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Jump On It.. September 2012

Jump On It.. September 2012

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Published by Kim Davis Head
Our first Newsletter.. Brewer Equestrian Center
Our first Newsletter.. Brewer Equestrian Center

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Published by: Kim Davis Head on Sep 20, 2012
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Brewer Equestrian Center“Jump on it”In The News, Fall 2012
Has grown tremendously. Thank you for all of your support and welcome!Most all of our students have been with us for 6 months or less. I want to all to havethe opportunity to meet one another. Used to.. we all kinda knew each other or would pass by one another.. but, now.. it doesn't seem like anybody knows anybodyanymore. And you know what? That, “just ain't right”...We now have 14 students on our roster. We have several that are interested incompeting in English and we have 2 to 3 Western Students, the reason for the “3”.. iswe have one student that is learning both! We have 2 Pony Pal students currently...this is for the 7 and under.. and the two 4 year old are amazing!
Our Horses:
All of our horses are extremely healthy and cared for. They have all beenvaccinated with the West Nile Vaccine and of course the other necessary vaccines.We are very fortunate to have an equine chiropractor that comes once a month..and Amy has several of our horses on “special diets” and supplements. Their health isalways paramount. We have also sold 3 of our horses.. which is in CREDIT TO AMY.. for her fine training and her care of the horses/riders/buyers. Drop Dead Diva has beensold to Showcase Equestrian Center, (a sister pony club barn.. so she's still in thefamily). Korbin has been sold to our student Drew.. they are a beautiful pair and their bond is lovely to witness. Drew attends Mississippi State University, she is a FANTASTICrider. We are so happy to know that Korbin will be here with us for a while.. as Drewcontinues her education @ MSU. We are SO HAPPY. Boo Boo aka Jamaica Me Crazyhas been bought by Kirbie's family.. they are the prettiest team.. and they havemany years of competing, and learning together.. Also, we are so happy that BooBoo will be staying @ Brewer Equestrian and will also continue in the lesson program..He is a barn favorite.. and I can't be happier for him. He loves his Kirbie Pearl.
BEC Swag:
We now have our logos set up with Landsend. They can go onanything.. . Except Lightweight shirts.. this is great for polo shirts (short and longsleeved) and bags, vests, sweaters, jackets, hoodies. The color clothing we ASK thatyou get are our barn colors, Evergreen (which is a hunter green), Red, or White.You will need to call them.. I recommend calling because it gets kinda “lost intranslation” when you order online. You will need to use the following account # andthe Logo #Customer Account #: 4425717Logo #: 0885813Wthread options:Red Logo Default color words are black or Change N4: 1801 WhiteGreen N1: 1138 PuttyN2: 1000 Black N3: 1801 whiteN4: 1138 PuttyWhiteN1: 1138 PuttyN2: 1000 Black N3: 1138 PuttyN4: 1000 Black I will have the shirt information (pictures) in an album on our facebook page by thetime you read this..I have had this newsletter ready for 
5 days..
I had hoped to include the additionalswag information but, I can't get my suppliers to cooperate.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. weare talking a shirt rep. And a window decal rep.. prices and information are pendingany time now.. I will let you all know as soon as I FINALLY work out the deals!
I hope we still do get a few more students but we are pretty maxedout as far as “week after school lesson times go”... By Spring we may be able to offer some of you “group lessons” for a rate that is less than your individual rate. This wouldapply to students that.. can tack up their horse and are at similar riding levels. Thisbrings me to an important point: If your lesson is at 4:00 and you are able to tack upyour horse.. this means.. you are in the saddle at 4:00 not arriving at 4:00. You arewarming up or ready to warm up. If you aren't able to tack up your own horse.. thatis still part of the lesson. Ask Amy if you are at that level yet.Parent's.. I'm a mom.. I learned at a very early age (Chandler's early age) when shewas taking Gymnastics, rule #1: No parent coaching! In fact Amy is much nicer 
about this policy than I would be.. I believe that kids do better when they aren't beingwatched so closely by the parents... They really do need to bond with their trainer and they are some times more able to express their concerns and try something newor even relax.. without the added pressure! If you must watch.. maybe just go downfor the last 10 minutes or ask Amy.. when a good time to “be back is”.. ask questions/answers/suggestions after or towards the end of the lesson.You can't do practice with them in any other sport/activity.. This has not been a bigproblem.. but, it has been enough of an issue to address. We want your student toLEARN to BEST of their Ability. We want it to be fun! We want to make sure.. you aregetting your $$ worth... let us do our job! Basically, you need to allocate about 2hours of lesson time for your students.. 30 minutes prior to lesson time, lesson time, andthen after lesson time care.. when your student is able to ride “out”.. there is usuallyanother student out there and/or Chandler and Amy.. they enjoy riding in the field.Hanging out a little... We are NOT baby sitters.. but, we do want our students to havetime to enjoy riding, enjoy their partners, enjoy the facility..
The next event that we are going to is Saturday, September 29
. It's atCWF which is in Oxford. Amy will be out of town earlier that week as she goes hometo celebrate with her family the Jewish Holiday, Yom Kippur Mon thru Wed September 24 through the 26
With that being said, and since we have so many NEW people.. We'd like tohave our first barn party! So Friday night, September 28th @ 6:15, we'd love to host apotluck.. we will have a sign up sheet in the barn office!
Please DO try and come! It'llbe fun and we will have an unmounted meeting. In fact we invite the out of towner,Kelly, and Ansley too, to come at any time on Friday and spend the night here withus.. cause, y'all are competing at CWF any way the next day. We hope to make our Barn meetings a monthly gathering.. can you imagine the Halloween party we'll havein October?Eventing Rally is October 5
and that is in Folsom, LA.. This is open to non pc riders aswell. Representing BEC will be Amy, and Chandler. Kayla will also be traveling withus.. She is a PC member.. that is associated with us.October 18
We'll be traveling to Lexington, KY for Team Challenge at the KentuckyHorse Park. Amy has competed there before.. Chandler has gone with the PC but,was too young to go mounted.. this will be the first time for Chandler to actually rideat the KHP. In order to go to this show.. you must be able to jump at least 2'6.
November 3
.. Is the next show that we are attending.. This is also the Annual PonyClub meeting.. this will be held at Showcase Equestrian in the Memphis area. Iencourage anyone that wants to join pony club or learn more about pony club toattend the meeting even if you are not competing. I think that if your student is atleast 9 this would be a good opportunity. There are yearly dues, there are someadvantages to joining pony club. We teach pony club curriculum in all of our lessons

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