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Welcome Freshman Foghorn (Summer 2007)

Welcome Freshman Foghorn (Summer 2007)

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Published by San Francisco
This is the Summer 2007 edition of the San Francisco Foghorn newspaper. The Foghorn is the student-operated newspaper at the University of San Francisco.
This is the Summer 2007 edition of the San Francisco Foghorn newspaper. The Foghorn is the student-operated newspaper at the University of San Francisco.

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Published by: San Francisco on Jan 31, 2009
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VOL. 103 ISSUE 24
Welcome Freshmen
 A Message From the ASUSF President
Fresh Faces
 Welcome!My name is James Kilton and I am thePresident of the Associated Students(ASUSF). I am delighted to join theFoghorn in welcoming the University of San Francisco Class of 2011. Firstof all, I hope that all of you have moregrace than I did on move-in day of my freshman year. Transition into collegeis an exciting and challenging first steptoward independence and I wish you allthe best of luck!I write in order to share my perspectiveon the leadership and involvementopportunities that are available to you atUSF. ome of the most rewarding andmemorable experiences of my collegecareer have occurred while working inthe Associated Students. Involvementin leadership positions gives you theopportunity to make lifelong friends as well as build a strong resume.ne of the ways in which you canet involved is by visiting the StudentLeadership and Engagement offi ceacross from Jamba Juice) or by visitingthe University Life tab on USFconnect.MySpot, the student-run website, wasne of Senate’s major initiatives last year and it hosts information for gettingnvolved as well as information for allASUSF clubs and organizations. Also, you can view updates from Senate, watchtreaming USFtv, read the Foghorn,listen to KNDZ (the student-run radiotation), view sports scores and even link to Facebook and Ratemyprofessor.com.Finally, I want to encourage all of youto contact Senate with any issues oroncerns. Senate is here to represent your voice whether you are interestedn changing a campus policy or having waffl e maker installed in the cafeteria. e easiest way to contact us is via email:enate@usfca.edu. Also, we hold weekly meetings from 6-8pm every Tuesday, where anyone can address the Senaten open forum. College is a fresh start.All of you have the opportunity to learnnd grow in preparation for exciting andhallenging careers. lso, remember thatnly 1% of the world has the opportunity to receive an education from a university.Have fun and make the most of thistremendous opportunity!All the best,ames M KiltonASUSF Presidentenate@usfca.edu
Welcome Message From the Foghorn
 Welcome Class of 2011!My name is Hunter Patterson, ManagingEditor of the Foghorn. On behalf of all the Foghorn staff, I would like tocongratulate you on your admittance toUSF. College is an incredible opportunity.As I enter my senior year I have seenfriends, classmates and roommatesmature and gain the confidence andeducation to pursue their career and lifegoals. Current USF graduates are movingon to impressive careers and graduatestudies in a number of fields includinginvestment banking, nursing, engineering,teaching and medicine. College can be your greatest resource, here at USF, youhave every opportunity to pursue yourgoals and whatever they may be, we wish you the best of luck.College is a serious investment of yourtime and money and it is an incredibleopportunity available to only a smallpercentage of the world population. Iurge you to use these next four years of  your life to develop skills that will help you pursue your goals. In this challenge you will find your peers and professors toe your greatest allies. USF is set up inevery way to help you define yourself andachieve your greatest potential. When school starts in the fall you haveplenty of time to make new friends,try new things and have tons of funhere at USF and in the world-class city of San Francisco. In the mean time, Irecommend you sit down and make alist of things you want to accomplish incollege. Do you want to become moreindependent? Get a 4.0? Learn how tospeak Japanese? Run to the beach andack (It is 7 miles). Or maybe perfect thattop ramen recipe? Whatever you aim toaccomplish in these next four years, we wish you the best of luck. e Foghorn staff has spent the pastfew weeks assembling this specialsummer issue of the Foghorn to help you get comfortable with life at USF. We have included advice from graduates,restaurant reviews and websites that oneshould know, as well as other importantinformation including finding a job andpicking a major. We hope that you findthis guide helpful and hopefully it servesas a small nudge in the right direction.Once again, congratulations and welcometo USF.
tephanie Ijomabove) and Kevin Koonre just some of the new faces around cam-us. To read interviews with new freshmen visit the Foghorn website.
