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Liberty Newspost Sept-02-2012

Liberty Newspost Sept-02-2012

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A compelling mix of curated news.
A compelling mix of curated news.

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Sep 02, 2012
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Curated News Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewspost.com- 02/09/12
Submitted at 9/2/2012 11:13:34 AM
SANAA| Sun Sep 2, 201212:13pm EDT(Reuters) - Yemen has deportedan American businessman back tothe United Arab Emirates fromwhere he fled last month afterbeing freed on bail while facingembezzlement charges, hisspokesman and a Yemeni securityofficial said on Sunday.Zack Shahin, former chief executive of Deyaar one of Dubai's biggest propertydevelopers, was detained in 2008over embezzlement charges whichhe denied.Shahin went on a hunger strike in jail in May this year and was thenreleased on $1.4 million bail inJuly after Washington expressedconcern about his health. But hethen jumped bail and fled toYemen, where he was arrestedlast month."Zack Shahin has been deportedto the UAE at the request of theUAE government," said theYemeni security official in Sanaa,who asked not to be named underbriefing rules.The U.S. embassy in Abu Dhabideclined to comment, citingprivacy considerations, and UAEgovernment officials were notavailable for comment.A spokesman for Shahin's U.S.legal counsel said Yemen hadoriginally agreed to deport Shahinto the United States, anemergency passport was obtainedfrom there and travelarrangements were finalized for aflight on August 18 to Istanbul."With less than 90 minutes untilhis flight departed from Sanaa,Zack was notified (by Yemeniauthorities) ... he would continueto be detained," spokesmanDarren Spinck said in an emailedstatement."The U.S. Embassy and U.S.consular officials in Yemen hadfailed the most basic role of theoverseas diplomatic corps -protect the life and interests of U.S. citizens abroad."Shahin was deported to the UAEon September 1 and is nowbelieved to be held at the publicprosecutor's office, though there isno official confirmation of hislocation, Spinck added.Shahin's flight to Yemen anddeportation may embarrass U.S.authorities, who have pressuredthe UAE to resolve his case.There have been hearings on hiscase in Dubai, but no judgment.(Reporting by Mohamad Ghobari,Mirna Seliman and; RaissaKasolowsky; Writing by MirnaSleiman; Editing by JonHemming)This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:IncineratingAssange - The Liberal Media GoTo Work .[unable to retrieve full-textcontent]
Submitted at 9/2/2012 11:28:47 AM
 China Daily China Economy's Deterioration Raises Risk of Wen MissingTargetBloombergChina hasn't failed to exceed theCommunist Party's annual growthtarget since the throes of theAsian financial crisis in 1998, anda miss of this year's 7.5 percentgoal may complicate a once-a-decade leadership handover. Theoutgoing generation of... EU trade officials face China dilemmaFinancial Times Chinese leader thanks Cambodia for role in sea rowPhilippine Star China, Germany to Settle MoreTrade in Yuan, Euros; What'sThat Mean for Gold...Town Hall The Korea Herald-Xinhua  all 63 news articles »
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2Curated News Edition
Submitted at 9/2/2012 11:15:30 AM
Originally published: September2, 2012 12:04 PMUpdated: September 2, 201212:10 PMBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESSPhoto credit: AP |PresidentBarack Obamaspeaks during acampaign stop inSioux City,Iowa. (Sept. 1, 2012)CHARLOTTE, N.C. -Republican Mitt Romneycast President Barack Obamaas afailed coach of a struggling teamas he sought to capitalize onmomentum coming out of hisparty's convention. Obamadismissed theGOPgathering asan event suited to the era of black-and-white TV and promised tooutline "a better path forward" atthe upcoming Democraticconvention where he'll benominated for a second term.The two rivals campaignedSaturday across severalbattleground states expected todecide the outcome of the closelyfought presidential contest.Obama was inIowaandColorado, part of a three-day tourthat will take him to hisconvention opening Tuesday inCharlotte, N.C.Romney spoke at rallies inOhioand Florida before flying to hisvacation home inNew Hampshirefor some time off. He and hiswife, Ann, attended churchservices Sunday morning at thechapel of the Church of JesusChrist of Latter-Day Saints inWolfeboro, N.H.PHOTOS THROUGH THEYEARS:Obama|Romney|Ryan SPECIALS:NY SuperPACdonations|Obama's first term| Campaign finance shifts in NY,LI|Latest election newsCampaign officials said Romneywould spend much of theDemocrats' convention week preparing for the presidentialdebates.At rallies inCincinnatiandJacksonville, Fla., Romneychanneled