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“Give Drones a Medal” by Richard Clarke--A Reply.cwk (WP).pdf

“Give Drones a Medal” by Richard Clarke--A Reply.cwk (WP).pdf

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Published by Michael Drew Prior
A counter-argument To Richards Clarke's approval of the American use of drones.
A counter-argument To Richards Clarke's approval of the American use of drones.

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Published by: Michael Drew Prior on Jan 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Give Drones a Medal” by Richard Clarke---A ReplyMr. Clarke defends America
s use of dronesto blow people up by asserting that we areblowing up “terrorists” who should be blownup, in self-defense. He acknowledges thatother people are injured and killed,inadvertantly, in these drone strikes, butthen asserts that, relative to other means ofkilling terrorists (manned airplanes droppingbombs, cruise missles, commando raids),relatively fewer people are injured or killedby drone strikes--and no Americans arekilled. Therefore, we should Give Drones aMedal.How many non-terrorists have been killedby drone strikes is not known, andestimates are disputed. Several hundredpeople--at least. Any responsible andinformed person has to acknowledge this.Maybe over a thousand, or more. Thedeaths include those at a meeting ofrespected elders and those at a weddingparty. And scores of children. And mothers.
This man, our recent high governmentofficial, is promoting murder, calling it self-defense.How many American people refuse tonotice the clear fact that their nation, TheUnited States of America, has in the pastterrorized people on a massive scale---andthat it continues to do so today? ManyAmericans cringe at my even saying this,and think that I am an anti-American madman. Study the history, people, and removeyour self-righteous blinders!Examples of peoples the American Nationhas terrorized---American Indians.Mexicans. Philippinos. Cubans. Hawaiians.Greeks. Guatemalans. Iranians.Nicaraguans. Vietnamese. Cambodians.Laotians. Thais. Brazileans. Chilians. ElSalvadorans. Panamanians. Libyans. Iraqis.Afghanis. Pakistanis. Etc. Etc.Do Americans really want to reduceterrorism in the world? The best start---theonly start---for us is to stop terrorizingothers. Which we are doing on a massive

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