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Published by CyberT2000
Battlestar Galactica RPG Plot Hooks
Battlestar Galactica RPG Plot Hooks

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Published by: CyberT2000 on Nov 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cylon Church
 The PC's run into some people that are worshiping the Cylon God. They even say that they are hearing fromthe Cylon God. Could they be Cylons or are these just misguided people? Could there be something moresinister behind it such as a Cylon plot?
A Pirate in our Midst
 Contact has been lost with one of the ships in the fleet and the PCs are sent to discover what has happened.
Upon arrival the PC’s are attacked by members of the ship’s crew and civilians. Once the shooting stops, the PCs
find that the ship recently suffered through a “pirate raid.”
Someone is using a shuttle to attack and performpirate raids on the ships of the fleet. It is surmised that the pirates are using the engine wakes of other ships to
mask their signature and “disappear.” (To make it even more interesting let the pirates have colonial uniforms.)
Broken Arrow
A viper pilot just can’t take it anymore and goes rogue launching his viper. He threatens to attack ships of the
fleet. Can the PCs convince him to give himself up and what damage can he do to the fleet.
We have met your type before.
 The PCs discover a civilian ship that immediately begins defensive maneuvers anytime the PCs approach.Could it be Cylons or could it be a ship that ran into the Admiral Cain and the Pegasus?
Reaching Back
 The fleet hears word of another group of survivors that got away from the colonies. Does the fleet go back tocombine forces or do they keep to their own and therefore not add any problems to their already long list?
Command Central Down
 An explosion rocks CIC killing many command officers and putting others in sick bay. The PCs must takeauxiliary control of the ship and keep it on course while investigating what caused the explosion.
Picking up Pieces
 The characters find a derelict ship where Centurions got on board and vented the ship to space. The ship could berecent or date from the first war. While investigating/salvaging the ship, the centurions re-activate after theypowered down for lack of humans to kill
Cold Front
 Even with all the Cylons using enhanced radiation bombs, the sheer number of nukes that hit Caprica has ruinedthe weather patterns, and the radiation hasn't helped the plantlife. The characters find (or learn of) a pre-invasionbio-dome that contained samples of Caprican flora in a sealed environment. Can they get the samples offworldand use it in their agro-ships? Do Caprican resistance groups need the bio-dome to survive or as a source of food?
Hell No, We wont go
 Political dissent strikes the refugee fleet as a charismatic speaker starts a movement to split up the remainingsupplies and take his followers on a different course than whatever the current power structure would like (be itform a new form of government, colonise a tasty planet, or just go in a different direction) - what will the playersdo to maintain order? What won't they do? Is the speaker a Cylon?
The temple
 The players find an Egyptian style pyramid on a planet. On the walls of the pyramid are cartouches(sp?) withwritings that can be dated to a ceremonial writing style that was in use around the time of the evacuation of Kobol. When translated, the writings almost accurately describe the number of people in the refugee fleet (out bythe number of Cylon infiltrators), the direction they came from, the direction they will go to, and the current date(by an inscribed starmap of the current planetary alignments). There could be stone age humans living in the area(that might be too stargate-y) and any Cylons would be very interested
The Even Thinner Blue Line
 It's the end of the world, but there's still crime - and the law still needs enforcing. So when Commander Adamaorders the creation of special investigation units and the call goes out for people with practical law enforcementexperience, who do they get in contact with? You guessed it. And there's these weird murders they want you tolook into...
 One of the ships in the fleet has mutinied against its captain. Do the PCs accept the new captain or do they helpthe old captain regain command?
Post War/Holocaust
No Rest For The Wicked
 A rival resistance/pirate group has decided that the easiest way to get the supplies/luxuriesthey need is from the heroes and their allies. The PCs must either eliminate/coopt the rivalgroup or hit back with sufficient force that the rivals decide further predations are not costeffective.
 A Cylon spy has stolen a small transport (comparable to a
) and is attempting toescape. The PCs are detailed to intercept and capture the spy. (Simply blowing them fromthe stars isn't enough. Is the spy a Cylon or merely a collaborator?)
