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Published by Jim Hixson

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Published by: Jim Hixson on Jan 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VETS IN CRISIS HOTLINE1.800.273.8255John Katherman309.799.7995johndar2@mchsi.comVice President-Terry Lynchbarb.terry.lynch@gmail.comSecretary-Ron Roman563.359.3234ronzor01@Live.comTreasrer-Terry Kramer309.799.7763kramertn@sbcglobal.netMembership - Larry Tschappat309.788.2729let289@hotmail.com
Vran Srv Ofrs (VSO)
Al “Btch” Hber-VSO309.721.1453Steve Lowther-VSO309.737.2954
VVA Naonal Ofs
800.882.1316VA Otpatient Clinic Bettendorf563.332.8528VA Med Cent IA City319.338.0581 & 800.346.1843IL Dept of Veterans AffairsVSO Dan Bebber309.793.1460RI Cty Vet Ast & VSOTodd Harlow309.558.3546VET Cent - Fred Wyemoth309.762.6954IL Vet Employ RepsKen Lilly & John Tolle309.764.8731IA Vet Affairs & VSODavid Woods563.326.8723Honor Gard Co-CaptainsDennis Laird - Fnerals309.278.3452Andy Anderson - ParadesC: 563.940.5980C. Norris & J. KerrIA Workforce Vet Reps,563.445.3200
A ChristmAs messAge FromYour President
As most of us spent approximatelytwo-three years away from homeduring our time in the military, weall experienced missing our familyat some Holiday. Christmas 1969was no different for me.I arrived in Vietnam on February20th and was assigned to aninfantry company of the FirstCavalry Division. We spent almostall of our time deployed from oneLZ or another, always looking for“Charlie”. I was forced to spendEaster in the bush, and even missedFr. Moretti’s service because mysquad was on perimeter guard.Later, in the Fall, I was lucky enoughto be assigned to a “rear job” withBattalion S-2 at a new FSB locatednear a district capitol where theirwere lots of refugees, includingMontagnards and Vietnamesefarmers, who had all been broughtto live there temporarily. Asassistant S-2 NCO, someone figuredI would be of some service when,each week, we sent out a teamto set up a medical clinic for therefugees. I guess I was supposed togather intelligence!One week in late December, weset up our clinic at the refugeeschool. Besides the fact that wewere actually helping the childrenmedically, they really liked tointeract with us. Kids are kids, nomatter where they are, and theywere no different. Besides treatingtheir health issues, and throwing aball with them, we also gave themsome gifts. We always took c-rationitems including soap, shampoo,whatever else we could find, andof course, candy. I’m not sure if those Vietnamese kids had seenAmerican candy before, but it waslike we had given them the World!Their teachers told them not to eattoo much at once or they would besick. They still beamed like it wasthe best present they had ever beengiven and I guess it made us feelpretty good too. It made me feel asif I had helped those Vietnamesekids experience Christmas, eventhough it was something notusually found in their culture.Merry Christmas to you all!John KathermanPresidentVietnam Veterans #299
MiNuteS ANd MOtiONS; PAge 2 •
• ARMY HeRO ANd NFL LegeNd; PAge 9
upcoming chapter 299 events • albracht receives third silver star • a message from barrie gibson
“We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.”George Orwell 
Volume 26 Issue 12 shoulder to shoulder2
Call to order by PresidentJohn Katherman withthe Pledge of Allegianceand a moment of silenceremembering our fallenand missing Brothers andSisters.Comments by President –Please keep Craig Morton inyour thoughts and prayers.
He’s baling Mulple
Myeloma.Present were: PresidentJohn Katherman, DennisLaird, Paul Eaves, LarryTschappat, Terry Kramer,Ron Roman, Terry Lynch,Ray Hamilton, JerryGoodwin, Jim Loveless, BobBrooks.
Commiee Reports
Membership – LarryTschappat reported 404members, 209 are Life.AVVA at 40 members, 12
are Life. If a vet is classied
as permanently hospitalized(even at home) they areeligible for a free VVAmembership. Contact Larryif you know of an individualwho may qualify.
Charies – Bob Brooks
received thank yous from
the Vets Home in Mauno,
IL and the The Café on Vine
for our parcipaon anddonaons. A request from
the Boys and Girls Clubs
was tabled unl claricaon
of whether we have alreadygiven to them this year.
Terry Kramer conrmedprevious donaon to Boys
and Girls Clubs in March,so they are not eligible for
addional funds this year.