an Francisco FoghornSUMMER, 2007
Finding Your First Job
 News Editor 
hether it is on or off campus,finding a job can seem likedaunting task for some in-coming freshmen. Alex Hochman, careercounselor and assistant director of the USF Career Services Center, says that it is nevertoo early to begin building work experience.Regardless of a student’s work prior work experience, or lack thereof, his first pieceof advice is to “Have a resume. No oneis going to expect you to have a four pageresume filled with previous experience, sodon’t be ashamed if it’s light. Just the factthat you took the time either to go onlineor come to the Career Services Center andput something together will be impressive.” Junior graphic design major, BenjiCanning-Pereira, who entered collegehaving never worked before, applied forand received his first on-campus job almostimmediately after the start of fall classes.“I was really nervous because I didn’tknow what to say or how a resume shouldlook,” said Pereira, who works as a studentassistant. Pereira researched on-campus jobs at USF’s student employment offi ce website. He also attended the Forwardprogram sponsored by the Learning and Writing Center, a two-week introductory program for incoming freshman, where hemet his future boss, a speaker at one of hisForward seminar classes. He introducedhimself to her and told her that he wasinterested in the job opening he had foundonline. He obtained an interview and washired shortly after. Pereira said that what was most intimidating about his first jobinterview were the unexpected questions,such as his interests and hobbies. “ose were the questions that were harder toanswer, because I wasn’t prepared forthem. I really had to think about those,”said Pereira. “I also had to concentrateon articulating what I wanted to say.”Most important for students who areapplying for on-campus work is toknow their financial aid status, especially considering most on-campus jobs requireeither work-study or USF works. “Itreally hurts students when they areasked if they have work-study andare unable to answer,” said Hochman, who suggested that students indicatefinancial aid status on their resumes. “It just makes everything much clearer.”Even if students are applying for on-ampus jobs such as Jamba Juice, Hochman saidthat professional dress is imperative. “Don’tcome in shorts, flip-flops, and t-shirts,” saidHochman, who added that post-interview thank-you notes are also impressive topotential employers. Also, the first-timecollege job interview is the only one in which it is acceptable to talk about highschool, and Hochman encourages studentsto do so. For instance, prom or yearbook committee can showcase a student’sorganizational and leadership skills.Hochman said that students shouldnot be so concerned with their first job’srelevance to their major, or about findinga paid internship. “ere’s nothing wrong with being a student assistant, working at Jamba Juice or slingingpizzas at Giorgio’s,” said Hochman.Finally, Hochman said having a job duringcollege can only benefit students oncethey graduate and begin their careers.“Employers like to see students whohave worked during school because itshows responsibility. ey like students who have slung pizza,” said Hochman.Hochman said that when applying for jobs post-matriculation, students shouldindicate whether their employment during
130 Fulton StreetSan Francisco, CA 94118(415) 422-6122Fax (415) 422-2751Advertising (415) 422-2657An All-American Publication
a maorem e goram
Editor In Chief 
 e San Franisco
the offi cial student newspaper of the University of SanFrancisco and is sponsored by the Associated Students of the Uni- versity of San Francisco (ASUSF). e thoughts and opinions expressed herein are those of the individ-ual writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the Foghorn staff,the administration, the faculty,staff or the students of the University of San Francisco. Contents of each issue are the sole responsibilitiesof the editors.Advertis-ing matter printed herein is solely for informational purposes. Suchprinting is not to be construed as written or implied sponsorship orendorsement o such commercial enterprises or ventures by the SanFrancisco Foghorn.©MMIV-MMV,San Francisco
All rights reserved. Nomaterial printed herein may be reproduced without prior permissionof the Editor in Chief.
olumns or the pinion section and Letters to the ditor aregladly accepted from students,faculty,staff and alumni.r ,r ,All materials must be signed and include your printed name,ad-dress,and telephone number for verification.Please include your university status (class standing or title). We reserve the right to edit materials submitted. All submissionsbecome the property of the San Francisco Foghorolumns o not more than 900 words hould be submitted by 5p.m.on the Wednesday before publicationLetters of 500 words or less hould be submitted by 5 p.m.on theFriday before publication.Shorter letters which get to the point have a greater chance obeing published than long,rambling diatribes.Anonymous letters are not published.Editorials are written by the Foghorn editorial staff and representa group consensus.e San Francisco Foghorn Opinion page is a forum for the free,fair and civil exchange of ideas. Contributors’opinions are notmeant to reflect the views of the Foghorn staff or the University of San Francisco.
News Editor
Opinion Editor
 _ _
Scene Editor
Sports Editor
Photography Eitor, Graphics Coordinaor
Advertising Manager
Managing Editor
Production Manager
nline Editor
Business Manager
hief Copy Editors
Faculty Advisor
chool contributed to payment of tuitionr room and board. “In this day and agef ‘helicopter’ parents who hover over theirhildren and try to take care of their every need, employers like to see students whoan take care of themselves,” said Hochman.
Te Career Services Center UC429,425.422.621, usfca.edu/career tudet Employment: Lone Mountain One-top, 415.422.2020.
Monica Talag is working at the Phelan Hall “Inn” front desk this summer. Talag is one of many students who find jobs on campus every semester. issummer job is especially sweet because it comes with a free room in the resi-dence hall, “you get to learn a lot about school and your peers, and you getto meet a lot of people,” she said. Talag is no stranger to working on campus;she has held positions as a chemistry stock clerk and this fall she will be aresident advisor in Lone Mountain Hall. As an RA, Talag’s responsibili-ties will include helping to build a strong hall community as well as helpingresidents adjust to the academic life here at USF. She will also be involvedin move-in and move-out day procedures and other administrative duties. Talag is a senior philosophy major.
an Francisco FoghornSUMMER, 2007
Online Editor 
raigslist http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc 
raigslist is basically a super classifiedsage. It lists things for sale, apartments,obs, and even ersonals. Before goingto the store, checkout Craigslist! eneighborhoods that border USF areInner Richmond to the North West, Western Addition to the East, and USF/Panhandle to the South. Always conductealings in person and in a populatedrea, in front of Memorial gym is a greatlace to meet.
