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Class War V1.#1

Class War V1.#1

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Published by JohnnBrown
Journal of Communist Workers Group USA
Journal of Communist Workers Group USA

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Published by: JohnnBrown on Aug 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Marikana Massacre p. (1)Chevron Richmond Refinery p. (1)The Elections p. (4)Defeat Stop and Frisk p. (5)Down with the Sugar Tax p. (7)Occupy May Day/Occupy Lenin p. (7)Letters p. (9)The spit in the HWRS p. (12)Where we stand p. (14)
Marikana Massacre
Down with the ANC! For aWorkers and Poor FarmersGovernment
The cold blooded killing of 40miners by SAP (South AfricanPolice, 2 by the NUM) atMarikana (more correctlyMaritlwana in Sesotho language)on August 16th was a deliberatewarning by the ANC (AfricanNational Congress) that a militantbreakaway of rank and file unionsfrom COSATU (Congress of SouthAfrican Trade Unions) will not betolerated. Theevidence is there that the ANC and its SACP (SouthAfrican Communist Party)leadership instructed the police to
‗shoot to kill‘. The global crisis
has put pressure on ANC to makeSouth African workers pay for thecrisis. The militant miners are thevanguard of the proletariat andhave begun to break from theTripartite (ANC/SACP/COSATU)regime.
 The militant minerswere members of the AMCU (AfricanMiners andConstruction Union)a breakaway unionthat split from NUM(National Union of Miners)when itsfounding leader wasdisciplined by theNUM for leading a2 week mineoccupation for his reinstatement by thecompany. As the NUM has becomemore bureaucratised and orientedtowards the better paid workers theAMCU has grown to represent thepoorest and most militant workers.This poses a problem for the ANC asimperialism demands that it usesCOSATU to discipline the workersbut workers are breaking fromCOSATU to form independent unions
to resist paying for the imperialists‘
crisis.The ANC has no choice but to try toblame the striking workers and turnother workers against them, and when
that fails, to ‗shoot to kill‘. Thus
South Africa is entering arevolutionary situation of open classwar to decide which class will controland benefit from its vast labour andmineral resources.
Imperialists Mine SouthernAfrica for super-profits
 This clearly exposes the role of theANC as a capitalist party that runs theSA semi-colonial capitalist economyon behalf of international financecapital
. (Continue pg. 3)
Chevron ContaminatesRichmond! Again! AndAgain!
Rockefeller‘s Standard Oil came toRichmond in 1901 but we‘re here
now! Chevron, spawn of StandardOil, poses as a good neighbor andresponsible corporate citizen butactions speak louder than theirpropaganda puff pieces found infullpage advertisements and in all theirYouTube PR videos.
(Continue pg. 2)
Volume 1 Number 1 August/September 2012 $1.00 Solidarity $3.00
The 2012 Richmond fire is therule not the exception. TheChemical Safety Boardinvestigation showed that thevapor cloud engulfed workersat the plant. Had a spark ignited the vapor cloud wewould have had fatalities likethose experienced at theChevron oil rig platformcollapse and fire inNigeria. 
Chevron‘s disregard for the
communities, for theenvironment and for theworkers is willful, persistent and well
documented. ―On May 28
, 1998Nigerian security forces hired, paid for
and ‗closely supervised‘ by
 Chevronopened fire on peaceful demonstratorson an off-shore barge in the oil-richNiger Delta, killing two men andinjuring at
least two more.‖
InEcuador Chevron runs from itsresponsibility for poisoning theindigenous people and their Amazonriver basin home. Even in the firstworld in Wales four workers were
killed at Chevron‘s
last year. Looking at Chevron‘s cases,the Exon Valdez and B.P.‘s Deep
Water Horizon we find criminalneglect is the norm not the exceptionin this industry.The disregard for the environment,health and safety which was the normin the early days of industrializationwas never sustainable and is no longertolerable. Far from the Reaganesque
―Morning in America‖ mythology, our 
world, run for capitalist profit, nowreplicates the grade B movieZardoz in which the privileged few live farfrom the polluted environs sustained
off the product of the masses‘ labor 
while those masses live in theubiquitous contamination generated byarchaic production methods.Workers and our communities fromRichmond to the Amazon, Nigeria,Wales and beyond are subject to theconsequences of a hundred years of unsafe practices. Despite federalregulations and mandated standardsthe capitalist imperative for profitprevents those standards and bestpractices from being implemented, just as the big shareholders demandthat the board of directors refuse tobow to any adjudicated liabilities.Control of energy resources is acornerstone of the capitalist system.Their profits thrust nations into war,they act to crush national and socialliberation struggles around the world,and their disregard for theenvironment has created globalwarming, poisoned the water and airand threatens our survival. Theirsurvival means our death! Big oil, theenergy industry, the military industrialcomplex and the imperialist war
machine take a lion‘s share of the
responsibility to defend Wall Street
and the ―1%‘s‖ interests from the
democratic and economic aspirationsof the people.Today it is Richmond that takes astand but we know we are not alonehere and that our fight is echoed byworkers, indigenous and poor peopleacross the planet. We know ourcommunity is connected by theinsidious web of capitalist corporateinter-ownership and their thousandsof bureaucratic, financial, military andpolitical tentacles to the victims of 
DOW Chemical‘s Napalm and Agent
Orange used against the Vietnamese,to the Bhopal victims of UnionCarbide and to all the willful neglectendemic to the capitalist organizationof production.
Our people‘s lives are too precious,
