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Fulcrum 091108

Fulcrum 091108



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Published by theFulcrum
Fulcrum September 11th 2008 Issue
Fulcrum September 11th 2008 Issue

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Published by: theFulcrum on Jan 20, 2009
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Put your student fees to good use
Popping the CherryThe U of O’s Olympic AthleteSpeak like Obama
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 Amanda Shendruk 
sheds light on the SFUO’s studentservices.
p. 6–7Jolene Hansell
explores your closest bookstoreoptions.
p. 5Peter Henderson
takes you inside Ottawa’srevived awards show.
p. 10Inari Vaissi Nagy 
explores documentary 
lms in apost-9/11 world.
p. 11 Anna Rocoski
interviews Rhys Hill, Olympickayaker and U of O student.
p. 19
Sports Services quietly introduces women-only gymtime.
p. 21
The art of public speaking is uncovered.
p. 14
Dear Di explains the best way to stay connected witha boyfriend via webcam.
p. 24
Sept. 11–17, 2008
Frank AppleyardEditor-in-Chief editor@thefulcrum.ca
What about improv?
Re: Comedy in the Capital (Arts, Aug. 21)
HIS LEER IS in response to inaHassannia’s article “Comedy in theCapital.” I noticed that there was nomention o the ast-growing improvscene in the nation’s capital in herarticle, especially since the orma-tion o the award-winning troupeInsensitivity raining, which DanielHarris wrote on in the
lastyear, teams regularly get togetherand battle it out in addition to havingrecurring shows. Te boys o Insen-sitivity raining perorm a two-hourshow, reminiscent o 
Whose Line is it  Anyway? 
every Sunday night at theBytown avern (292 Elgin St.). It is anabsolutely hilarious and interactiveshow. Tey also have been known tohost workshops, flm comedy sketch videos, and won an award or theirshow
Naked Famous People
at thissummer’s Ottawa Fringe Festival.Made to Measure/Some Assembly Required as well as Crystal Basementand Crush Improv round out Ottawa’sscene. Each team brings a dierentdynamic to the table and all are very enjoyable to watch. Improv in Ottawais on the rise, so I eel that it was very important to correct the initial over-sight o not including these deservingteams in ina’s original article.
 Jessica RashotteU of O alumna
Keeping the ‘Canada’ inCanada’s University 
I WAS QUIE thrilled to attend [theSept. 6] ootball game against York and see our boys on the feld com-pletely dominate. Yet I le the gamewith a bitter taste in my mouth. As asecond-year student I have very ondmemories o last year’s 101 Week as Iattended most events and I had one o the best weeks I have experienced yetin lie. Tere was not a single issue thatbothered me with the constant cheersthat included every swear possible orthe many sexually suggestive momentsthat occurred. Tis was all done in unand guides judged and knew whereour comort levels were and when toback o. With such ond memories o 101 Week I was excited to see that theootball game included all the acultiesin 101 Week to help support our team.Tis is where my excitement was in-terrupted however by a young woman,who chose to show some leadership by running down in ront o the crowd tolead in some o our cheers. Now I ammaking the assumption she was not aguide, but I may be wrong. I could nottell because o the horrible t-shirt shewas wearing. She was wearing quite thepatriotic looking Canadian ag on hershirt but with a massive black X drawnthrough it. On the back o her shirtwas the message, “I AM A SEPARA-IS! ON OC. 14 VOE BLOC QUE-BECOIS!” Now it takes a lot or me toget angry, but this display is unaccept-able. First o, this is a 101 Week eventin which we bring our newest studentsto show them “Canada’s University”, orso we claim. Now this seems strangeto me, having someone running to theront o the crowd wearing a shirt thatcompletely contradicts the message o our proud university. Next we are noteven located in the only province thatcan vote or this political party, so I seeno need in why it needed to be worn toa ootball game. Tis is a week o cel-ebration o certain individuals startinga new page in lie and political beliesshould not be brought into this situa-tion.I am well aware o ree-speechlaws, but political correctness andree speech only go so ar beore be-coming ridiculous. I a student wantsto come celebrate our university by cheering, then by all means do it. Tisto me seems like it is a slap in the aceor the very message our university stands or and proudly uses to en-courage new students to join us. I orone would still like us to be known as“Canada’s University” and be proudo it. I you are a student here andpromote messages such as this thenmaybe you should think again what values your school holds.
