically moderate.” [Associated Press, 9/26/98]
Federal Funding Ban
Ryan Voted To Bar The Use Of Federal Funds To Purchase Insurance Plans That Cover Abortion.
On October 13,2011, Ryan voted for a bill that would amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to bar the use of federal funds topurchase insurance plans that cover abortion services. The bill also would require that insurance companies offering plans onstate exchanges that cover abortion services also offer identical plans that do not cover abortion services. Finally, it would barfederal agencies and state or local entities that receive funding under the health care overhaul law from discriminating againsthealth care entities that refuse to provide abortions or training related to abortions. According to the Orlando Sentinel, “Thebill passed 251-172, with 15 Democrats joining the GOP in favor and two Republicans opposed to the Protect Life Act, whichalso offers legal protection for hospitals that refuse to perform abortions. The Senate blocked similar legislation passed in May and is likel to do the same to this bill. President Barack Obama also threatened to veto an such bill. Re. Nanc Pelosi D-
Calif., called the legislation ‘savage’ and a waste of time when Americans are more concerned about jobs. House Speaker JohnBoehner, R-Ohio, noted that the legislation was promised in the GOP’s Pledge to America in 2010. ‘We’ve done four to fivejobs bills this week,’ Boehner said.” [ Roll Call 789, H 358, 10/13/2011; Orlando Sentinel, 10/14/11]
 Paul Ryan Voted To Bar Use of Federal Funds To Pay For Health Insurance That Includes Abortion Coverage.
PaulRyan voted for the Stupak (D-MI) amendment that would bar the use of federal funds authorized in the health care bill to pay for an abortion or to cover any part of the costs of any health plan that includes abortion coverage, unless the pregnancy is theresult of rape or incest, or if the woman suffers from a physical disorder, injury or illness that would, as certified by aphysician, endanger the woman’s life. Individuals with subsidized policies who also want abortion coverage would have topurchase it separately, using their own money. [ Roll Call 884, H 3962, 11/07/2009 ]
Ryan Voted to Prohibit Federal Funding for Abortion Services.
On May 04, 2011 Ryan voted for the bill that wouldprohibit federal funding for abortion services, except in cases of rape, incest or when the woman’s life is endangered. It wouldmodify tax breaks given for health insurance coverage to exclude coverage for abortion, prohibit federal medical facilities fromproviding abortion services and establish “conscience protections” for health care providers who object to providing abortionservices. According to the Washington Post, “The bill would bar women from deducting abortion-related medical expensesfrom their taxable income. The bill also would bar tax credits that employers receive for the cost of providing employeemedical insurance if the insurance covers abortion services. Additionally, the bill makes the Hyde Amendment permanent law rather than one that needs annual renewal […] which bars the use of federal funds to pay for abortions except in cases of rapeor incest or to protect a woman’s life.” [ Roll Call 292, H 3, 05/04/2011; Washington Post 05/12/2011]
 Ryan Supported A Block On Aid To The United Nations Population Fund, Which Supported Family Planning And Women’s Reproductive Health Programs In 140 Countries.
 According to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, “The House on July 15 voted, 216 for and 211 against, to block U.S. aid to the United Nations Population Fund, which supports programs in140-plus countries on family planning and women's reproductive health. This removed $50 million for the fund from a $32.2billion foreign affairs budget (HR 1950) for fiscal 2004, which awaits Senate action.” Ryan voted yes. [Saint Paul Pioneer Press,7/20/03]
Ryan Voted Against Treasury-Postal Service Appropriations Bill, Prohibit Payments Under Federal EmployeeHealth Plans For Abortions.
On July 24, 2002, Ryan voted against a Treasury-Postal Service appropriations bill. Specifically the bill would provide $35.1 billion in fiscal 2003 for the Treasury Department, U.S. Postal Service, various offices of theExecutive Office of the President and certain independent agencies, a $1.1 billion increase over fiscal 2002 spending. The totalincludes $9.9 billion for the Internal Revenue Service and $3.1 billion for the Customs Service. The measure provides that allfederal employees would receive a 4.1 percent pay raise. It also would ban bankers from serving as real estate agents. It wouldprohibit payments under federal employee health plans for abortions except in the case of rape, incest or when the woman’slife is endangered. The bill would provide funds for anti- drug programs, election administration reform, and $24 million forthe Office of Homeland Security. [ Roll Call 341, H 5120, 07/24/2002 ]
Ryan Voted To Block Federal Funds For Groups That Offer Abortion Services Overseas.
Ryan voted to block funding for overseas groups that offer abortion services. Ryan voted for the adoption of the conference report on the bill that wouldappropriate $15.4 billion in fiscal 2002 for foreign operations, $403 million more than fiscal 2001. The bill would continue aBush administration policy blocking federal funds to groups that use their own money to offer abortion services overseas.Roll Call 505, H 2506, 12/19/2001 ]
Fetal Protection
Ryan Voted Expand The Rights Of A Fetus Over Those Of The Mother.
In 2004, Ryan voted to pass the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which makes it a federal crime to harm a fetus during an attack on its mother and establishesunprecedented rights to the fetus. In 2002 Peter Rubin, Georgetown University Professor of constitutional law, said, “Tosuggest in federal law that…a one-cell zygote is a full human being is at variance with the American legal tradition and doesultimately present a threat to women’s reproductive rights -- and not just abortion, but also contraception.” [ Roll Call 31, H1997, 02/26/2004 ]
Paul Ryan Voted for Fetal Protection Act.
On February 26, 2004, Paul Ryan voted for HR 1997, legislation making it acriminal offense to injure or kill a fetus during the commission of a violent crime. The bill established criminal penalties, equalto those that would apply if the injury or death occurred to the pregnant woman, of those who harmed the fetus. The bill

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