many voters' interest inthe first weekend of the collegefootball season."I don't like the way the way thegame is going under thispresident," Romney said, pointingto the high jobless rate andapproximately 23 million peoplewho are unemployed or workingpart-time. "If there's a coachwhose record is 0 and 23 million,you get rid of him and getsomeone new."The formerMassachusettsgovernor reiterated his pledge tocreate 12 million new jobs andmake the U.S. energy independentin eight years but did not offerspecifics on how he wouldachieve those goals.Obama seized on the dearth of policy details outlined by Romneyand other Republicans at theirconvention inTampa, Fla."There was a lot of talk abouthard truths and bold choices, butno one actually told you what theywere," Obama said in Urbandale,Iowa, warning a Romneyadministration would offer"retreads of the same old policiesthat have been sticking it to themiddle class for years." David Axelrod, Obama's seniorcampaign adviser, said thepresident would present a clearagenda for strengthening middleclass economic security during hisacceptance speech in Charlotte."You don't hear those kinds of things from theRepublicanParty,"Axelrodsaid on Fox News Sunday. "Their platform waslocked up in the same vault asMitt Romney's tax returns. Theysimply don't want to talk abouttheir ideas, because their ideas arenot ideas about the future."Democrats have criticizedRomney for making no mentionin his convention speech of thewar in Afghanistan or of thethousands of troops fighting there.Romney senior adviser EricFehrnstromon Sunday defendedthat decision, saying theRepublican candidate addressedthe Afghan war in a speech lastweek to the American Legion."But Gov. Romney's conventionspeech was an opportunity forhim to introduce himself tomillions of voters who wereseeing him for the first time,"Fehrnstrom said on CNN's "Stateof the Union." ''In that speech, heaccomplished what he set (out) todo, which is to talk about hisbetter vision for America, withmore jobs and increasing wages.He talked about the failures of theObama presidency over the lastfour years."Obama was campaigning Sundayin Colorado, where he planned tospeak to college students inBoulder.The president is pushing voters instates like Iowa and Colorado totake advantage of early votingrules. Early voting in Iowa openson Sept. 27, weeks before theNovember 6 general election.Obama's schedule for Mondayincludes an appearance in Toledo,Ohio -- yet another battlegroundstate -- before a trip toLouisianato inspect damage from HurricaneIsaac.Romney visited Louisiana onFriday.Viewership was down markedlyfor the GOP convention this year.According to The Nielsen Co.,some 30 million viewers tuned inThursday night when Romneygave his acceptance speech,compared to some 40 million whowatched Arizona Sen. JohnMcCain accept the Republicannomination in 2008.Democrats were eager torecapture the spotlight at theirown gathering. But theconvention's location served as anunwelcome reminder to theDemocrats of an economy soweak that it threatens Obama'schances for re-election.The president carried NorthCarolina in 2008, but the state'sunemployment rate is pegged at9.6 percent, higher than thenation's 8.3 percent and tied withnext-door South Carolina for fifthfrom the bottom.The Democrats' convention at theTime Warner Cable arena willfeature evening speeches Tuesdaybyfirst lady Michelle ObamaandSan Antonio Mayor Julian Castro,the keynote speaker.The president will be nominatedfor a new term on Wednesday,when former President BillClinton also will speak.Obama's prime-time acceptancespeech, to be delivered at theoutdoor Bank of AmericaStadium, caps the convention onThursday night. Aides predict acapacity crowd will hear thespeech at the site, which can holdnearly 74,000. Vice President JoeBiden delivers his own acceptance
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3Curated News Edition
Submitted at 9/2/2012 10:42:20 AM
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) —The U.S. military has suspendedtraining of some Afghan forceswhile the Americans review theprocess of vetting new recruitsfollowing a spike in deadlyattacks on international troops lastmonth, officials said Sunday.There have been 34 attacks byAfghan police or soldiers on theirinternational allies so far this year— at least 12 in August alone.The members of the Afghansecurity forces have killed 45international troops, puttingintense strain on the relationship.The attacks have complicated akey pillar in the plan for the U.S.