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Practise Iz0043

Practise Iz0043

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Published by Tejas Dixit

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Published by: Tejas Dixit on Aug 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1)Advisory component used to determine therequired size of the database buffer cacheans:memory advisor2)In order to minimise the waits for log file paralle write areans:place redo log files on different disks.3)U have recreated the control file in u r database what action would u take afterrecreating the control file and opening the databaseans:rename the read only datafiles to their correct file names.4)U are performing a block media recivery on the tools01.dbf datafile in the SALESdatabase using RMANANS: U Must ensure that the database is mounted or openU can perform only complete media recovery of indivigual blocks, point intimerecovery of individual block is not supported.5)In u r database online redolog files are multiplexed and one of the members ina group is lost due to media failure what would u do to recover the lost redolog member?ans:-drop the lost member from the database and add new member to the group.6)In oracle 10g u donot need to perform full database backup after the RESETLOGSoperation.7)For an application the user session requires time zone to be set to the localOStimezone without affecting other user sessionsans:use ALTER SESSION command to change the time zone.Set the value for OS varaiable ORASDTZ on the client machine.8)When one of the block gets corrupted in u r datafile and u want to recover itwithoutaffecting other user as well as archived logs are inaccesibleans:use the RMAN block recover command.9)flasback logs are not archived and they are maintained in the flash recoveryarea.10)select operation,undo_sql,tablename from flashback_transection_queryans:above query would return active andcommited transections in all undo segmentsin the dataabse.11)In order to make the task to be genric i.e. it allows to modify it's attribute at run time without affecting the original task which component of the oracle scheduler must u define to achive thisans:program12)In oredr to maintain consistant performance of the database while adding or removing the disks in ASMans:*Define POWER option while adding or removing the disks.*Increase the number of ASM rebalance processes by setting up higher value forASM_POWER_LIMIT during addtion or removal.13)When the lost tablespace is read/write and it was read only when backup was takenhow would u recover the tablespace
ans:restore the tablespace from backup and then recover the tablespace.all the redo information from the point when tablespace was made read/write is applied.14)An RMAN backup fails displaying hte error thatORA-19809limit exceeded for recovery fileswhich action could u takeans:change the backup retension policy to retain backups for smaller period of time.--increase the value for DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE initialisation parameter.15)In which situation would the following recovery be requiredSQL>RECOVER DATABASE2>UNTILL TIME'2004-08-05:12:10:03'3>USING BACKUP CONTROL FILE;ans:the current control file doesnot match the physical structure of the database atintended time of recovery.14)u have been asked to design a table to facilitate monthly bill generation,thebill would include details of cutomer calls arranged in chronological order which method would u follow?ans:create a sorted hash cluster to store the data.15) In which scenario wpuld u rebuild an index*when u need to change storage option.*when u need to move the ingex to another tablespace.questio no. 28),66),119),139)?16)The change tracking writer background process (CTWR) records the physical location ofall the changes that are made to database in the change tracking file.17)RMAN>RESTORE CONTROLFILE;which two operations do u need to perform after restoring the control file from backupans:*add new temp file to temporary tablespace after recovery*perform the media recovery and open the dataabse with resetlogs option.18)In order to create a bitmap index on IOT which task must have been completed?ans:A mapping table must have been created.19)In order to add a new disk group in ASM instance without causing an impact onthecurrently connected usersans:mount new disk group in the ASM instance.20)When DB_BLOCK_CHECKING initialisation parameter is set to TRUE what would bethe result?ans:The oracle database will check all datablocks by going through the data oneach block,making sure that the data is self consistant.21)Which option would u use to migrate datafiles from non-ASM instance to ASM instanceans:RMAN22)Using ORACLE SCHEDULER U nave created two jobs JOB1 and JOB2 both of them should run at 9:00 p.m. every friday and both should use a single resource plan,WEEKEND_PALN.ANS:A job class must be created with the WEEKEND_PLAN resource plan.23)In order to increase the memory available for the SQL work areas.
ans:modify PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET initialisation parameter.24)When a redo log file is corrupted when the database is open and because of this it'soperations are stopped as it cannot continue the archiving which action to betaken?ans:clear the redo log group.25)ALTER SESSION ENABLE RESUMABLE TIMEOUT 60;The impact of above statement is that the suspended statement error out if the problem is not rectified between 60 seconds.26)when u enable BLOCK CHANGE TRACKING FEATURE for the database which statementregarding the change tracking file is true?ans:one change tracking file is created for the database and by defaukt it is created in DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST.27)U want to use SQL Tuning Advisor to generate recommendations for badly writtenSQL statements which three sources can u select for an advisor to analyse?ans:top sqlsql tuning setsindex access path28)u use DBVERIFY utility to create a report for any corruptions found within the database.29)when a segment space management is not auto u cannot shrink any table blonging tothat tablespace.30)Four types of files which can be backed up with RMAN BACKUP command1)datafile2)archived redo log file3)current control file4)current server parameter file.31)To findout weather listener naned L1 is password protected or notans:by using STATUS LI command of the listener control utility.32)when u lost temporary file belonging to temporary tablespace in u r databasewhat action would u take to solve the problem?ans:create a new temporary tablespace ,make it a default temporary tablespaceand then drop the old temporary tablespace.33)recycle bin exists only for the tables which belongs to non-SYSTEM localy managed tablespace.34)the two sources u can use to determine the optimal size of redo log files are:1.v$INSTANCE_RECOVERY view.2.oracle enterprise manager database control35)which step must be performed before u start using the resource plan?ans:assign users to consumer group.36)%rman target/what would be the impact of the above commandans:RMAN would use control file of the taeget database to maintain the backupmetadata.

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