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NorWester - Spring 2008

NorWester - Spring 2008

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NorWester is a publication for alumni and friends of Northwestern Michigan College.
NorWester is a publication for alumni and friends of Northwestern Michigan College.

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Published by: Northwestern Michigan College on Dec 04, 2012
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InsuranceCertifcates............ 3
 AlumniUpdates...................... 4
 WinascholarshipatBBQ....... 5
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 APublicationor Alumni&FriendsoNorthwesternMichiganCollegeSpring2008
 Audiences in downtown raverse City’srestored State Teatre can see stars bothon the screen and overhead, thanks to theeorts o NMC instructor and astronomer Jerry Dobek.In advance o the theater’s grand re-open-ing by the raverse City Film Festival lastNovember, Dobek dedicated hundredso hours to designing and installing a 60-by-60 oot starry night sky in theState’s ceiling. More than 2,000 ber optic“stars” replicate the northern Michigan sky in mid-August.Completed in only two weeks, the project was “an adventure and a chore,” Dobek said. He’s still tweaking, adjusting theluminosity o various stars to mimic theirreal level o brightness in the sky. Sometwinkle and certain constellations, like theBig and Little Dipper, stand out. Dobek, who also runs NMC’s Rogers Observatory,plans to create a sky guide, available in thelobby, so patrons can navigate the ceiling.Starry theater skies are not a new idea, butthe State’s is believed to be the rst truedepiction. Dobek, a 1998 NMC alumnusas well as a 10-year veteran o the aculty,hopes to eventually use it as a stationary planetarium, bringing in school groupsduring the theater’s o hours.NMC’s connections to raverse City’snewest hot spot continue in the lobby. Artist Glenn Wol, a 1973 alumnus,painted two murals there, depicting thetheater’s two previous opening nights: asthe Lyric in 1916 and the State in 1949.
See p. 4 for photo and further details.
Starry nights are in the State Theatre’s orecast thanks to NMC alumnus and instructor Jerry Dobek.New lightpaintings exhibit at theDennos Museum Center. See page 6.
The NorWester is published by theNMC Ofce o Institutional Advancement.Alumni news and updates may be submit-ted online at www.nmc.edu/alumni or bye-mailing alumni@nmc.eduFor correspondence and address updates:1701 E. Front StreetTraverse City, MI 49686(231) 995-1021 (877) 922-1021Editor: Paul HeatonWriter: Cari NogaNMC Board o Trustees:Walter J. Hooper, ChairK. Ross Childs, Vice-ChairRobert T. Brick, SecretaryWilliam D. Myers, TreasurerDouglas S. BishopCheryl Gore FolletteElaine C. WoodNMC PresidentTimothy J. Nelson
Timothy J. Nelson
Despite Michigan’s economic doldrums – and the ensuing impact on unding or community colleges – NMC has beendiligently weathering the storm.NMC will receive $8.8 million rom the state this year – basi-cally the same amount we received
eight years ago
. Yet NMChas expanded its services and programs while keeping tuitionand ee increases modest. Our 3.2 percent tuition increase lastyear was ourth lowest in Michigan, and ar below that o mostour-year schools.During those same eight years the number o people we servedincreased dramatically, yet our cost per student remained aboutthe same. Tat’s a signicant increase in productivity.Our average class size also remains impressive – 20 students.Our NMC Foundation is a national leader in unds raised. Gits to the NMCFoundation each year allow us to award more scholarship dollars to more studentsthan any other community college in Michigan.
See p. 3 for more on the Foundation’s scholarship giving.
Tese are remarkable accomplishments, especially considering the bleak state unding picture. NMC’s aculty and sta work diligently to be good stewards o the tax dollars we receive and the tuition and ees we charge. Also impressive are the results o a new independent survey about community at-titudes and awareness o NMC. Findings rom the random phone surveys conductedthroughout our six-county service area by EPIC-MRA o Lansing include:Overall academic reputation: 93% positive rating Value o an NMC education: 95% positive• Overall reputation: 96% positiveTank you or this incredible vote o condence. Know, however, that NMC alwayslooks or new ways to improve and to meet the learning needs o the communities weserve. As always, your dedication and participation help make this success possible.
