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Pyx & Syzygy

Pyx & Syzygy

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Published by Gwendalynn Wilgus

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Published by: Gwendalynn Wilgus on Oct 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Gwendalynn Hatch
Chapter One: Pyx
Yaplon is a land far to the East; high mountains, tall trees, long rivers, islands,and legends of its own. The highest mountain of Yaplon is the Ground StoneMountain lush with green plant life and wild animals short and tall, the mountainsstood proudly on Island in the East. The mountains supplied the people of Shrapnelwith stone for their wall (hence the name Ground Stone Mountain). Shrapnel wasthe only city on the Island; they build their city in the wide plain at the bottom of the mountain. The people hunted on the side of mountain were the animals wereplenty. Shrapnel was known for their game, and were part of the main tradethroughout Yaplon. The trade was place on their shoulders; they were the ones whosupplied the goods for the trade system. Their meats were sent too many other citiesin Yaplon, especially the cities
that relied on the trade. They’d take their meats and
package them in crates and send them out on the ships. The Moon Breaker was thestar of Shrapnel and their main vessel; it sailed to all the way from Shrapnel all theway to the great port city Tortola. The Moon Breaker went on more trade journeysthan any other vessel in all of Shrapnel. That ship was the most reliable, the oldest,largest, and the only vessel trusted with important deliveries. It was also the mosttargeted vessel that they had. Bandits knew that this vessel held get wealth if theygot their greedy hands on it. To test the bravery of those
bandits they set nextto twenty soldiers on deck, with heavy armor and huge swords. When bandits gotclose enough to the vessel that they could see them, their courage drained out of them and they ran away. Shrapnel was a strong city, built strong solid walls, hadlong and heavy swords, and strong armor. They knew how to defend themselves,
and when it came to defending their belongings and shipments they didn’t mess
around, they meant business. Defending was their business; anyone from Shrapnel
could tell you that. They didn’t waste time on weak bandits getting into
situationsthey knew was dangerous. The Moon Breaker was their prize vessel, they greattreasure, and no one
mess with it, unless they had a death wish.In summer the Moon Breaker would be at the docks of Shrapnelpreparing to be loaded to make the usual trip in the summer season to Tortola; thegreat port city on the Southern edge of Yaplon. Tortola was right next to theSouthern sea, an easy access route for the Moon Breaker. When they got to portTortola they would send the shipment by land to its final destination. On land thedelivery was out in the open and could be easily stolen. To prevent this Shrapnelsoldiers would escort the shipment through the entire trip, from Shrapnel to Tortolathen, through all the other cities until they returned to the Moon Breaker with thegold and went home to Shrapnel. Shrapnel relied on the trade as much as the citiesthey traveled to. The gold they earned from the trade was spent on things their cityneeded that they could only get from the mainland. When the soldiers went along
with the shipment, Tortola’s diligent docks men would prepare that ship for 
departure, they would fill the Moon Breaker with the desired goods that Shrapnelneeded and when the Shrapnel soldiers returned to the Moon Breaker they wouldpay Tortola what they owed and make their journey home. The trade system theydeveloped worked like a well oiled machine. Shrapnel only took what they couldpay for from their earnings, no debt, no cheats, just business.Moon Breaker was at the harbor being loaded and was preparing to leave forTortola. The captain of the Moon Breaker was at the harbor masters asking forpermission to leave the port while the soldiers were boarding the great ship. They

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