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Pima County Election Fraud: What Are You Going to Do About It?

Pima County Election Fraud: What Are You Going to Do About It?

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Published by Roy Warden

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Published by: Roy Warden on Nov 10, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Exercise in Aggressive, Non-Partisan Political Activism
November 10, 2012Volume 2, Number 30
THE TIME HAS COME TO FORGET PARTISAN POLITICS, STOP “TALKING” AND START WORKING FOR OUR COMMON INTERESTSIn the coming days the winners and losers of the local races will beproclaimed, but when it comes to McSally, Barber, Dupnik orNapier, and issues like Proposition 409, my conclusion is simple:we will never know who really won, and lost, the Election of 2012.YOU would conclude the same thing if you witnessed what I saw inPima County Court on November 01, 2012, while most of YOU werestill bawling obscenities at Obama, Romney, Barber, McSally, etc.,or were otherwise consuming terabytes of blogosphere calling leftwingers “traitors” or plotting to “take our country back,” etc.However, the time has come to “listen up.” On November 01, 2012 a “shot heard around Pima County” wasfired by a couple of dozen local citizens (mostly libertarians andwell known local “lefties”) who gathered in Pima County SuperiorCourt to hear expert testimony and oral argument on a Writ of Mandamus, submitted by former Pima County Prosecutor BradleyRoach, which would have required Pima County Officials to followstate law and instruct each individual precinct to include “tally lists” along with the ballots and the rest of the Official Election Records,thus insuring the sanctity of the election results.Oh? YOU don’t know about “tally lists?” The “Red Star” and the restof the Pima County Media didn’t tell YOU that Pima Countyelections might be “fixed?” In Court on November 01, I heard and saw the “how” and the “why.” I heard nationally accredited software experts testify the currentDiebold Software used by Pima County to count the vote is subjectto “hacking,” “vote flipping” and is otherwise fatally flawed.
I watched experts explain that “tally lists” and the hand counting of random samples of the ballots, on a precinct by precinct level, isthe only way to safeguard against election fraud.I saw the look of contempt on the face of the attorney representingPima County Officials as he vigorously argued state law didn’t applyto the “Good ‘Ole Boys” who now run Pima County and Tucson Citygovernment.On November 01, 2012, I realized that regarding the Election of 2012, here in Pima County “the fix” might have already been in.However; for many years now, while some of you have beenshouting “Let Freedom Ring,” or listening to Rush, Sean and Laurabitch about Obama, a handful of “THEM” (YOUR neighbors andfellow citizens), have rolled up THEIR sleeves so that someday YOU(and the rest of us) just might have a fair shot come election day.And now, on the very day that YOU read this, we are all witnessingthe predictable fruits of OUR indifference; behind the scenes, thePima County Election of 2012 is “still up in the air,” at least as faras McSally, Barber, Dupnik, Napier, and their supporters areconcerned.And, Oh yes, I almost forgot: Proposition 409, a 100 million dollarbond issue on behalf of the same sensational folks who gave us “Rio Nuevo” and hundreds of millions of dollars of missing funds.On election night Proposition 409 “failed;” however, now, hour byhour, inch by inch, (almost by “magic”), 409 pulls itself out of awell deserved grave.The time has come to Grab Your Wallets Folks, whether you votedfor 409, or not.Regarding Pima County Elections: Is “the fix” really in, as manycontend?Does “WHO” runs for office, and “WHO” votes, really matter when “HOW” the votes are counted is (might be) corrupted?

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