our environment is too fragile and theconsequences of the continued rule of the corporations are too dire for us tocontinue to allow these industries tobe run for profit. To apply the highestlevels of environmental health &safety standards and practices, theseindustries need to benationalized and the assets of the big ruling classshareholders need to be put touse to remediate the damage.Both the remediation and theenergy industry itself must berun under democratic workingclass/community control!Only the working class andthe community can guaranteethe highest levels of science,technology, land-use planning,maintenance, and oversight areapplied.Wrestling ownership and control of the energy industry from the profittakers will not be achieved through the
ruling class‘ twin capitalist political
parties, the governmental institutionsnor as a result of the moral effluvia of the liberals, progressives, Greens, the
lawsuits of the NGO‘s, CBO‘s and the
meditation of the New Age movementcombined. This task falls to the self-organization of the working class.The working class requires its ownpolitical party, fighting for theinterests of workers, poor farmers andthe oppressed internationally. Such a
worker‘s party must not foster 
reformist illusions in capitalism or itsinstitutions.Working class action committeesinitiated in the workplaces, schools,the building of popular assemblieslocally, regionally and internationally,are the natural method of workingclass self-organization. Yet historyteaches us the development of localorganizations of workers democracymust be coordinated through the work of an international revolutionaryworkers party, conscious of its historictask, in order to coordinate and guidethe working class in the art andscience of revolution, leading to theseizure of political and economicpower from the capitalists by theworking class.
(continue pg.3)
(Chevron Refinery fire continued from pg. 2)
Thus to achieve a cleancommunity in Richmond we fightto:
Form up local, national andinternational rank and fileworkers, community, studentaction committees/councils.
To build a workers partyindependent from the ruling
class, to institute the worker‟s
Nationalize Chevron, the entireenergy industry, the financialsector, the health care and warequipment industries, with noreimbursement to the bigshareholders!
Put the assets underworkers/community control anddemocratic planning!
(Marikana Massacre continue from pg. 1)
The owners make huge super-profitsat the cost of workers poverty andlives. Apartheid slavery was the
method used in SA until ‗94. Equally
or more barbaric conditions still existall over Southern Africa. Africa wasdivided up by the imperialist powersinto many artificial states that cutacross whole peoples and nations aswell as the rich mineral belts of gold,copper, diamonds, platinum, etc., allplundered by imperialism. Masses of workers migrate across SouthernAfrica to work for imperialistcorporations or traders. In the DRCwarlords from Rwanda and Ugandacontrol mining in the North-East whilethe Chinese mines flout labour laws in Katanga. In Zimbabwe the army andZANU-PF control diamonds. InZambia andTanzania Chinese and other mines have a poor safety record.As the global crisis worsens, we seetheconditions of miners deteriorate across the whole of Southern andCentral Africa as the rival imperialistpowers compete to pump surplusprofits out of the mines. This meansthat to defeat imperialism and theirclient regimes and warlords in Africa,workers have to unite across thecolonial borders to create a SocialistFederation of Southern Africa!
Popular Front
The brutality of apartheid gave way in
‗94 to the ‗power sharing government‘
with the ANC as the partyrepresenting the black majority. Butthe black majority never got to rule.The ANC was chosen by the
StalinistSACP as a vehicle for nationalliberation and the end of white racistcapitalist rule. But it could never fulfilthis task. Even before it shared powerin government with the white
 bourgeoisie, the ANC was a ―popular front party‖ in whi
ch the black working masses were subordinated toa black petty bourgeoisie who aspiredto become black capitalists servingimperialist finance capital. The fakeTrotskyist left betrayed the socialistrevolution and became apologists forthe Stalinist ANC popular front. TheCliffite, Mandelite, Barnesite andMilitant tendencies voted for ANC as
if it would bring about the ‗FreedomCharter‘. A few Trotskyist currentssuch as the British ―Workers Power‖called for a vote for ‗workerscandidates‘ and a break from the
ANC. As the Trotskyists predicted, theANC victory tu
rned ‗nationalliberation‘ into a new form of 
imperialist domination and over thelast 18 years the ANC has presidedover the super-exploitation andimpoverishment of the masses whilepocketing its share of the spoils of imperialist plunder.Today the Trotskyist programdemands a break from ANC popularfront regime. Against the Stalinist lieof bourgeois democracy for themasses we can see that to survive theANC must use the guns of bourgeoisdictatorship to kill the masses. Wereject the call by 
strikes to change the ‗corrupt‘ ANC
leadership. He is trying to keep theworkers in the popular front to bebetrayed again and again. What wecall for is a political general strike tobring down the ANC regime to exposeit fully as the agent of imperialism. Ageneral strike will force a showdown.The regime is fragile and it will try touse the army to stay in power. Wehave to spell out that the strikecommittees and defence guards of today must become workers councilsand workers militias, and that theranks of the army must be won over todefend workers from a militaryclampdown. This is eminentlypossible as the rank and file of themilitary has unionized despite theattempt by the ANC to crush theorganizing drive. The unionization of the military drove a wedge betweenthe most militant youth and theleadership of the Tripartite regime.
Workers‘ councils and milit
ias willbecome the basis of workers powerand a Workers and Poor FarmersGovernment that will empower theworking masses to fully participate inthe permanent revolution forsocialism.
Trotskyist program: PermanentRevolution the order of the day
We support the immediate demandsof theWIVP for workers in all unions and all sectors to go out onstrike against this massacre and toform self-defence squads againstfurther repression. We also supportthe WIVP call to build for a generalstrike, and to break with the ANCand SACP!
General Strike to break withthe ANC, Smash the PopularFront!
Down with SACP Stalinisttraitors!

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