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Original Comedy (From Genesis)

Original Comedy (From Genesis)

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Published by Michael Wright
Last term I had the unique opportunity to play around with my assignments, since I was well versed in the background the instructor allowed me to answer the weekly questions... in meme. This is sort of a "best of" compilation.
Last term I had the unique opportunity to play around with my assignments, since I was well versed in the background the instructor allowed me to answer the weekly questions... in meme. This is sort of a "best of" compilation.

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Published by: Michael Wright on Nov 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How has archaeology verified the historicity of these chapters in Genesis?a.
 Nelson Glueck discovered settlement patterns in the Transjordan indicate the events of Genesis 13occurred between 2000 and 1900 B.C. and a drastic decrease in the density of occupation between the19
and 13
century which he linked to the destructive campaigns in Genesis 14. In addition, thename of Abram and his immediate family appear in Old Assyrian and Babylonian texts withtypographical references in Neo-Assyrian texts correspond with places in the Euphrates-Habur regionof Syro-Mesopotamia. This agrees with geographical time and placement of Abram and his family assettled in Ur and Haran. In particular, the city of Haran in upper Mesopotamia was abandoned in 1800B.C. and remained uninhabited for a thousand years. As Barry Beitzel (Trinity Evangelical DivinitySchool) notes, it is highly unlikely that someone documenting the story would have used Haran as akey location if they did so hundreds of years later. Moreover, the distinctions of names and locationsof Genesis 14, while not accounted for in one extra-Biblical account are largely accounted for individually in others. In particular the discovery of the 4,000 year old city of Laish (later buried andthe city of Dan built over it, as it is referred to in Genesis 14:14) along with an arched gateway witharchitectural features not seen again until the Roman Empire.Also I bought a lovely rug from this very reputable merchant at the archaeological dig at Ur. Heswears on his mother that it is based on designs found in the Emperial Tombs from 2000 B.C.… it’smade of Egyptian cotton and goat hair.Check out the pattern:I guess it says “Abram was here.” Which is interesting, my understanding was that the Sumerians hadno concept of zero.2.
What are the three possible locations for Ur?
Well “Ur” is right here:But I’m sure the question is really asking about “Ur of the Chaldees” which tends to be more
questionable. According to Davis one option is Urfa, or Şanlıurfa, an area near Edessa. This is an
interesting option as there are numerous Tells in the area identified as Akkadian, but they are from thewrong era. Göbekli Tepe is also in this area but it’s far too old.The second option is Ura, a town northeast of Haran. While there are legitimate scholarly andarchaeological arguments for this conclusion, it is actually quite difficult to verify Gordon’sconclusions. And while Gordon should be respected for his passion for linguistic, archaeology, and hisservice during WWII, his conclusions were often considered “eccentric” or disputed. His involvementwith John Philip Cohane, an early proponent of alien astronaut theory did not help his credibility. Nor his affirmation of the legitimacy of the Bat Creek Inscription, the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone, or theParaiba inscription (three forgeries attempting to legitimize Mormon theology).The third and more likely option is Tell al-Muqayyar (as indicated by the map above). In fact thelocals seem to insist Abraham was born here:As you can see from the picture, this place has great Mexican food, but tiny bathrooms.Of course, according to the LDS church another option for Ur is one of the many cities in the Batman province of Turkey.
Interestingly Christian Bale (who played Batman in the last three Batman films) filmed scenes fromTerminator: Salvation in Batman Province. As you see, it all comes full circle. Oh wait, silly me… NOW it comes full circle.3.
Who is Melchizadek? Be thorough.a.
King of Salem and Priest of El Elyon (God Most High). He blessed Abraham and Abraham gave him a10% tithe. Because of his abrupt and clearly important place in Genesis, a great deal of speculation hasled to considerable debate. One view is that he was a Theophany or Christophany, a pre-incarnateappearance of Christ. The second is that he was a historical, real human person who typifies Christ inthe narrative structure of Genesis. The third view is that he was a Canaanite priest. The fourth view isthat he was Shem.4.
Which view from #3 do you hold to? Why?a.
I agree with Davis that the second view is most likely. The first makes little sense for Christ to be saidto be “a priest of the line of Melchizadek” if He is in fact Melchizadek Himself. Of course, Jesus is part of the Trinity, so the idea of Jesus initiating a Grandfather Paradox… Perhaps Jesus was the father of Melchizadek, though it would have to be a virgin birth, the idea of Jesus having progeny wouldundoubtedly tear a hole in the space-time continuum. Worse, legitimize a false religion, and encourageDan Brown to write more books.The third view was the view of Josephus. However Melchizedek and Salem are both Jewish, the firstmeaning “king of righteousness,” the second being “peace.” That he was the priest of El Elyon has aminor connection to the Canaanites as they also attributed El to deity, but the Elyon derivative is toosubjective.By the second view, the historicity of Melchizedek is difficult to establish, but that he blessedAbraham and God as creator of the heavens and Earth (which no Canaanite idea of deity matched) andAbraham recognized Melchizedek as a higher in spiritual rank shows he was certainly of a differentlycaliber than other kings of the area. Also the reference in Psalm 110 of David taking up the priestlyline of Melchizedek shows how David’s conquest of Jerusalem led to Jesus taking up that line.

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