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Transmissions IV

Transmissions IV

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Published by Elizabeth Rose

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Published by: Elizabeth Rose on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ascension Transmissions IV 
Mastering Regeneration 
The Earth Mother and Tao through Karen Danrich “Mila” Abundance by Judith Anya Roderick  
 Ascension is a biological as well as energetic feat The biology must become increasingly Crystalline in genetic structure The larger the energy field grows And the faster the field rotates It is the crystalline structure That leads to an ageless and disease-free form That can ascend to the next dimension With Earth May all our future ancestors become crystalline Let us make it so, Ho! Namaste  Mila 
 Ascension Transmissions IV is published by ASCEND PRESS
3-2600 Kaumualii Hwy., #B18-340, Lihue, HI 96766 USA
www.ascendpress.orge-mail staff@ascendpress.org
Copyright 2002-2003 All Rights Reserved
The information in the Ascension Transmissions IV section focused upon therelease of disease and warfare karma. Disease is only the inversion of war thatbecomes an internal problem to the cellular structure. In order to fully transcendwarfare and abuse in one’s ancestral karmic inheritance, one must alsotranscend the karma for disease.Disease and harm is not a topic of interest to many in the current humanparadigm, nor is it an easy focus. Disease is about inward abusiveness, which isthe result of self-hatred. Hatred leads to the expressions of warfare in all theknown forms, from the abusiveness of a parent towards the child, to theabusiveness of a child towards other children or adults; to the abuse betweenmen and women; to the abuse of governments upon the people through slaveryand torture in all of its myriad of expressions. Disease is a internalized form of hatred in which cells mutilate and destroy other cells. As humans transcenddisease upon a biological level, they shall also transcend the need to war or harm in any manner personally or collectively, as hatred shall be left behind as abehavioral pattern. Ascension requires looking at the dark side of oneself and one’s ownunconscious dance. The focus upon disease in the year of 2002-2003 causedthose affiliated with The Spiritual School of Ascension to focus upon unconsciousdarkness. Such darkness is not only a personal expression but also a collectiveexpression. As a result of the information revealed in this focus, not only are thekarmic keys to disease recovered, but earth also has a better handle upon howto manage the human dream leading to a new day of unity and honor through thegenerational ascent of mankind.We therefore dedicate this information to the incoming ascending children whoshall be disease free and harmless in nature; may they lead humanity to a newday of unity and unconditional love. A special thanks to Judith Anya Roderick for the art that graces this book alongwith our web site. Judith has a natural capacity to capture and paint the essenceof the Language of Light along with nature.Namaste,Mila and Oa 

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