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Published by puneetdubey
Pepople management, selling, marketing, brands, brand management, leadership, Human Resource
Pepople management, selling, marketing, brands, brand management, leadership, Human Resource

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Published by: puneetdubey on Feb 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Choose the right people for the right roles
ByRos Jay
Pearson Education Ltd. 2000ISBN 0 273 64482 3150 pagesBusinessSummaries.com is a business book summaries service. Every week, itsends out to subscribers a 9- to 12-page summary of a best-selling businessbook chosen from among the hundreds of books printed out in the United States.For more information, please go tohttp://www.bizsum.com.
Build A Great Team Page 2
The Big Idea
The job of managing a team - from hiring, selecting, training, building, andkeeping enthusiasm up constantly – finally becomes a bit easier with thesehelpful guidelines. This book covers everything from basic motivating, to how tohandle people during a crisis. Straightforwardness, a firm resolve, and a hugedose of diplomacy are just some of the things a manager needs to lead and keepthe team working like a well-oiled machine. Even the most difficult situation –likesacking a team member is played out here, so you know exactly what you’resupposed to do. This is a real team how-to manual that is a quick and easy read!
Chapter One: The Team Functions
The 9 Team RolesThe PlantEvery team has a highly creative, intelligent Plant. This is your ideas person.They prefer to work independently, and are sometimes difficult to work withbecause they are inherently introverted. Putting too many Plants together may beunproductive because they will all try to compete against each other as to whohas the best idea. A Plant may not willingly take on the proposal of another Plant.The Resource InvestigatorYour resource investigator is the person who has all the right contacts needed fora project. They can build effectively on another person’s idea, and needsstimulus from other people. They love pressure and operate well in a crisis. Theyare relaxed and gregarious in nature.The CoordinatorBorn with a natural inclination to focus properly on the objectives of the team, thecoordinator knows how to communicate effectively. She may have a natural air ofauthority, and the team members have a genuine respect for her. Coordinatorsare usually more emotionally mature than the other team members, and are ableto extract the skills needed from different team members. Coordinators can easilyarticulate the collective viewpoint of the team, and while they may not be ascreative or intelligent as the others, they do have a strong sense of discipline andcontrol.The ShaperA highly-strung high-energy individual, the Shaper is always jumping into actionand easily sees the need for urgency. Coordinators may have to put a brake on
2001 - 2003 Copyright BusinessSummaries.com
Build A Great Team Page 3
them and see that Shapers don’t hurt others’ feelings in their impatience to getthings done.The Monitor EvaluatorThese are objective thinkers. They do not conclude without first studying thewhole document in detail, and tend to be unemotional and less enthusiastic.They can analyze large quantities of data and draw up a careful assessment ofthe material. They will go over it in a very thorough manner.The Team WorkerThis is your supportive, interpersonal diplomat who is usually good-natured andquite popular. They are great at promoting team spirit and know how to iron outconflict. They may be more of adapters than changers.The ImplementerThe person who does the core work of the team. They break down general plansinto smaller, manageable tasks. They are uncomfortable with sudden change,prefer order, and are best at drawing up timetables, budgets, and charts. Theyare cooperative about fine-tuning their system proposals.The CompleterThey are very meticulous and double-check everything. They make greatproofreaders. They cannot tolerate carelessness in others. They never miss adeadline, and tend to have a hard time delegating tasks because they want tomake sure things are done right.The SpecialistThey are highly professional and show little interest in other people’s work. Theyare experts in a small field and have dedication to their area of knowledge. Theyhave in-depth understanding of the subject.For the right mix, you need a senior person to perform as Coordinator, onestrong Plant, a few other intelligent people but not as clever as the Plant ofcourse, and some glue from the Team Workers, Completers, and Implementers.One person may fit into two or three of these roles, so you can have all nine rolesin a team of only three or four people.If you have too many Plants, separate them into different teams.External matters: Coordinator, Plant, Resource Investigator, Shaper
2001 - 2003 Copyright BusinessSummaries.com

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