Any Era
Tread Lightly
 Completing a subspace jump, the PC's ship or Fleet finds itself in the heart of a minefield.Not only must they extract themselves, but they must determine who laid it and why- and thendestroy the minefield.
Who Goes There?
The PC's ship or Fleet is shadowed, but not contacted or attacked, by an unidentified vessel.Why? By whom?
 The PC's ship or Fleet encounters a small convoy (or a large vessel and several lighters)hovering near the Colonial border. Challenged, they head for the hills. They must decide whoand what to pursue.
Safe and Secure
 A civilian vessel or outpost is quarantined because of a problem. The PC's are detailed tomaintain the quarantine.
Rocks and Shoals
 A Colonial registered freighter is under attack by several raiders/salvers loitering in thearea. Just to make things interesting, the freighter is carried a mixed cargo- bulk repair partsand pressurized tylium. One stray energy blast and the freighter and anyone near her becomea small sun!
Death Ship
 The heroes discover a Colonial Heavy freighter on an inbound course, running fast, herlong silent engines still set near full throttle. Boarding the ship, they discover all hands deadin their seats/posts. They must determine what took place aboard without succumbingthemselves. (* A Cylon virus penetrated the Life Support Computer and eliminated the crew,then returned the settings to normal. Highly entertaining when the heroes download thesystem logs for analysis.)
Storm Warnings
With things returning to a relatively even keel, the crew is given a chance to rest and relax.Just as they begin sink into a bottle of ambrosia, they are called to CIC. When they arrive,they find the senior officers/staff analyzing a massive ion storm (with some subspaceproperties) bearing down on the ship/Fleet. The storm is moving at nearly the speed of light,
and is nearly 84 AU’s in diameter.
It's already disrupting systems enough to make an FTL jump extremely dangerous. The storm will reach the ship/fleet in four hours and will take 12-14 hours to pass. A good analogy for this storm is a hurricane or typhoon. Sensors andtransporters will be rendered unreliable (at best) and even hardened systems will be suspect.The best solution for everyone involved is to get the hell out of the way- not an easy task. Anice, thick planetary atmosphere will complete shield any targets from the storm (althoughthere will be unusual auroras and a LOT of RF interference. While the coming storm is
severe, a battlestar’s armor and sturdy construction should protect her.
Smaller vessels(anything smaller than a cruiser/frigate) need to seek safe harbor immediately!
Likely Storm Effects
Hull Ionization
Blue Lightning Plays around control stations, exposed equipment
and exterior ports of the shipand everyone’s hair stands on end.
System Failure- A random system suffers a failure. That system cannot be used untilrepairs are made.
Random Malfunction- A random system behaves abnormally. The Comm. Systemstarts playing Buddy Holly tunes, the Dradis detect a Cylon Basestar approaching, thecoffee makers begin making Cheese Blintzes.
Radiation Pocket- The ship is surrounded by a small cloud of ionized particles puttingout extreme levels of deadly radiation. The victim must seek shelter, take anti-radiation meds, or take damage.
Electrical Arc- A bolt of blue lightning leaps from a support arch or active system atthe nearest person. The victim must dodge or take damage.
Brown out-
All the station’s systems fluctuate off and on (brown out).
Turbulence- The station (or ship) is rocked to her keel and everyone must makeAgility rolls to remain standing.
As if these weren’t complications enough, the crew receives a distress call from the tylium
collier (which has become disabled on the periphery of the storm and needs immediaterescue!) The ship must be boarded and either grappled for towing OR repaired. One minorcomplication-
should the ship’s tylium bunkers take a hit, the ship will explode and vaporize
her crew and any would-be rescuers.
Shore Leave and A Bit More
The PC’s visit a large
space station composed of hundreds of networked pods. The place isrelatively open and peaceable society- basically a flea-market writ large. The mayor of thecity is beside himself thanks to a series of vicious murders taking place in his city. With his
chief of security murdered, he begs the PC’s to help bring the murderer to justice.
 The PCs ship arrives in orbit just as the bad guys who are stealing the great, royal, whatzitflee orbit. Now they are chasing the bad guy through the orbital yards and parking lanes, and

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