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Seminar Geopolimeric Innoavtions(2)

Seminar Geopolimeric Innoavtions(2)

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Published by vshnts732

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Published by: vshnts732 on Oct 09, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For highways, streets and airports, concretepavement restoration - or CPR - has become anincreasingly important area of the Public Workssector.More and more concrete streets and highways areapproaching or have already exceeded their originaldesign lives. As an alternative to removal andreplacement, CPR has become increasingly attractivein terms of its lower initial cost, minimal disruption totraffic and its ability to restore roadwayserviceability.One area of interrelated problems that CPRaddresses, is the occurrence of voids beneath slabsthat can lead to instability, cracking and settlement.CPR also involves the relevelling of slabs sunken at joints and whole lengths of pavement depressedbecause of subgrade settlement.Currently these problems are addressed by cementgrouting, asphalt overlays or complete road surfacereplacement. URETEK offers cost-effective alternatives to restore pavements to level and stableservice.URETEK provides a unique, co-ordinated approach to total highway and airport pavementmaintenance:The URETEK Method(r) to underseal and relevel slabs promptly and precisely.URETEK Deep Injection(r) to repair sub-base problems.Follow the links on the left or the link at the bottom for detailed information of our airport services.You can also read about our airport services at Airport Technology:
 Minimal disruption - Cost-effective - Permanent
Patented Process
The URETEK Method is a patented process, which employs high density URETEK resins, to undersealand fill voids and then accurately lift and realign concrete slabs and other structural/building elements,which are resting directly on the ground.The URETEK resin is injected and immediately expands, filling voids and creating a force that allowsprecision lifting.The composite material quickly cures to a strong, stable and long lasting replacement base materialthat is immediately trafficable and environmentally neutral.
Proven Technology
The reliability of this unique URETEK technology, has been proven by nearly 30 years experiencethroughout Europe, North America, Australasia and now Asia.
Applications range from industrial, commercial and residential projects to highways, railways andairport runways.With The URETEK Method, it is possible to correct all manner of problems concerning floors,foundations, roads, bridges and entire buildings.
Voids filled; slab deterioration arrested.Floors levelled; buildings freed from cracks.Slab movement at joints ("pumping") eliminated.Vehicles ride smoothly on roads and yards.Forklifts operate safely; shelving relevelled.Accidents avoided.Minimal disruption - Economical - Permanent
An entirely new approach to underpinning
PowerPile Polymer Pillar
- Disruption free underpinning method
- Ground consolidation and soil replacement
- Implements structure in the ground
- Unique internationally patented technology

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