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Published by Krishan Bir Singh

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Published by: Krishan Bir Singh on Nov 07, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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International Indexed & Refferred ResearchJournal, October 2012, ISSN 0975-3486,RNI-RAJBAL 2009/30097: VoL IV*ISSUE-37
Indian history and mythology have given aplace of pride to women. But the male dominating so-ciety and biological superiority of men over women hasmade her a toy in the hand of society. She is treated asan object to fulfill the physical desire of the men. Thecustoms like child marriage, ban on widow marriage,sati tradition, parda system etc deteriorated the posi-tion of women in society. In India, gender injusticestarts from abortion of female foetus resulting in de-cline in sex ratio.
Grounds:1. Male Dominated Society:
Boys are given more preference than girls in thesociety. Son is considered as "helping hand" to thefather. Son is authorized by the society for crematinghis parents' corpse and considered as "support sys-tem" to his aged parents. The most important reasonfor decline in sex ratio is that the society thinks that sonwill continue his hierarchy. Female being a weaker sec-tion of the society is easily being dominated by themales.
2. Biological Weakness:
The Indian society thinks that the women are physi-cally and mentally weak. The society believes that thefemale are best to perform only the household jobs givebirth to their children and take care of their kids.
3. Offence /Crime against Women:
The women are easily prone towards the crime likeRape, Dowry death, Sexual assaults, Female feticide,Miscarriage, Immoral trafficking. The male do physicalharassment for dowry and abets them to commit sui-cide. It is a belief that women are not as powerful as menin the society is again a factor for decline in sex ratio.
4. Dowry System:
Due to increase in dowry demand the girls are not
 Research Paper—Law
Decline in Sex Ratio in India
* Chirag Banthiya
* Law Student BA.LL.B IX Semester, Shri Vaishnav Institute of Law, Indore M.P.
Gender injustice is a global issue. Gender injustice is in existence in India because Indian society is a male dominating society.The desire for male child and the traditional custom gives a superior position to men which resulted decline in the number of female child in the society. Deficit in girl child population leads to serious demographic imbalance and adverse social  consequences. However, in recent decades, the drastic decline in child sex ratio is an issue of grave concern in India. Therefore,efforts are needed to solve the issue thereby create equal regard and affection for the girl child. Otherwise, the child populationwill become skewed leading to a host of several social problems.
A B S T R A C T 
 Keywords: Female feticide, Miscarriage, Prenatal Diagnostic Technique, sex selection
even being given births, hence resulting in female fe-ticide so that the father does not have to give dowry.Dowry is very heinous crime and increase in dowrydemands have led to decline in sex ratio. The female andtheir family members are being tortured and force tobring more and more dowry from her parents.
5. Parda System
:A parda system is also largely doing in India. Thewomen are not allowed to come in the society and notenjoy the public life even not allowed to be seeing bythe head of the house and men.
6. Illiteracy:
Parents give preference to the education; nutritionand taking care of male child with ancient mythologythat he will be the stick of old age. Due to this reasonFemale literacy rate is still very low in India.7. Misuse of Technique: The reason for misuse of tech-nique is to provide preference to sons than the daugh-ter and sex selective abortion. The old belief is that theson is old age security and daughter is other assets.Important Legislative Measures for Protection of girlchild:
1. Constitution of India, 1950:
The Constitution of India provides equalityto women. The principle of gender equality is given inthe Indian Constitution in its Preamble, FundamentalRights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles.Article 14 of the Constitution of India provides equalitybefore law. Article 15 prohibits discrimination on thegrounds of sex.
2. Indian Penal Code, 1860:
Sections 312 to 318 deal about punishment forcausing miscarriage.
3. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971:
The Act safeguards women from unneces-sary and compulsory abortions.

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