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Patriot Unity

Patriot Unity

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Published by leechster

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Published by: leechster on Nov 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Patriot Unity. Nice slogan but it‟s a cruel joke.
 The Movement has been stopped, repeatedly, almost all efforts to counter the risen tide
of tyranny laughably pushed aside… aside from the growing number of awake, aware
Americans who are armed but going into December 2012 the arms and ammunition
supply‟s being cut as you read this. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is being enacted. A
revamped 1994 gun control bill will be made permanent as well as be strengthened toban any weapon the Attorney General Eric Holder wants. Same oath traitor who wasoperational head of Fast and Furious-the arming of primarily the Sinaloa Cartel ofweapons either obviously straw purchased in gun shops or straight delivered from ATFevidence rooms, from American gun owners who were almost universally set up, orarrested on the flimsiest banana republic pretexts. I mean claiming a defective semi-automatic rifle was a actual operational machine gun instead, and getting a jury ofapparent retards to convict David Olofson on their bullshit.Or pressuring a backwoods recluse for years until he sawed the barrels of a pair ofsingle-shot shotguns a half inch below the 18 inch legal limit as defined in the 1934
National Firearms Act… an act anyone who can
operate a hacksaw and a rat tail filecould do themselves but instead he gets besieged by Feds after they frag one of theirown with a classic shot in the back and murder his son and wife and infant daughter.
You might have heard of him, his name‟s Randy
Tyranny isn‟t coming, it‟s been here! Since Obama was „re
 This screen snapshot was taken mere WEEKS before the election, it appeared briefly
and a Patriot recorded it… yeah Obama won, we know that but they showed this
-Presidents are selected.This selected President has the resources of the greatest police state ever constructed, itspurpose is to crush, subjugate and destroy you. New York, Katrina, 9/11, Oklahoma
City, the War on Drugs, it‟s been building since JFK was assassinated. It‟s been
building since FDR stole the gold, declared bankruptcy and instituted national gun
control and made the bankster created depression worse. It‟s been building since the
income tax and the federal reserve act were passed by three pedophile senators on
Christmas Eve in 1912. It‟s been building since… since the Civil War… since 1789.
 The obvious enemy has been advancing steadily, surely, and certainly not stopped.Slowed-thanks to Patriots in the many movements that have forestalled our utter defeathowever the Patriot Movement has regrettably been foreseen as a response and if youcan see a threat you can stop it, you can divert it, you can sabotage it. Certainly, if youvilify and ridicule patriotism to the point of parody, frugality to the point of poverty,being a small businessman to the point of being the same as tax dodging rich, self-sufficiency to the point of ridicule, God to the point of hatred, self-defense to the pointof committing murder, and the unorganized Militia to the point of being seen asdomestic terrorists; turn the average, state schooled, 8 hours of TV watching, unhealthy, job or welfare dependant, willfully ignorant by cultural instillation U.S. Citizen will ofcourse NOT LISTEN TO YOU.Certainly not listen to the likes of myself and hopefully yourself so long as thatparticular member of your target audience has their cash flow, roof over their head, TV,
music, internet, games, car, drug of choice and can bullshit themselves into thinking „itdoesn‟t matter to them‟.
Such is the extant and power of the enemy‟s long term waragainst us. Silent weapons for quiet wars, and the best enemy is the enemy that doesn‟teven know they‟re being warred against.
 I could go back in time ten, fifteen, twenty years ago-the same forces would be at workundermining the Movement from without; the same social and cultural rot within eachand every one of us having been brought up in the modern United States wouldundermine our hearts and decision making.The key is to recognize the Truth-we have been utterly and completely subverted andsabotaged on a scale and depth unparalleled in recorded history.
It‟s something nearly
impossible to even imagine, conceive of, even after eight long years of personally tryingto get the Patriot Movement to actually MOVE. Move and actually be effective.We have been made weak.We have been made cowardly.We have been made ignorant.We have been made slothful.We have been made dependent.We have been made naïve.We have been made superficial, silly.We have been made disloyal.We have been made selfish.All that we have been made into was but a prerequisite necessary for the systematicdeconstruction of America: the conditioning of Americans to come to the cities viaeconomic destruction of small town farms and businesses to gain work in factories; theurbanization of Americans which went hand in hand with making them dependent on

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