 Michael Read Second-year humankinetics student 
 Advertising Department
Deidre Butters, Advertising Representativephone: (613) 880-6494fax: (613) 562-5259e-mail: ads@thefulcrum.caCheck out our rate card online.Go to www.thefulcrum.ca andfollow the link for “Advertisers”.Multi-market advertisers:Campus Plus: (800) 265-5372Campus Plus offers one-stop shopping forover 90 Canadian studentnewspapers.The
isa proud member of Canadian University Press:www.cup.ca
Business Department
, the University of Ottawa’sindependent English-language studentnewpaper, is published by the FulcrumPublishing Society (FPS) Inc., a not-for-pro
t corporation whose members consistof all Univeristy of Ottawa students. TheBoard of Directors (BOD) of the FPS gov-erns all administrative and business ac-tions of the
and consists of thefollowing individuals: Ross Prusakowski(President), Andrea Khanjin (Vice-Pres-ident), Tyler Meredith (Chair), RamySonbl (Vice-President Internal Communi-cations), Peter Raaymakers, Nick Taylor- Vaisey, and Toby Climie.To contact the
’s BOD,contact Ross Prusakowski at (613)562-5261.
Censorship, the SFUO,and the CFS
EARLIER HIS WEEK at Fedstock,the Student Federation o the Uni- versity o Ottawa (SFUO) welcomedfrst-year students and encouragedthem to be involved in student poli-tics. But minutes later these samepeople told me I had to hide my peti-tion regarding their decision to makethe U o O a prospective member o the Canadian Federation o Students(CFS), because I had not receivedtheir stamp o approval.My petition was simple enough.It stated that the SFUO should haveconsulted the students o the Uni- versity o Ottawa beore joiningthem in prospective membershipwith the CFS, and it demanded thatthey revisit their decision. One o the members on the SFUO told methat their decision was “all aboutdemocracy”. As partial membersin the CFS, the SFUO will allow areerendum on ull membership.But this reerendum itsel will costthousands o dollars rom student’sincidental ees. Prospective mem-bership means more than just areerendum—it means that the CFSis welcome on our campus to runtheir campaigns. Beyond that theCFS will have a direct role in themanagement and administration o the reerendum. his is an organiza-tion that has routinely aced seriouscorruption allegations speciically in regard to student elections andreerendums. Whether giving usprospective membership in the CFSis equivalent to promoting democ-racy is a matter o debate—a debatethe students should have a voice in.I encourage students to make uptheir own minds about the CFS—allI’m saying is that students shouldhave been consulted about whetherwe should have become prospectivemembers in the CFS.I thought universities are sup-posed to be arenas o open dialogueand thoughtul debate; and yet, roshweek activism was met by censorship.I this is what prospective member-ship in the CFS looks like, I want nopart o it.
Daniel GilmanTird-year history student 
Got something to say?
Send your letters toeditor@thefulcrum.caLetters must be under 400 words unless discussed with theEditor-in-Chief.Drop off letters at 631 King Edward Ave. or e-maileditor@thefulcrum.ca.Letters must include your name, telephone number, year, and programof study. Pseudonyms may be used after consultation with the Editor-in-Chief. We correct spelling and grammar to some extent. The
willexercise discretion in printing letters that are deemed racist, homophobic,or sexist.We will not even consider hate literature or libellous material. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the authority on everything printed herein.
