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Reg6Super Contract 2012-2015

Reg6Super Contract 2012-2015

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Published by Viktoria Sundqvist

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Published by: Viktoria Sundqvist on Oct 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 It is hereby agreed by and between the Board of Education of Regional School District No. 6(hereinafter called the "Board") and Edward Drapp (hereinafter called the "Superintendent") thatthe said Board in accordance with its action by election pursuant to Section 10-157 of theConnecticut General Statues, hereby employs the said Edward Drapp as Superintendent of Schools of Regional School District No. 6 and that Edward Drapp hereby accepts employment asSuperintendent of Schools of Regional School District No. 6 upon the terms and conditionshereinafter set forth
in this agreement (the “Agreement”
A. The Superintendent is the chief executive officer of the Board. In harmony withthe policies of the Board, state laws, and state board of education regulations, theSuperintendent has executive authority over the school system and the responsibility forits supervision. He has the general authority to act at his discretion, subject to laterapproval by the Board, upon all emergency matters and those as to which his powers andduties are not expressly limited or are not particularly set forth. He advises the Board onpolicies and plans that the Board takes under consideration, and he takes the initiative inpresenting to the Board policy and planning issues for the Board's attention.B. The Superintendent or his designee as approved by the Board will attend allmeetings of the Board and will participate in all Board deliberations, except when mattersrelating to his own employment, the employment of a certified staff member he hasrecommended for termination, or the Board's self evaluation is under consideration. TheSuperintendent will receive notice of all Board committee meetings and he or hisdesignee may attend such meetings.2.
 The Superintendent shall maintain certification as a Superintendent, in accordance with allapplicable statutes and regulations, throughout the term of this Agreement, or any extensionthereof; or shall be eligible to serve as Superintendent under a durational shortage areapermit or similar temporary certification issued by the State Department of Education beforeor during the term of this Agreement.
A. The term of said employment is from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015. TheSuperintendent and the Board agree to the following procedures, by which the Board mayextend the Superintendent's employment under this Agreement for an additional period of time.B. Upon completion of the midyear evaluation of the performance of theSuperintendent, as specified in the time-line contained herein, the Board or its designee(s)and the Superintendent will have the opportunity to discuss any modifications to thecontract, or extensions thereof. Following that discussion, and no later than April 1
of any fiscal year, the Board will take action on any such desired modifications and/orextensions. However, unless the Superintendent is notified, in writing, by April 1, oneadditional year of employment will automatically be added to the length of this contract,at a salary to be negotiated but no less than the prior year.C. Anything in this paragraph to the contrary notwithstanding, the provisions of Section 7
entitled “Termination”
will take precedence, and the Superintendent'semployment may be terminated under the provisions of said section.4.
 1. The base salary of the Superintendent shall consist of the following:a)
A salary component as follows:
FY13 - $162,000
To be determined, but no less than FY13 salary
To be determined, but no less than FY14 salarypayable in biweekly installments, and subject to required deductionsfor the State Teachers' Retirement Fund, applicable United StatesWithholding Tax, applicable State of Connecticut Withholding Taxand other applicable deductions mandated by state or federal law andemployee contributions toward the cost of fringe benefits;b) An additional amount of 4% of base salary, which amount theSuperintendent will then arrange pursuant to a salary reductionagreement to have contributed as an elective referral in accordancewith Section 403(b) and/or Section 457 of the Internal Revenue codetoward the purchase of a 403(b) annuity and/or 457 Plan with a tax
3sheltered annuity company or 457 plan investment company of hischoice.c) An additional sum which is equal to 7.25% of the total of the amountspecified in sections (a) and (b) above, payable on the same scheduleas the cash component referenced in section (a).
For the purposes of reporting the Superintendent’s salary and for determining his
contributions for a particular contract year to the Connecticu
t State Teachers’
Retirement System, the Board shall include the full amount of the
Superintendent’s total annual base salary equal to the sum of the amounts
specified in sections (a), (b) and (c).B. Any adjustments in salary made during the life of this Agreement will be in theform of an amendment and will become part of this Agreement. It is provided, however,that by so doing it will not be considered that the Board has entered into a new contractwith the Superintendent nor that the termination date of the existing Agreement has beenextended. Compensation for Superintendent services for any period that employment isrenewed under the provisions for extension under Section 3 will be negotiated and agreedto by the Board and the Superintendent prior to the commencement of the new contractterm.C. I
f the Superintendent’s employment as Superintendent for the Board is terminated
at any time during the term of this Agreement, or any extension thereof, or if theSuperintendent dies at any time during the term of this Agreement, or any extensionthereof, he shall be entitled to the pro-rata portion of the annual amount of salaryapplicable for the year in which the Agreement is terminated or his death occurs. In theevent of termination and/or death of the Superintendent, neither the Superintendent norhis estate shall be entitled to annuity amounts related to subsequent years of theAgreement. Entitlement to amounts under the annuity contracts set forth in thisAgreement shall be pro-rated for partial years of service as Superintendent.

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