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Published by azfarhussain8776

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Published by: azfarhussain8776 on Oct 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1:To-do: Choose one of the challenges: To loose weight."I will" power challenge: Say Yes, the ability to do what you need to do even when a part of you doesn't want to."I wont" power challenge: Saying No, What would you like to get rid of because its undermining your goal?"I want" power challenge: What is the most important long-term goal you want tofocus on? What immediate one will tempt you away? the ability to remember what you really want? To exert self-control you need to find your motivation when it matters.Harnessing these three powers to achieve goals.We, as humans, have all these three powers. The development of all these threepowers defines to be human.Why we have will-power?With increase in social complexity, humans needed more will-power. Our brains caught up and came up with strategies of self-control. (The ability to control impulses)Some of us use it more than others.What is it we are working with? (Neuroscience)... the development of pre-frontal cortex. (Now better connected to other partsof the brain, larger portion of brain as compared to other animals)... buy us the brain, to do the harder task.... three regions of pre-frontal cortex: "I will" (upper left), "I won't" (rightside), "I want" (in the lower-middle -- responsible for motivation)To-do: What is the harder thing? What makes it so difficult? How do you feel when doing it?Many temporary states (sleep-deprived, distracted) inhibt the pre-frontal cortexleading us to less control impulses.We have the desire to follow impulses. It has a mind of its own.We have one brain and two minds. We are equipped with impulse control as well.Part of you wants one thing but a part of want wants another.To-do: Describe these competing minds.Value of these both selves: Instincts and desires are critical for health, happiness and surprisingly self-control.Take advantage of survival/primitive instincts NOT fight them.Know thyself! (first rule of self-control)

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