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IBM DB2 test 302

IBM DB2 test 302

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Published by Matej Holub
This file includes question and answers from course about database DB2 thought by IBM. It's a school test
This file includes question and answers from course about database DB2 thought by IBM. It's a school test

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Matej Holub on Nov 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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11/11/12 IBM_TestDB2: DB2-Test1/15https://is.cichnovabrno.c/mod/qui/review.php?attempt=11140
Neděle 11 listopadu 2012
 Prohlídka pokusu č. 1 1Body: 1Vyberte jednuodpověďa. db2 terminateb. db2 connect finalizec. db2 connect killd. db2 connect end
 Assuming that you are currently connected to a DB2 database, which of the followingcommands will terminate your connection?
Správná odpověďBodový zisk: 1/1.2Body: 1Vyberte jednuodpověďa. IBM Data Studio is based on Eclipseb. IBM Data Studio IDE package allows for shell-sharingc. IBM Data Studio can be used to develop stored procedures, UDFs and SQL or XQuery scriptsd. IBM Data Studio is free, open source softwareWhich of the following is false about IBM Data Studio?Správná odpověď
DB2-TestProhlídka pokusu č. 1
Dokončit prohlídku
Započetí testu
Sunday, 11. November 2012, 10.38
Dokončení testu
Sunday, 11. November 2012, 10.55
Délka pokusu
17 min. 24 sekund
z možných 100 (
DB2 Student11
Aktualizovat profilMoje kurzyOdhlsit se
Web školy Projekt E-learning
11/11/12 IBM_TestDB2: DB2-Test2/15https://is.cichnovabrno.c/mod/qui/review.php?attempt=11140
Bodový zisk: 1/1.3Body: 1Vyberte jednuodpověďa. Oliver, Rodney, Tomb. Tomc. Oliver, Rodney, Tom, Vincenzod. Rodney, TomGiven the following table:GUESTS------------------name age----- -----Jenny 34Rodney 36Oliver 21 Angie 42Tom 28Vincenzo 25What names would be displayed as the result of the following SQL querySELECT name FROM GUESTS WHERE name LIKE '%o_'Správná odpověďBodový zisk: 1/1.4Body: 1Vyberte jednuodpověďa. DB2 Command Line Processor b. DB2 Control Center c. DB2 Command Line Advisor d. DB2 Health Center Which of the following tools would you use if you need to execute SQL statements against a DB2 databasefrom the command line?Správná odpověďBodový zisk: 1/1.5Body: 1Vyberte jednu a. It allows definition of a policy to guarantee quality of service to applications.Which of the following is a characteristic of High Availability?
11/11/12 IBM_TestDB2: DB2-Test3/15https://is.cichnovabrno.c/mod/qui/review.php?attempt=11140
odpověďb. . It allows high performance of a DB2 server by distributing workload across severalmachine.c. It allows compression of data.d. It allows replication of data to a standby server that can take over in case of failure.Správná odpověďBodový zisk: 1/1.6Body: 1Vyberte jednuodpověďa. There is a conflict if you attempt to create a table space in Database A with a tablespace name that has already been used in the same tablespaceb. A TCPIP port uniquely identifies a DB2 instancec. There is a conflict if you attempt to create a database in instance B with adatabase name that has already been used in instance Ad. There can be more thah one instance running at given timeWhich of the following is false about the DB2 environment?Správná odpověďBodový zisk: 1/1.7Body: 1Vyberte jednuodpověďa. Automatic storage is a function of DB2 allows tables to be backed up automaticallyon a set scheduleb. Automatic Storage can be used to automatically reorganize the data on thephysical media in order to improve performancec. Automatic storage simplifies storage management by allowing you to specifystorage paths where the database manager can place table space datad. Automatic storage is an option that allows transactions that are written to thedatabase to be automatically committedWhat functionality does automatic storage provide?Správná odpověďBodový zisk: 1/1.8Body: 1Vyberte jednuodpověďa. The statement will only succeed if every record in the EMPLOYEES table has anull value in the WORKDEPT columnb. The statement will only succeed if the data retrieved by the subquery does notGiven the following UPDATE statement:UPDATE employees SET workdept =(SELECT deptno FROM department WHERE deptno = 'A01')WHERE workdept IS NULLWhich of the following describes the result if this statement is executed?

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