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Published by Kenyon Manu

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Published by: Kenyon Manu on Nov 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 What are micronutrients and why are they important to me? If you're not a health professional you'reprobably not very well equipped to answer that question. That's ok, we're here to bring you up tospeed, by the end of this article not only will you know what micronutrients are, but you will know howthey affect you and how you can get them from eating tasty and low cost natural foods!Micronutrients are essential to the survival of living organisms on earth and are a pre-cursor to manyessential body functions. That being said they don't get all the just due they deserve. We've all heardof the more popular micronutrients like Vitamin C, but did you know Folic Acid can reducedeformities and promote other health factors in infants when taken by their mothers duringpregnancy?Micronutrients are defined as being nutrients that are needed for survival throughout life; however,unlike macronutrients they are only needed in small amounts. Micronutrients are a perfectapplication of the age old adage "good things come in small packages." They orchestrate a wholerange of essential psychological functions in our bodies, unfortunately we cannot sufficientlyproduce them ourselves. We depend on micronutrients to remove waste, without them the cellsbecome congested, DNA gets broken, and thebodydoesn't have what it needs to repair itself. Thisleads to not feeling well and eventually getting ill.Besides the basic functions of properly removing waste and promoting healthy DNA micronutrientsprevent developing deficiencies that can have devastating results. Scientists have long known thatthe micronutrient Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) can positively affect a fetusnotonly in womb but also longafter birth into childhood development. In fact micronutrients deficiencies can be a major concern inmany essential developments that take place in early childhood.It is safe to say that Nicholas D. Kristof shares my fondness for micronutrients, in anarticlefeaturedin the New York Times about micronutrients Kristof states "there’s zinc, which reduces child deathsfrom diarrhea and infections. There’s iron, lack of which causes widespread anemia. And there’svitamin A: some 670,000 children die each year because they don’t get enough vitamin A, and lackof the vitamin remains the world’s leading cause of childhood blindness."Micronutrients also have health benefits that can prevent aging and degenerative diseases likecancers. Helmut Beierbeck of the Natural News wrote anarticleabout how micronutrientdeficiencies can cause diseases and even damage DNA. In his article Beierbeck states "In fact,genome damage caused by even moderate micronutrient deficiencies rivals damage fromenvironmental factors like chemical carcinogens or radiation."Ideas of neural deformities, accelerated aging and cancer are all persuasive indeed; however, thebest reason to obtain adequate of micronutrients is much more subtle. In reality the main reason youneed adequate amounts of micronutrients is that they play a vital role in detoxifying you body,warding off harmful diseases and creating necessary enzymes. These are all essential for healthybody functions on a level that you can feel every single day. Simply put if living a long and healthy lifesounds appealing to you then in some way so should micronutrients. At the beginning of this article I promised to not only define micronutrients and explain why there areimportant, but to also inform you where you can find nutrient rich foods. I aim to please and belowyou will find theERNI(Eating Right Nutrient Index) which is a nutrient density chart displaying whatfoods are especially nutritious. Below the index I have also include a complete list of themicronutrients. I now expect you to reward your body for its hard work and put the chart below touse!<="">
Complete List of Micronutrients:

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