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Ward 7 Education Community Conversation 08.11.2012 Notes

Ward 7 Education Community Conversation 08.11.2012 Notes

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Published by A Elizabeth Pecot

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Published by: A Elizabeth Pecot on Aug 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Saturday August 11
, 2012
Motion by Emily Washington Voted upon and unanimously accepted by the Ward 7 Participants
 I move that no schools are closed in Ward 7 until a school reform plan based on a genuine analysisof student achievement by class is advanced by the Ward 7 stakeholders from every Ward Sector; place a
moratorium on opening new Charter schools in Ward 7 until after the Ward 7 Peoples’ Plan for School
reform is advanced.
Under No Child Left Behind (NCLB)
Section 11-18
must have community and parentinvolvement in decision-making. How does this fit into that
how are we working towardcompliance?
(DME explains this is not “in compliance” because there are no decisions being made,
only recommendations being formed)
Not enough parents here
 Visibility of the DME and want him hands on in the community 
 The $ paid for the IFF (37 closing recommendations) is same as funding this convo (incorrect)
2 newest schools have not succeeded b/c $ is not put into improvement by chancellor/superintendent.
$ could be put to behavior staff (budget)
 What was the original agenda? This wasn’t written anywhere.
hite Paper Submitted to Mayor’s Office
(Emily Washington)
see end of notes for full text 
Lack of equity 
Lack of resources
How is quality being defined? (I.e. teacher quality, parent quality, absenteeism/truancy)
Quality administration; recommendations; parental involvement
Language in IFF report being used in DME communications
“quality seats”
 Admin need to explain the connection b/w test scores and closings
 What role do “enrollment” #s play in decisions?
“This is not about school closures” – 
wrong: DME is saying one thing staff saying another
Creating “separate but =” system. This is an insult of the first order
School closures
as an attack on children
compromises children’s safety 
 What about closing ‘charter’ schools
# of people on staff @ DME office
and they’re not reachable
 A great deal of cheating @ schools;
# chancellor report who tells the charter board what?
Standardized test scores determined the ‘tiers’ – 
what was other criteria?
 The way we develop our community now will impact us for years to come
 Test scores do matter
Saying that “we don’t know what quality is” is insulting 
DME states that there is multitude of definitions of quality 
so there’s no one definition.
Schools worse off now than it was before everyone fired
School distance
How are all the notes being compiled, shared?
DME and Public Agenda state that notes will be typed up by Public Agenda, shared withPlanning Team to disseminate to Ward 7 residents
Need to deal with the dynamics in Ward 7
no comparison (in a lot of ways)
Sending students to children in other wards -> not investing in our own ward
Don’t need outsiders tellin
g us what to do
Need constant community involvement
when things are good and bad
need to sustain thisenergy 
Model what’s working 
Schools are changing principals too much
Resources not distributed equally 
Staffing not enough to handle children’s
Some teachers are inexperienced
 At the end of the day it’s about resources
50-60% students on IAP, schools and staff not equipped to handle this
High % of students with behavioral and psych issues
Systematic neglect of residents east of the river; separate and unequal
Signed contract b/w teacher/school/student/principal
Keep librarian in all schools (discourage TV); modern libraries and library 
Retain small schools to keep classes small
Computer labs
Require spelling, grammar
Motion to vehemently oppose school closings in Ward and moratorium on pg 77; until there iscommunity involvement; vetting process (THIS MOTION WILL BE PUT IN A FORMALSTATEMENT TO GO TO DME, OSSE, MAYOR)
Improve quality 
Need to have follow-
up conversation with W2, W3, W6 to find out what they’re doing that could
help in W1, W4, W5, W7, W8.
Councilwoman to speak directly to De
Shawn Wright
Councilwoman should speak to constituents about IFF report
Education plan tailored for Ward 7.
Move on E Washington’s motion
Moratorium on new charter until education plan is developed (accepted by group)
Change student to teacher ratio to have 2 full time teachers
Elementary 15:1, High School 20:1
No more than 25% of students on IEP:
and 504’s
Curriculum development is relevant to students in particular school
Review and asses admin of schools
 Team approach
Increase class tech. to engage students
City conscience revisiting boundaries
Observe best practices from other jurisdictions
t in place things we’re looking for in other areas
Strengthen office of DC state board of education
Shared space in schools
Bring central office to schools buildings
Develop a true assessment process for Ward 7 schools
Look at top 5 countries to see curriculum develop options
 ANC’s – 
frontline; should know school districts within your districts -> which students are going toschool outside the district
 All schools have libraries and librarian
Conduct services
Parent as partners (partnerships in school law)
 Justification of poor test scores (why are they poor)
Create working definition of quality education for Ward 7
Hold chancellor accountable
Create certified classrooms
Clean, clocks-working, computers, smartboards
Bring back office of ombudsman and raise it to the level of OSSE
Create office of parent engagement, bring to OSSE
Staff Hours are ensured noon-8pm
Public evaluation of mayoral school take-over (since of 5 years)
Convene Ward 7 meeting w/ DME to address what has been discussed today.

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