GitstotheNMCFoundationeach yearallowustoawardmorescholarshipdollarstomorestudentsthananyothercom-munitycollegeinMichigan.
From the President
Graduates o the class o 1973 accept their diplomas at commencement ceremonies held under thepines on NMC’s campus 35 years ago. This year NMC graduated some 450 students. Ceremonieswere held at Traverse City Central High School May 3.
Thisyear,NMC’s AnnualCampaignraised$330,000–itslargestgoalever–andattracted70newdonors.
Tanks to hundreds o generousdonors, the NMC Foundation is proudto award more scholarship dollars tomore students than any community college in Michigan.In the 2008-09 school year, the Foun-dation will achieve several momentousmilestones:Awarding $1 million in scholarshipdollars to students in all 60 NMCprogram areas.Awarding the rst scholarships romthe Margaret Furney estate. A retiredteacher who believed wholeheartedly in the value o higher education, Mrs.Furney passed away in 2007, leaving NMC a $1.1 million estate to be usedor scholarships or single parents.Awarding a two-year ull tuition schol-arship in celebration o the 500,000thguest at the NMC Barbecue May 18.Te benet picnic will mark its 53rdyear this year.
Call (231) 995-1020  for tickets.
Scholarship giving draws donors rom all walks o lie. NMC scholarships comerom the amous – singer Gordon Light-oot established scholarships or GreatLakes Maritime cadets back in 1976– to the not-so-amous, including many memorial scholarships honoring ormerNMC instructors andstudents.
See p. 5 for twoof the newest.
 A major source o schol-arship unding is NMC’s Annual Campaign, whichthis year reached its larg-est goal ever – $330,000– and attracted morethan 70 new donors. Another dedicatedsource is the annual NMC ScholarshipOpen, this year scheduled or August 7 atCrystal Mountain. Sponsors and playersare needed or this annual event, whichraised more than $76,000 or scholar-ships last year.
Call (231) 995-1021 for more information.
Grateul recipients o NMC scholarships lenda hand at the 2007 NMC Scholarship Open,which raised more than $76,000. Sponsors andplayers are wanted or this year’s tournament –call (231) 995-1021.
 Whatever the origin, however, all scholar-ships mean the same thing to the grateulstudent recipients: A chance to ocuson their uture.“For many, scholar-ships may be therst expression thatsomeone believesin their potential,”said Chris Studenka,NMC’s Director o Development. For others, scholarshipseliminate the need or part-time jobs,allowing them to concentrate exclusively on their studies.
To fnd out more about giving to the NMCFoundation, whether through scholarships,a planned git, gol tournament participationor annual und contributions, contact theOfce o Institutional Advancement at(231) 995-1021.
In response to requests rom area employers, NMC will add a programin insurance studies this all.Te new business program will oerthree certicates, with a concentrationin each o these areas:• Personal Insurance• Lie and Health Insurance• Commercial Insurance“Careers in the insurance industry oercompetitive entry-level positions that willreward people who aspire to positions with almost unlimited earning potential,said Mark Priskorn o the Fawcett Dopke Agency, adding that the industry hashad a shortage o high quality youngeremployees in recent years.Te three certicates are designed tobuild on one another. Te program alsois designed as an area o concentrationor students seeking an Associate’s Degreein Business Administration.Several area insurance agencies worked with business aculty member Mary AnnLinsell to develop the curriculum. Tey also have committed more than $4,500in scholarships to assist students entering the program.
For details, visit www.nmc.edu/businessor call (231) 995-1169.
 NMC’s Extended Education division isnow registering kids 4-17 summer classeson topics including art,music, dance, science,technology and outdoor adventures.Schedules are online atwww.nmc.edu/ees or call (231) 995-1700.Meanwhile, “Learnor Lie” noncreditadult summer classes beginJune 9. Print andonline scheduleswill be availableMay 22.

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