Bob recommended cash
donaons of $400 each toChrisan Care Men’s Center
and Café on Vine to helptheir programs. We havegiven extra food to both
of these organizaons, butthey have not been ocialrecipients of cash donaons
in the past. Terry Kramer
conrmed also that wehad given a donaon toChrisan Care previouslythis year. No addionalfunds can be allocated unlnext year. Addionally, it
was recommended to give
$400 to Humility of Mary
for their Vets HomelessOutreach Program for
housing. Moons were
moved, seconded andapproved for both
donaons of $400 each to
Café on Vine and Humilityof Mary. “Frenchy” Eaves
brought up a donaon to
Toys for Tots, which wehave supported previously.They have contacted uspreviously. It appears wedid not receive a requestin 2012. “Frenchy” movedand was seconded and
approved for a donaonof $200 when we have
in hand a request. Jerry
Goodwin discussed a leerhe received requesngdonaons for phonecards for wounded acve
duty who are recoveringin Germany. Jerry willlook into this further andbring to the membership
Honor Guard – DennisLaird reported on 2 recentfunerals and severalupcoming events in Octoberand November, includingour Vets Day dance and
fesval of Trees Parade.Please see STS for specic
schedule of events.Vet2Vet – Paul “Frenchy”Eaves reported the last trip
to Iowa City VA unl spring
will be on 10/17. Visits overthe winter will be to localNursing/Assisted Livinghomes.Treasurer – Terry Kramerreported the monthly
nancial informaon. The
Report was accepted as
Old BusinessCooker – Ray Hamiltonreported on recent eventsand amounts collected.He reminded the Boardthat funds are expendedto prepare the meals andthe event checks trailfor income by a month
or so. Final accounng is
expected to return to theChapter a nice return on
our investment of me and
money. The group, withDan Carothers and JimParrish’s help, is workingon improvements to thesystem for next year,including: improvements tothe burner and regulatorsystem, to improve
consistent heang;
improvement to the storageand setup system, andother improvements. If you’d like to help out in thefuture, please contact Ray
Hamilton. He connues to
need names for volunteersfor next year.
VVA299 BoArd of dIrectors meetIng- 9 octoBer2012VVA299 memBershIp meetIng-16 octoBer 2012
“minutes” cont. on page 3
3Volume 26 Issue 12 shoulder to shoulder
Golf Oung – This year’soung was another greatsuccess for the commiee,which need over $10,000for their eorts. One of our
largest fund-raising events,these funds helps with the
charitable donaons the
Chapter makes throughoutthe year.Veterans Day Dance – The
table and dance oorconguraon has been
improved, to help eliminatecrowded areas.
Web Site – Ray iniated
discussion on e-mails he’s
received for informaon,as he is sll listed as
the President. It wasagreed that the websiteneeds to be kept morecurrent, with upcoming
event parcularly. John
will contact Joe Murphyregarding this issue.New Business
The State Council meeng
will be held at the Hilton in
Springeld, IL. on 15 Dec
2012.Larry brought up the useof e-mails for emergencyBoard decisions, discussion
and vong.
Terry Lynch discussedprogress working withDanny Witherspoon to
develop a yer for use
in local outreach to the
minority communies.50 baskets each will be
donated to needy vets andothers for Thanksgiving andChristmas.Ford Dealers will be
parcipang in a U-Drive-It program, donang $20
to charity for each drivertest-driving a new Ford on
a specic date.Meeng adjourned at 2025
Respecully submied,
Ron Roman, Secretary
Membership Meeng-16
October 2012
Meeng Called to Order by
President John Katherman.The Pledge of Allegiancewas recited followedby a moment of silenceremembering our fallenand missing Brothers and
Sisters. The invocaon wasgiven by Paul Lane. 25
Members were present.President’s Comments –John introduced memberBruce Petersen who
gave a slide presentaon
on cemeteries forveterans in the U.S. andoverseas. A quote from
the presentaon was
very memorable, giventhe upcoming annual
celebraon of VeteransDay: “Only two deningforces have ever oered to
die for you – Jesus Christ
and the American Soldier;
one died for your souland the other for yourfreedom.”Approval of Minutes –Jerry Goodwin movedthat the Minutes forthe 18 September 2012
Membership meeng beapproved. Moon was
seconded by Jim Kerr andapproved by members
present aer correcon
was made that DannyWeatherspoon, not GaryPark, was working withTerry Lynch on an outreach
membership yer.Commiee Reports
Membership – PresidentJohn reported for LarryTschappat, 404 members,209 Life and AVVA has 40members.Charity – Bob McSparin
reported the commieerecommended donang$400 for the Humility of 
Mary Shelter for Vets. Bob
Brooks moved, moon
seconded and approved.
The commiee alsorecommended donang$400 for Café on Vine. BobBrooks moved, moon was
seconded and approved.
The commiee alsorecommended donang$200 to the Orion VFW/Legion to help oset thecost of the recepon
following naming of Michael Leaf Road. BobBrooks moved, secondedby Jim Kerr and passed.Honor Guard – AndyAndersen reported onrecent and upcomingevents. Please refer to theissue of STS for a complete
lisng. Andy also reportedon $300 in donaons so far
this month.Vet2Vet – “Frenchy” Eavesreported the upcoming visitto the Iowa City VA hospitaltomorrow, 10/17. This isthe last out of town trip
unl spring, resuming trips
to Iowa City in April. Pleasesee the STS for upcomingscheduled local visits tonursing and assisted livinghomes.Treasurer’s Report –Terry Kramer reportedthe monthly income andexpenses. The report wasaccepted as presented.Old BusinessHog Roaster – Severalrecent events were held at
various Group O locaons.
The season is wrappingup and the cooker will bemothballed for the winter.
“minutes” cont. on page 4

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