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Pasuram 12 of Andal's Thiruppavai

Pasuram 12 of Andal's Thiruppavai

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Published by vlaxmanan
The English and Tamil texts of Pasuram 12 of Andal's Thiruppavai is provided here, with a brief English translation, with reference to the works of SriVaishNavite scholars.
The English and Tamil texts of Pasuram 12 of Andal's Thiruppavai is provided here, with a brief English translation, with reference to the works of SriVaishNavite scholars.

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Published by: vlaxmanan on Dec 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pasuram 12
of Andal’s Thiruppavai
http://www.scribd.com/doc/76214700/Andal-s-Thiruppavai-in-easy-to-read-Tamil-text-and-English The full text of all 30 Pasurams may be found here.Also, a scholarly discussion can be found at the link given below.
of Andal’s
Thiruppavai. For those who wish to read the text in other languages, please go tohttp://www.prapatti.com Andal is considered to be Sr
idevi’s amsaavataaram. She was born at Srivilliputoor (close to Kanchipuram, also the city where Indira Gandhi’s son and Indian Prime
Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated), as the daughter of PeriyAzhwar. She isalso the only female among the 12 SriVaishNavite Azhwars. She longed for unionwith Her Lord and insisted that she should be taken to Srirangam where sheeventually merged with Lord Ranganatha. You can read more about Andal at thelink given above (or click here). The immortal Thiruppavai, attributed to Her, is a divine composition, filled with deep esoteric meanings, on which manycommentaries have been written over the centuries.The first five pasurams cover the following. In the first pasuram, ANDAL invitesHer friends for the Vratham observance (Sakhi JanAn aahvayanthi). In the secondpaasuram, She spells out the rites to be observed and the deeds to be abandoned(Karma Phalam upadisanthi). In the third Paasuram, She describes the fruits of theVratham (Vrathasya Phalam Vadanthi). The aacaaryas who have blessed us areconsidered to be like the milk giving cows with overflowing udders. In the fourthPaasuram, Andal is directing her prayers to Varuna (actually to KrishNa who hadthe complexion darker than the darkest rain bearing clouds), the god of the rains,and comparing the bounty bestowing by aacaryas to the bounteous rains showeredby Varuna. In Pasuram 5 Andal tells us that He would completely burn off all of our accumulated sins much like a fire burns pieces of straw thrown into it.
In Pasurams 6 to 15, Andal is trying to wake up 10 different types of bhaktas. Theseventh of these bhaktas is described in Pasuram 12.
Simple Word for Word meanings
kanaiththu iLam kaRRu erumai kanRukku irangicalling out, young crying buffaloes, for the calves showing motherlyaffectionninaiththu mulai vazhiyE ninRu paal cOrathinking (of those calves)(their) breasts-through them-standing milk flows.nanaithth illam cER aakkum naR celvan thangaay Wet (now the) house swampy has become. (Oh you) good prosperous cowherdsister (of Lord Krishna's friend)!pani ththalai vIzha nin vaacaR kadai paRRicmist (on our) heads (is) falling (and we)your outside entrance (are)holdingon to.cinath thinaal thenn ilangaik kOmaanaic ceRRa because of anger Southern Lanka's ruler (was) destroyed (by the Lord)manath thukku iniyaanaip paadavum nI vaay thiRavaay For the mind sweet thoughts we are singing. You mouth(are)not openingini ththaan ezhundhiraay eedh enna pEr uRakkam Now at least wake up . What is this big sleep ?naithth illath aarum maRindhu Other house people none (of them have) forgotten ? (They are awake)El Or empaavaay Come (Let us do) (the penance of) paavai nOmbu
Pasuram 12, Andal’s friend, who is still asleep and being woken up, is called
Nar-chelvam thangaai (3
line), the sister of one who is possessed by great(spiritual) wealth. He is busy with other duties (serving the Lord) and has notattended to the daily duty of milking the numerous she-buffalos that the familyowns. Their udders are overflowing and they are yearning for their calves to suck them. The milk is streaming out and has made a messy puddle in front of thehouse. Hence, her friends cannot enter into the house to wake her up. They arestanding out in the cold, holding the gates to the house, with dew (of the coldMargazhi month) falling over their heads and making them wet. Their feet are wetas well by stepping into the muddy milk puddle. They are singing the glories of theLord by invoking the names of Rama, who killed Ravana, the ruler of the kingdomof Lanka to the south. Still, this friend refuses to get up, open the door, and join
them. Why this deep slumber still? Isn’t it time to get up and join your friends?

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