SF Gate ttp://www.sfgate.com
 e San Francisco Chronicle’s offi cial website lists almost everything happeningn the city. It is a great place to find aboutlocal news, events and dining.
511.org ttp://transit.511.org 
11.org is a must have for every bus passtoting student. Use the TakeTransit TripPlanner to enter your starting and endingddress’ to find directions using the bus.Have to make it to an appointment ontime? No problem, simply enter in thetime you want to arrive!
 Want to go somewhere fun? Want to wait endlesley for the bus in the fog andthe wind? If you answered these questions yes, no, then you understand why it didnot take too long for a city with arguably the highest concentration of computereeks anywhere to come up with Nestbus.om, a website that uses GPS to track the location f the uses. Enter your busline and nearest stop and the website willompute how long it wll take for the nextus to arrive.
 Want to eat out? Check out the reviewsn Yelp, almost every restaurant in SanFrancisco is listed! e beauty of thisining guide is thatthe restaurants arerated by thousands of “everyday dinersnd not food critics.
If you are a teen online, you probably lready have a Facebook account, but if  you do not you will probably want one. e majority of USF uses Facebook (evenome professors) to keep in touch withfriends, plan events and share photos. It islso a great place to find classmate contactnformation in case you need help onomework. It is the MySpace for collegetudents.
Foghorn Online 
Forgot to pickup this week’s edition of theFoghorn? Don’t worry, Foghorn Onlineas got you covered!
DonsCentral http://donscentral.com
Read up on the USF athletic gossip. From what players are being recruited, to whoot benched, to what happened at lastnights game, the USF alumni run this website and havecreated a popular forumfor well mannered discussions about allthings Dons.
Websites to Know!
 Alumnus, Former Editor In Chief  
tudying abroad can be a great xperience to add to your over-ll undergraduate education andfor many it becomes a life changing ex-perience. Picking when and where in the world you want to stay can be an excit-ing process. However, going abroad in- volves more than just picking where you want to study and then flying to yourdestination; there are a lot of logisti-cal steps involved in studying abroad. Ittakes nearly a year worth of planning toplan a successful semester, or year abroad. e first step is filling out a form of in-terest in the Study Abroad offi ce locatedon the fourth floor of the University Cen-ter. By filling out this form, the offi ce canlearn what countries interest you and whatlanguage(s) you can speak and at whatlevel of proficiency. e next step is find-ing study abroad programs whose creditsare transferable and can be used towardsreceiving your degree at USF. Sometimesfinding a program where this is possible will determine where you study abroad. e university offers a number of internalprograms in such cities as Rome, Barcelo-na, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and many more.If none of the locations that the university has to offer interest you, the study abroadoffi ce has an entire wall dedicated to ex-ternal programs. Once you have pickedout a destination, all paper work for yourapplication has to be sent to the study abroad offi ce by a certain date depend-ing on when you plan to travel. For springsemester departures, all paperwork needsto be in by October 1. For fall semesterand academic year departures the date isMarch 1 and for summer sessions March15. Once you have been accepted, the nextstep is to apply for a visa and a passport.If you already have a passport, makesure that it is still valid. New passport lawshave made applying for or reapplying fora passport a lengthy process. Even thoughthere is the option to expedite your pass-port process, it can still take several weeks.Getting a visa is also a long process thatcan take several weeks to complete andcan not be done without a current pass-port. is process involves going to yourhost country’s consulate and applying fora student visa. Some of the paperwork needed for this process is proof of finan-cial stability, proof of admission from yourschool abroad, proof of health insuranceand so forth. Your visa will come attachedto your passport and will be sent to what- ver address is listed on your paperwork. While waiting for all of your paper- work to process, a good thing to do is toread up on the culture and customs of  your host country. Although the only way to really know a culture is to experience itfirst hand, learning about it before youreparture can give you a sense of what your host country will be like and lessenthe culture shock that will be felt initially.nce you have attained the properpaperwork and have made all of yourtravel arrangements, get ready for onef the best experiences of your life.
USF senior, Corinna Halloran, poses for a photograph in front of the Twelve Apostles,natural rock formation in Victora, Australia e Apostles were formed as the oceanroded the soft limestone clifts around them Halloran traveled to Victora as part of an xcursion during her semester abroad in Austraila She also ventured to Tasmania, ansland directly south of the continent from which the Tasmanian Devel gets its name Halloran will return to USF in the fall and resume her position as Editor of Photogra-hy for the Foghorn

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