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Lifegroup 5th September

Lifegroup 5th September

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Published by Marvin Tang

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Published by: Marvin Tang on Sep 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nissi Light - Lifegroup Notes5th September 2012
Post Faith Forensics: Doing God’s WillSherie:We learn the five process of how to discover God’s will.1.Does my heart want to please him?2.What does the word of God say?3.What is God impressing in your heart?4.What do the “Right Theysay?5.What do the circumstances reveal?John 1: 10-13All were made through God sons and daughters. Romans 8:14 and children of God.There is a difference if we are children or a (Son and Daughter). He calls us Son andDaughters by our behavior and patterns. When we are mature believers. Are we just achild or a mature son and daughter of God. As a Christian it is a choice how we wish to beseen. Therefore coming to the will of God. In order to do the will we need to know the will.As we talk about the 4 and 5th point we need to think who is the authority of our life? Is itour culture and tradition or even our emotions. Is the word of God the only authority in yourlife? If it is, then your decision making would be wise. What are the other wrong authority inyour life before.Amanda:My parents, they are definately an authority. My dad is a christian but he suits the bible tohimself. When I had exams when I was young, he would bar be from going to Church. Icould have reasoned with him.Jona:A group of friend I used to be closed with. It affected me because even though they are notChristian. I realise that I was not a spilt. There is this Christian me and a non Christian me.And this affected me. I was doing what a Christian was doing but my heart was not there. Imade a decesion that I want to set the boundaries straight.Amanda:I second what Jon says. Thankfully my close friends are Christians. However, there arefriend who are not. As I draw away from them, I realize that they clouds my thoughts anddecesion when I am with them. I realise when I actively grow in God that they see thechange in me.Yun Mei:
Nissi Light - Lifegroup Notes5th September 2012
In Secondary School.In order to fit in, I opened my mind to more things. I wasn’t pure andhonest that my school motto was. In the past I thought it was ok to use vulgar terms be-cause everyone is doing things. My brother reminded me that I was a Christian and thatwas the first thing I did. And now, I see it as a problem.Sherie:Even being in Church for awhile, the authority is pastor and SWP. I realise that althoughGod is the final authority, I saw over the past few months that its not about listening or sur-viving and doing ok in the Christian walk but to be called to be the difference. I realise thatits more then listening to the correct people but also realising that God wants me to dosomething extra and be different. I believe that God is not done with me.Sherie:What do you think what would happen in your life if God word is the authority in my life?Amanda:You’re be confident on the decision that is made based on his will. Because you know thatyou know that he has your back and knowing God has ur best in mindSherie:What is God impressing in your heart. We do all the reading but have we really taken timeto listen to God. Not just praying but what God wants for you.Jona:I realize that thought the service that my prayer to him has been a report session. I shortchange myself from the wisdom that God wants to give to him. I allowed him to use himonly that bit. It seems that I’m a soldier to a superior.Sherie: How have we allowed the Holy spirit to spreak to us.Yun MeiFor me the holy spirit speaking to me is through the bible. The last two week, I learnt whatthe decisions I made in the past is logically right. I felt that God is trying to correct my per-ception in the past. I realise that they were spiritually wrong and it has taught me that thosepast deceisions were wrong.Sherie:Its very important to take time out to listen and reflect. Spend time think what we do in theday and ask God to speak to us. In this time where we allow the spirit to speak to us, we
Nissi Light - Lifegroup Notes5th September 2012
find ourselves more aware of him and what we need to change. Until we realise it our-selves then we realise its so vital for our walk. I like what Lixin said in the feedback. “Whatsthe point of talking to God is we are not trying to listening.” - Something like that..Yun Mei:Discipline is a very vital part of us.Amanda:Sometimes, we need to pray against the fear of not hearing.Sherie:Sometimes we are fearful to hear God’s voice because we are scared of what we mighthear. Sometimes we think God wants to suppress our good desires. But God wants tocleanse our will so we can use it for his suppose so we need not be afraid of what he hasfor us. What are the wrong ideas we had in the past.Gladys: The misconception that God is quiet. But how can we say that God is quiet whenwe do not even read the word of God. God is always speaking, but are we willing to hearhim. Prayer is not the way for God to reach God but us to lean closer to God.Sherie:When we delight ourselves in God, our will is intertwine with God’s will.It is interesting that we we do not listen, we will die carbon copies. At the same time, whenwe do not do his will, we deceive ourselves that we can be different from our creator. Thereis so much distraction we need to keep going to him. Why is having the right “They” in ourlifes.Nick:Encouragements.Amanda:We will feel alone when we listen to people who tell you things that you want to hear.Sherie:We want to be accountable to the right theys to the people to others as well. That way wecan impact others. We need to hear and confrontations. Sometimes, we do not like it butwe need it. Most of the times, SWP is the person correcting me. As a leader there are still

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