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Ancient Egypti

Ancient Egypti

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Published by jamessonian
Ancient Egypti
Ancient Egypti

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: jamessonian on Dec 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ancient Egyptian Timeline
5550 BC
5550 BC - 3050 BC was the Predynastic Period.Between 5500 and 3100 BC, during Egypt's Predynastic Period, small settlementsflourished along the Nile. Before the first Egyptian dynasty, Egypt was divided intotwo kingdoms, known as Upper Egypt (Ta Shemau) and Lower Egypt (Ta Mehu).The notable rulers of Egypt were the mysterious 'Scorpion' and NarmerDiscovery of a "Scorpion" tomb at Abydos. King Scorpion was believed to have ruledUpper Egypt and lived just before or during the rule of Narmer at ThinisEgypt was undergoing the process of political unification. The Egyptian capital at thetime was ThinisThe Thinite kings are buried at AbydosThe Egyptian people adhered to the Horus cult
3050 BC
3050 BC - 2686 BC - Early Dynastic Period1st and 2nd Egyptian DynastiesThe First and second dynasties ruled Egypt and began using hieroglyphics. KingMenes aka Hor-Aha whose Horus name was Narmer, is considered to be the founderof the first Dynasty.Large tombs of pharaohs or kings found at at Abydos, Naqada and SaqqaraMemphis, in Lower Egypt, was established as the capital of Egypt, founded around3100 BC and is the legendary city of Menes, the King who united Upper and LowerEgypt.
2686 BC
The Old Kingdom "the Age of the Pyramids." was established 2686 BC - 2181 BC3rd - 6th Egyptian DynastiesNotable Pharaohs were Djoser - 2668 - 2649, Sneferu aka Snefru - 2613-2589 andKhufu aka Cheops 2589 - 2566 and Unas aka Wenas, Unis- 2375 - 2345Djoser established his court at Memphis.The Old Kingdom is famous for the large number of pyramids, which wereconstructed at this time as the burial places of Pharaohs.
2686 BC
The 3rd Dynasty - The first Egyptian pyramid is built by Imhotep - the Step Pyramidat Saqqara for King Djoser who was one of the kings of the 3rd Dynasty
2613 BC
The 4th dynasty - The Great Pyramids of Egypt were built at Giza and revered as oneof the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.Sneferu aka Snefru - 2613-2589, the founder of the fourth dynasty, is known to havecommissioned three pyramids.Khufu (Greek Cheops) 2589 -2566 erected the Great Pyramid of Giza
2498 BC
The 5th dynasty - Egyptian religion made several important changes and cult of thegod Ra gained in importanceThe kings from Userkaf 2498 - 2491 through to Pharaoh Menkauhor 2422 - 2414 builttemples dedicated to Ra at Abusir.King Unas aka Wenas, Unis- 2375 - 2345 (the last ruler of the 5th Dynasty) had theburial chamber in his pyramid inscribed with spells for the afterlife and the cult of Osiris. These are referred to as the Pyramid Texts - later used and adapted to becomethe basis of theBook of the Dead
2354 BC
The 6th dynasty - The 6th Dynasty was founded by TetiPharaoh Pepy II is credited with the longest reign in the history of Egypt of 94 yearsNitiqret (also known by the Greek name Nitocris), is believed to have not only been thefirst female ruler of and Queen of Egypt
2181 BC
2181 BC - 2040 BC - First Intermediate Period7th - 10th Egyptian DynastiesDuring this time Egypt saw a breakdown of central governmentQakare Ibi is the only Pharaoh that can connected to any monuments. His pyramid hasbeen found at Saqarra and contains pyramid texts on the walls of his tomb
2040 BC
2040 BC - 1782 BC the Middle Kingdom11th - 13th - Egyptian DynastiesThe Pharaohs of these dynasties during the period of the Middle Kingdom were basedat ThebesIn the reign of Amenemhet (1991 BC – 1962 BC) launched at least one campaign intoNubia
Page 1of 2Ancient Egyptian Timeline5/23/2010http://www.king-tut.org.uk/ancient-egypt-history/ancient-egyptian-timeline.htm

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