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Home Invasion Ch1 (2)

Home Invasion Ch1 (2)

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Published by bibliocommons2012

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Published by: bibliocommons2012 on Nov 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter One
At rst, she heard the noise as part o a dream.Kathy Brown sighed and ipped rom herright side to her lef. Her hand brushed up againstthe warm body o her husband, Jack, asleepbeside her. Kathy opened her eyes and stared athim. Jack’s eyes were closed and his mouth waspartly open. He was snoring. Even louder thanusual, Kathy thought, trying to block out thesound. Jack’s not doing it on purpose, she toldhersel. ere’s no point in being annoyed.Kathy sighed again. Everything Jack didlately seemed to annoy her. Maybe that’s whathappened to couples afer almost ourteen yearso marriage. Or maybe not. Maybe somethingelse was bothering her.
Joy Fielding
Kathy sighed a third time. She decided Jack’ssnoring was the noise that had wormed its way into her dream and woken her up. She sighedagain — her ourth sigh in less than a minute —and ipped back onto her right side, so that sheaced the wall.Slowly, Kathy elt her body start to relaxand her mind drif back to sleep. She hoped shecould return to the dream she’d been having.e dream about Michael, her boyriend inhigh school. He was tall and handsome andcaptain o the basketball team. She’d been crazy about Michael, and he broke her heart whenhe dumped her to go out with her best riend.Now, there he was, smack in the middle o herdream. He’d been just about to kiss her whenthe loud noise had startled her awake.Falling asleep again, Kathy could not recoverthe sof kiss she hoped or. Instead, she oundhersel stuck in the middle o a dream aboutants.In her dream, Kathy stood in the large, all-white kitchen o her home in Maple Hill. Shewatched a parade o at black ants march alongthe white counter. “Where did all these ants
Home Invasion
come rom?” Kathy asked the young manstanding beside her. She recognized him as theboy who had delivered her groceries a ew daysago. e boy was tall and skinny, with chin-length black hair and a tattoo o a spider on theback o his lef hand.ere isn’t much you can do to stop ants,” thedelivery boy told her. “ey get in everywhere.en Kathy heard the noise again.is time she opened her eyes and sat upin bed. She looked at the clock on her bedsidetable. It was two o’clock in the morning. enoise must be Jack’s daughter, Lisa, cominghome rom her date, Kathy thought. It was anhour past Lisa’s curew, and she was probably trying to sneak in without her ather ndingout. At sixteen, Lisa was turning into more o ahandul every day.Kathy was about to lie back down whenshe remembered that Lisa was spending thenight at a riend’s house. So Lisa couldn’t be theone Kathy thought she heard moving arounddownstairs.Was there someone else in the house, or wasshe still dreaming?

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