Sept. 11–17, 2008
Emma GodmereNews Editornews@thefulcrum.ca
by Emma GodmereFulcrum Staf HE SEP. 14 meeting o the Board o Administration (BOA) o the StudentFederation o the University o Ot-tawa (SFUO) can likely expect debateon a set o three by-law and constitu-tional amendments to be proposed tothe Canadian Federation o Students(CFS) at their November semi-annualgeneral meeting.Ryan Kennery, a Faculty o Artsrepresentative o the BOA, has put to-gether three potential amendments tothe national student lobby organiza-tion’s constitution, aiming to improvetheir inclusion o bilingualism and as-pects o their reerendum campaigns.As prospective members o CFS,“[the SFUO gets] a vote, a voice atthe table, [and] the ability to afectchange,” Kennery said.he irst o his proposals includesextending the bilingualism require-ments to not only the national chair-person o CFS, but also the nationaldeputy chairperson and the nation-al treasurer. I the executives cannotprove their second-language proi-ciency ive weeks beore the generalmeeting where they would assumetheir respective roles, according tothe proposed amendments, theirpositions would be declared vacant.“I want to make sure that we holdall elected members on the CFS to thesame standard we hold our executivemembers,” said Kennery.Kennery’s other two proposals sur-rounding membership reerendumswould ensure campaign teams aresubject to equal spending limits andseek to change the period o timenecessary to pass beore a memberassociation can hold a de-ederationreerendum. As it stands, member as-sociations must wait 24 months aer joining beore they can potentially hold a vote to leave CFS.“Say the SFUO and its studentswere to join in March 2009. Wecould not even legally look at the is-sue even until March 2011,” Kennery explained.SFUO President Dean Haldenby expressed his support or BOA mem-bers proposing changes they wouldlike to see in the makeup o CFS.“I think that that’s a really goodthing, and that it’s really positive,”said Haldenby. “It’s one o the thingsthat I denitely said would be a goodthing i we were prospective mem-bers—that i we saw weaknesses incertain things, we’d be able to changethem.”Te concept o jumping right intoprospective membership with CFSseems to resonate across the BOA.“I agree with Ryan in that it’s im-portant to have the SFUO be active inthis year even beore we go to reer-endum and to take a leadership role[to show] that we’re serious about theorganization,” said BOA Faculty o Social Sciences representative Amy Kishek.“I disagree with having thempresented sooner [though], just be-cause I’ve seen the timeline,” saidKishek.“Te CFS meeting isn’t un-til the end o November. Tere’splenty o time i we address it at theOctober 5 meeting and I, person-ally, would appreciate that, to takemore time to look at [the proposedamendments].”Kennery hopes to hold a vote onthe motions at the Sept. 14 meeting.o do this, he requires the supporto a two-thirds majority o the boardto hold the vote, or else it must waituntil the October meeting. Since theCFS national executive requires up tosix weeks to add subsequent agendapoints or their semi-annual generalmeeting, he intended to present hisamendments as soon as possible inorder to orward them to CFS in timeor the late November meeting.“We [won’t be] sitting in the cornerthere because we’re the new guys,”Kennery said o the SFUO’s potentialas prospective members at this up-coming CFS meeting. “We have theability to be players.”
Putting prospective membership to use
BOA to debateCFS constitutionalamendments atnext meeting
Ryan Kennery, pictured here at the July 27 meeting of the BOA, plans to introduce three amendments to the CFS constitution and by-laws at the board’s Sept. 14 meeting.
photo by Frank Appleyard
U of O supports students’
ght for lower tuition fees
by Emma GodmereFulcrum Staf IN A VOE that garnered the majority o mem-bers’ support, the University o Ottawa’s Senatepassed a decision at their Sept. 8 meeting toallow and support students to take part in theCanadian Federation o Students (CFS)-runprovincial day o action to lower tuition ees onNov. 5.U o O President Allan Rock, who chaired themeeting held at abaret Hall, explained that theSenate’s decision would enable students to par-ticipate in lobbying activities by asking proes-sors not to schedule exams on Nov. 5 and notto penalize students or missing class i they aremarked or attendance.According to the motion, “i an exam or as-signment must absolutely be held on Nov. 5, stu-dents will be allowed to write a deerred exam.Te Senate will take responsibility to inorm, by e-mail, all proessors, students, and support staf about this motion.”Te on-campus organization o the Nov.5 campaign alls under the responsibility o Student Federation o the University o Ot-tawa (SFUO) Campaigns Organizer MichaelCheevers, who was pleased with the gesture o support rom the U o O.“It’s a lot o progress, I think,” said Cheevers,who also holds a seat on the Senate.“Not only that, but to have two administra-tors, the president and the vp academic actually deending the motion vis-à-vis a student, that’samazing,” he said.Joseph Wesley Richards II, a newly electedstudent on the Senate who brought up theissue o the campaign’s validity to Rock andVP Academic Robert Major, and who votedagainst the motion, expressed that this partic-ular demonstration unairly receives specialtreatment over any other cause students may want to lobby or.“We, as a university, should not give preer-ence to one cause or another,” he said via e-mail.“For me, human rights concerns are rankly o greater importance; people’s lives are at risk ver-sus I have to pay more or my tuition.”At the meeting, Major brought up the 2006compromise between the Senate and that aca-demic year’s SFUO executive, where studentsattended the day o action while not cancellingclasses altogether, as the SFUO had desired.Major explained that events that classes arecancelled or, such as University o Ottawa Day,which sees local high school students spend-ing the day on campus, come “ew and ar be-tween”.Richards, however, was rm in contendingthat students should not be permitted to skipclass to take part in the lower tuition lobbyingactivities.“Simply put, I just believe students musttake responsibility or their academic lives,” hesaid.
Senate permits studentsto miss class onNov. 5 day of action

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