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Kingdom Death: Monster Notes

Kingdom Death: Monster Notes

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Published by Victor Garrison

Compilation of notes from various public internet sources related to the rules and lore of the Kingdom Death game world.

Compilation of notes from various public internet sources related to the rules and lore of the Kingdom Death game world.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Victor Garrison on Dec 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Kingdom Death: Monster
 A Collection of Designer Notes
The following information was originally culled from forums and the Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter pages byaredman and Götz Kirchhauser and originally edited by Ashan. Further notes were compiled with final organizing and editing by Victor Garrison. This is a fan document and is not intended to be perceived as an official Kingdom Death release.
Part I: Kingdom Death: Monster Game Play Comments and Notes
Game Play
The design "vision" if you will, is that in a single game session you will have 1 hunt phase ,1showdown phase ( fight ) & 1 settlement phase. Spanning about 30-90 mins depending on whathappens and how long your gaming group takes. We personally game for extended periods of time andusually do 1-3 sessions in total. It's a campaign so your looking at a minimum of around 15-20 sessionsin total to take down the boss, but there are a lot of built in variables that can greatly extend or shortenthis overall estimate.There are no dungeons, with doors and rooms in the traditional sense. There is a bit of randomexploring while you "hunt" a target, but that is done with dice rolls and a table based on the creatureyou are currently hunting. The board is pretty much an arena, with some exceptions on how differentmonsters interact with it. Some will fly, drag players around, hide, etc.Currently yes, you will only be fighting one monster at a time. There may in the future be monsterswhich have several parts or characters, but for now I am focusing on the core "boss" concept.The settlement/civ part of the game is basically the "shop & manage" phase. The board is not neededand instead you use information tiles and innovation cards that express what you can do, build, visitetc. If you are familiar with warhammer quest, imagine the settlement phase with modular locationsand a bit more depth connecting everything.I've had many backers request that the locations be made into tiles or little physical houses and while Imust admit I am totally charmed by this idea I don't want to complicate the civ part of the game andrequire building positions etc, etc. Not crazy about tokens or token tracks. They are the kinda thing where once you have loads of em, youforget to move them or worse yet lose the token and up using scrap paper or a dice anyway. To keepthings simple, the game does not have any derived stats and everything is basically gear based.The "settlement" consists of several 4"x8" heavy cards (might make them tiles), each representing alocation. You begin with just 3. The card itself has all the rules of what you can do at the location, whatstuff you can craft or what special rules happen when a survivor interacts with it. Generally speaking,
you can craft freely from any location, but only participate in a single endeavor (a locations special property) once a settlement phase. This really helps streamline things.Exactly how you use the armor kits is up to you as a hobbyist. I looked into plastic snap options anddetermined it would end up being more restrictive and also greatly limit the design of each part. I provide the parts, you decide how best to utilize them. All of the models in the game box are needed to play, any doubling up or extra sets are purely bonus figures.There will be a story section with important events that can trigger during the game play. These willlead you to the ultimate goal of confronting the Watcher, the last boss monster of the campaign. Thegame can still continue past this point if you wish to "get every upgrade / little detail possible" but itmakes for a good natural ending. The game can also be played without the story events in a… lets justsee what happens sort of way.
Win Conditions
You lose if all your survivors die. You 'win' if at least one of your survivors lives past the last bosswhich at this point can either be The Watcher or the Dragon King. But as has been stated previously,getting up to and defeating the last boss isn't going to be a cakewalk. It will take prepping your survivors correctly, a well upgraded settlement and some luck before you'll have a chance, however small it may be.The whole idea is the concept of humans 'surviving' to struggle to make an existence in a nightmarishworld dominated by monsters that would have no qualms about eating them or using them as foot rests.
While a survivor can live thru multiple game sessions and rack up certain bonuses(for example crazy blind john, who is really great at fighting lions!), they are not as important as making sure your entiresettlement endures from generation from generation.90% of the stats / abilities come from gear which can be taken from fallen survivors and passed thrugenerations. Having a clean slate survivor is often great, because he won't be missing any limbs or haveany disorders!Actually... you do get +1 survival point for naming a survivor! Survival points let you dodge an attack that might have killed you, let you activate a piece of gear a second time and sometimes are used for special maneuvers. Names are also a great way to get attached to survivors before they die!
The Gear System
The Gear System is a 3x3 grid, and the gear cards are square. Essentially granting you 9 slots to be ascreative as you like with. Wanna be a crazy naked guy covered in monster grease, lucky charms andtrinkets? You got it. Wanna be a armored powerhouse relying just on your favorite weapon? Done. Thatis of course provided you craft the gear required for your builds. I designed the system to rewardexperimentation and to be organic. In some cases what people might consider "low level gear" fromeasier to kill monsters might be more viable then "high level" gear from harder monsters. I personallydo not like games that have a smooth and easy level advancement to follow. With an organic system,you might feel on top of the world one game and the next get your teeth knocked out. It also fits theoverall theme of the game more than a strict level up system that scales along with you.
Gear cards can be combined for a different use. The cloth gear card and the sharp stone gear card(Those two seem to be every survivors starting equipment) can be combined into a crude sling - so youactually have a ranged weapon at your disposal right from the beginning. Each survivor can equip up to nine gear cards, arranged in a 3x3 grid. Some cards have colored areas(tabs?) on one or more sides. If adjacent cards have the same colour on the corresponding edge, aconditional benefit would be granted. For example, a monster tooth necklace would grant +1 strength if its red tab was completed, and the lucky charm would grant +1 luck if its blue tab was completed.However, depending on what gear you have, you will have to arrange the grid to maximize benefits,optimizing your gear for that particular encounter.You can have as many "weapon" type gear cards as you can fit in your 9 slots. Normally you can onlyactivate one piece of gear per turn. But there are many ways to gain more gear activation's. By defaultyou can spend a survival point and take an extra move or gear activation. There is also a piece of gear that when activated, allows you to activate weapon type gear that is on its left and right side. So for asingle gear activation, you can attack with two weapons! This is a powerful combo tho, and basicallytakes up 3 slots of your total 9 slots in a horizontal line. The game design naturally limits how many powerful combos you can fit into your gear load out. So its sort of like a puzzle.When an area of the body is struck, the gear on that part of the body is not destroyed. It's assumed youlater auto repair it at the settlement, as anything else is too much annoying book keeping that does notreally add much immersion. There are of course exceptions to this general rule, but they are rare.Gear is also not limited to just weapons. A Fecal Salve can be applied to make yourself not a threat, awhisper harp can be strummed to remove a mood card and a Rawhide Drum can be beat to negatedamage from intimidation attacks like roars or stare downs.

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Uhlume added this note
Awesome source of background lore and information until we can get our hands on the actual game. :) Thanks for compiling all the information.
Victor Garrison added this note
This will be updated very soon and will include more information, artwork and new organization of some material.
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