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88476326 the Vast Attitude of Bodhicitta Dzongsar Khyentse

88476326 the Vast Attitude of Bodhicitta Dzongsar Khyentse

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Published by Shenphen Ozer

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Published by: Shenphen Ozer on Dec 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2 - Gentle Voice
As I must have told you a hundred million times if youare practising ngöndro,
The Words of My Perfect Teacher 
is the best accompanying text. Though I have read thisbook so many times, I still find there are many things init to read. And it’s very easy to understand. That’s howPatrul Rinpoche taught. He actually tried to write thingsin a very simple language. He used common examplesrelating to Tibetan culture such as nomads. And though,at times, some of the examples can be quite obscure forsome of us, still, I haven’t seen a book that’s as far-sighted as this one. It really deals with everything, andremains really up to date. And the part where he is sortof ruthlessly sarcastic about teachers is something very,very timely.
This book alone should be like a guardian of VajrayanaBuddhism. It exemplifies how to read a master, how to judge a master and how to judge a practitioner. Of course,every page is very important and, although you can’treally leave anything out, in our minds we tend to dividelike that. We think, ‘This or that is more important.’ Sosome of the more important and crucial instructions I willextract.To use the analogy of bushland, many of us are not goodat having a really long walk in the bush. Then again, Ithink there are some who, even without being familiarwith a particular bushland, know how to sort of getaround. It is like being an alchemist and having a certainmethod that can turn iron into gold. It could be a verysimple method, like that of a practised mechanic, forinstance. Let’s say you have a problem with your car andyou try to fix it in all kinds of ways. But then along comesthis really experienced mechanic who has this certainsomething that acts as a catalyst; perhaps with just onewire they can fix your car and everything is alright.Anyway, Patrul Rinpoche talks about two attitudes. It is just incredible the way he presents things. It’s so simpleand so kind of ordinary that it almost gets lost in themidst of these pages. But he has written about thiscatalyst, the vast attitude of bodhicitta and the vast skilfulmeans, the attitude of the secret Mantrayana.The vast attitude of bodhicitta is something heemphasises right from the beginning. Generally, whenwe look at the situation, we think that uprootingignorance - getting rid of this attachment to the self, of 
   P   h  o   t  o   J  e  r  r  y   E  p  p  s
Puja at Vajradhara Gonpa, March 2003

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