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solar tracking system

solar tracking system

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in this max solar energy is observed
in this max solar energy is observed

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Published by: Satish Chowdary Jampani on Jan 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SOLAR TRACKING SYSTEMPage | 1Gandhiji institute of science and technology
Solar tracking system is to utilize the maximum power from the sun. Now a day we are inheavy need to use the solar power as in the coming days everything we use might depend on thiskind of systems.
Solar energy refers to the utilization of theradiant energyfrom theSun.Solar power is used interchangeably with solar energy, but refers more specifically to the conversion of sunlightintoelectricitybyphotovoltaic,concentrating solar thermal devices, or by an experimental technology such as asolar chimneyorsolar pond.Solar panels are Photovoltaic cells which gives voltage directly if you place them in sun light. Here if you change the position of panels thepower output will vary. Means, direct sunrays on solar panel can give good output otherwisethere might be decrease in the value of their outputs. So we have to track the path where themaximum power will attain.Solar panel devices are of two types that collect energy from the sun. One is solarphotovoltaic modules which use solar cells to convert light from the sun into electricity and the
other is solar thermal collector which converts the sun’s energy to heat water or another fluid
such as oil or antifreeze. In this project we are using the photovoltaic type.The solar panel givesthe voltage directly to the microcontroller through ADC. This solar panel should be fixed on thestepper motor shaft so that it can easily rotate 180 degrees. The microcontroller controls thestepper motor to rotate in desired direction. In order to attain maximum power output themicrocontroller accesses the solar panel direction continuously, which is on the shaft of steppermotor.If maximum output attains it waits for the solar panel to acquire energy from the sun andgives the output voltage to the microcontroller. If the output of the solar panel is going to reduce,it again starts checking for the maximum output path. This is a cyclic process.
SOLAR TRACKING SYSTEMPage | 2Gandhiji institute of science and technology
The main aim of our project is to make the panel to rotate according to the sun direction frommorning to evening automatically so that the panel grabs the solar energy to maximum extentpossible throughout the day. This method of power generation is simple and is taken from naturalresource. This need only maximum sunlight to generate power. This project helps for powergeneration by setting the equipment to get maximum sunlight automatically. This system is trackingfor maximum intensity of light. When there is decrease in intensity of light, this systemautomatically changes its direction to get maximum intensity of light.
The existing technology of the solor tracking system is solar parllel plat system.In thissystem solar plat is constant and parllel to the sun risess due to this reason the solar pannel is get amaximum energy when sunlight is parllel to the pannel.So using this system we cannot utilize themaximum redundency energy of the sunlight and solar pannal in effective manner.
SOLAR TRACKING SYSTEMPage | 3Gandhiji institute of science and technology
Fig. 2.1 Block diagram of solar tracking system

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