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Maine Conservation Voters Report Card on Governor Paul R. LePage, 2010-2012

Maine Conservation Voters Report Card on Governor Paul R. LePage, 2010-2012

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Published by: Maine Conservation Voters on Oct 01, 2012
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 A Report Card to the People of Maine
on Governor Paul R. LePage, 20102012Final Grade:
Grading Maines Governor
Maine’s clean air, water, land, and wildlie are the roots o our economy and our way o lie. Our natural resourcessupport good health, enjoyable recreation, and well-paying jobs in every corner o the state. They set Maine apartand are our biggest competitive advantage.Since 2006, Maine Conservation Voters (MCV) has graded the perormance o Maine’s sitting Governor. Our biennialreport card evaluates the Governor’s conservation record, including the administration’s overall commitment toMaine’s environment and the impacts o its actions on Maine’s local and state economies, the health o Mainepeople, and the transparency and airness o our government and regulatory process.MCV sought opinions and inormation rom a broad range o individuals and organizations that represent Maine’senvironmental leadership. We also asked Governor Paul LePage and his administration to provide their input andassessment. While comments rom the administration and others were all considered careully in the drating o thereport, the opinions expressed herein are those o Maine Conservation Voters alone. This year’s report card is the rst or Governor Paul LePage. We hope it answers some important questions, such as:How did the Governor approach the job o protecting and conserving Maine’s natural resources?What were his primary accomplishments and what were his ailures?Did he arm Maine’s tradition o saeguarding our clean air, water, land, and wildlie?Did the Governor pursue policies that would make Maine a better place?And most important,
where should we go rom here?
As always, Maine Conservation Voters encourages the reader to learn more, get involved, and take appropriatepolitical action. When we all work together to protect and conserve our environment, we help Maine amilies andbusinesses grow and thrive while planting the seeds o prosperity or our children and grandchildren.Sincerely,
Maureen DrouinExecutive DirectorLeslie HarrounBoard President
Maine people have long understood a simple truth: our environment, our health, and our economic opportunities allgo hand-in-hand. It is unwise and unnecessary to choose one over the others.Governor Paul LePage has made similar statements on occasion, but his actions and policy proposals have revealed a verydierent ideology. To the contrary, the Governor has broken a long and important tradition o bipartisan collaboration incrating policies and programs that promote both environmental protection and economic development.A review o his record shows that rather than moving Maine orward, many o the Governor’s actions do not refectMaine values and instead put our air, water, land, and wildlie at risk.While we appreciate some positive outcomes in the areas o land conservation, sheries management and enorcemento existing environmental laws, most represent the ongoing responsibilities o government agencies. They are simplynot enough to oset the many policies the Governor advanced that take Maine in the wrong direction.
Maine Conservation Voters believes Governor LePage has missed the mark in threeimportant areas: conserving Maine’s natural resources, building the oundation orMaine’s uture economic prosperity, and protecting the health o Maine people.We give Governor Paul R. LePage an overall grade o D or his rst two years in ofce.
Governor LePage’s Report Card or 2010–2012
IMPACTS ON MAINE’S WATER,LAND, AND WILDLIFE ...................................................4
 The Governor’s “regulatory reorm” agenda has underminedprotections or Maine’s water, land, and wildlie.
ECONOMIC IMPACT .....................................................6
Rather than build on Maine’s brand o livable communities,natural beauty, and great recreational opportunities, theGovernor avored short-term exploitation o natural resourceswithout attention to the creation o value or uture generations.
IMPACT ON THE HEALTHOF MAINE PEOPLE .......................................................8
 The Governor sought to derail or oppose several importanthealth initiatives, many o which continue to have broad,bipartisan support.

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