-led coalition to withdraw by theend of 2014 — training Afghanforces to take the lead in securingtheir own country.Lt. Col. Todd Harrell, aspokesman for U.S. specialoperations forces in Afghanistan,said the Americans have haltedtraining for at least a month of about 1,000 trainees of theAfghan Local Police (ALP), agovernment-backed militia that isunder the authority of the nationalpolice but operates independently.He said the Americans areredoing background checks on theAfghans."The training of the ALP recruitshas been paused while we gothrough this re-vetting process totake a look at this process to see if there's anything that we canimprove," Harrell said. "It maytake a month. It may take twomonths. We don't know."The United States and its allieshave been training the Afghanarmy and police so that they cangradually take over security forthe country by the end 2014. Theyhope to have about 350,000Afghans trained and ready by theend of the year, and graduallyhave been putting them in the leadfor security in parts of Afghanistan since last year.Coalition authorities have saidabout 25 percent of this year'sinsider attacks had confirmed orsuspected links to the Taliban.The militants have sometimesinfiltrated the ranks of the Afghanarmy and police and in other casesare believed to have coerced orotherwise persuaded legitimatemembers to turn on their coalitionpartners.The international forces inAfghanistan have been revisitingboth security for their forces andre-examining the backgrounds of the Afghan forces in the wake of the recent attacks on internationaltroops. The coalition has alreadybeen re-vetting Afghan soldiersreturning from leave.U.S. special operations forces areresponsible for the 16,000-strongALP and decided to stop trainingthe new recruits among themwhile re-vetting them. The ALPalready in the field, who havealready been trained, willcontinue to operate as normal,Harrel said. The government willalso keep recruiting newmembers, he said.Col. Tom Collins, a spokesmanfor the international militarycoalition in Afghanistan, also saidthere was no set date to resumetraining of the ALP.The pause in training was firstreported by the Washington Post.Harrell also disclosed for the firsttime on Sunday that theAmericans last month suspendedoperations by the Afghan specialforces last month to re-vet thosesoldiers for any potential ties toinsurgents or any other indicationsthat they might turn on theirallies. He said the suspensionlasted less than two weeks andthat the forces have since resumedoperations.Harrell said he was not aware of any Afghan troops who weresuspended or flagged formonitoring in that round of re-vetting.The Post also reported thattraining of special operationsforces had been halted. But aspokesman for the NATO trainingmission in Afghanistan, or NTM-A, which oversees this training,said there has been no such pause."There has been no halt in trainingwith NTM-A assets as they relateto special forces," said Maj. SteveNeta of the Canadian military. Healso said no other trainingprograms involving the traditionalmilitary or police have beenhalted for re-vetting.The head of the Afghan specialoperations forces, Brig. Gen.Sayed Abul Karim, confirmedthere has been no pause to thetraining of his forces. Theprogram to train Afghan specialoperations forces had alreadybeen on break for the Muslimholy month of Ramadan, whichended in late August, and hadbeen scheduled to restart in mid-September."It will continue," he said, addingit has not been halted. "After the15th of September, we restart," headded.The most recent insider attack took place last week when anAfghan army soldier turned hisgun on Australian soldiers, killingthree of them and wounding two,the Australian military.Afghan President Hamid Karzai'soffice condemned an operation byinternational troops to catch theshooter, describing it as unilateral.He alleged it resulted in the deathsof two civilians — a 70-year-oldman his 30-year-old son. Karzai'soffice said in a statement lateSaturday that the operation took place without the coordination orapproval of provincial authoritiesand violated an agreement thatcalls on Afghan troops to leadnight raids.Night raids have been acontentious issue between Afghanand international forces becausethe Karzai administration insiststhat they often end up killingcivilians and antagonize thepopulation, while the internationalcoalition has maintained that theyare necessary for rooting outinsurgents. The U.S. military hasstruck an agreement to putAfghans at the head of itsoperations in villages, but there isno such agreement for the entireinternational coalition.The international militaryalliance responded by saying thatAfghan officials approved andsupported the strike.In a related incident, NATO saidit arrested a Taliban insurgentwho was responsible for the May12 shooting of two members of the British military in LashkarGah, the capital of Helmandprovince in the south.At the time the man was amember of the Afghan police. Anaccomplice was shot and killed atthe scene. The man, who was not
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