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Hacking Diaspora to Mass Effect - N7 Operations 1 - Weapons

Hacking Diaspora to Mass Effect - N7 Operations 1 - Weapons

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Published by Reaganstorme
The weapons of Mass Effect for the Diaspora Roleplaying Game laid out in the style of CCG handouts.
The weapons of Mass Effect for the Diaspora Roleplaying Game laid out in the style of CCG handouts.

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Published by: Reaganstorme on Jan 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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N7 OperationsPart 1: Weapons
 Weapons from Mass Effect 3multiplayer converted for use withthe Diaspora Role Playing Game.
By M. Gooding(Reaganstorme)
Admiral Steven Hackett
 Confidentiality Classification:
N7 Forces Only
Soldiers of the Milky Way
 Our efforts to continue the fight on the front lines of the galaxy-wide war against the Reapers, as well as the co-opted Cerberusand Geth forces, continue to be hampered as supply linesacross the galaxy are disrupted at every turn.To combat this we have brought together a crack team of operatives to get the weaponry you need out of the fabricationfacilities and into your hands. Attached to this broadcast arethe particulars of the new weapon stocks coming your way.Whilst you will be familiar with many of the items, such as the
M-8 Avenger 
assault rifle and
M-3 Predator 
heavy pistol, wehave managed to locate and recover some rare weapons,including caches of Geth weapons, Cerberus specials, and evensome Prothean technology.May you put these weapons to good use against the Reapersand those who fight for them.
Admiral Hackett
Rarity Page
M-8 Avenger C 3M-15 Vindicator U 3M-96 Mattock U 3Phaeston U 4Collector Assault Rifle R 4Geth Pulse Rifle R 4M-37 Falcon R 4M-76 Revenant R 5Striker Assault Rifle R 5Cerberus Harrier 7 5M-99 Saber 7 5N7 Typhoon 7 6Particle Rifle 7 6
M-3 Predator C 6M-5 Phalanx U 7 Acolyte R 7 Arc Pistol R 7M-6 Carnifex R 7M-358 Talon 7 8M-77 Paladin 7 8N7 Eagle 7 8Scorpion 7 8
M-23 Katana C 9M-22 Eviscerator U 9M-27 Scimitar U 9Disciple R 10Geth Plasma Shotgun R 10Graal Spike Thrower R 10M-300 Claymore R 10N7 Piranha R 11Reegar Carbine R 11M-11 Wraith 7 11N7 Crusader 7 11
M-4 Shuriken C 12M-12 Locust U 12
Rarity Page
M-9 Tempest U 12Blood Pack Punisher R 13Geth Plasma SMG R 13M-25 Hornet R 13N7 Hurricane 7 13
M-92 Mantis C 14M-13 Raptor U 14M-29 Incisor U 14M-97 Viper U 15Kishock Harpoon Gun R 15Krysae Sniper Rifle R 15M-98 Widow R 15Black Widow 7 16Javelin 7 16M-90 Indra 7 16N7 Valiant 7 16
Welcome to the latest instalment of material from theMass Effect universe converted for use with the FATE based Diaspora Role Playing Game.This is a companion document to the Hacking Diaspora to Mass Effect v2.0.2 game rules. Taking inspiration from the Mass Effect 3 co-operative multiplayer, I have createdthe following weapon cards as handouts for players to quickly reference, or to beused as randomised loot awarded by the GM.Whilst there are a few card creation websites out there, these particular ones werecreated with 
,and the card-back is a cropped version of Uglynoodles N7 iphone wallpaper .The pictures are sized at the standard collect-able card dimensions of 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, and simply need to be cut outwith their attached card-back, folded, and placed into a protective sleeve. Bestresults can be achieved by printing on a heavier, photo style paper to providestiffness.Keep an eye out for future release updates, as this document is intended to be thefirst of a few card based supplements inspired by the ME3 multiplayer.Matthew Gooding(Reaganstorme)September 2012
Some of the weapons have been created with new stunts not found in the coreHD2ME rules. Some have a variant
Thermal Clip 
Biotic Powercell 
respectively, that cost and function identically to the original. Other weapons have one of the new stunts detailed below.
High Recoil 
has also beenreworded slightly to expand the options available to characters. Lastly, there is anadditional option to account for weapon rarity across the Mass Effect galaxy.
High Capacity
Thermal Clip 
” cannot be compelled, but
can still be activated by stunts or mods.Incompatible with Single Shot ThermalClip stunt.Cost 1bp.
Single Shot Thermal Clip
Weapon has the aspect “
Single Shot Thermal Clip 
” which act
i-vates every round after firing, prevent-ing it from firing again until it clears atthe end of the players next turn.Cost -2bp.
High Recoil
Weapon can only be fired every other round unless the firer is prone, firingfrom cover, or is otherwise taking actionto support the weapon.Cost -1bp.
 Armour-Piercing Double Tap
Double the Penetration rating of theweapon at the cost of triggering its
unactivated “
Thermal Clip 
” a
spect.Cost 1bp.
Optional Rule - Rarity
Rarity lists the pervasiveness of theweapon and its relative availability inthe galactic weapons market.
weapons (C) providea +1 bonus on wealth checksmade to purchase the weapondue to their ubiquity.
weapons (U) do notprovide a bonus on wealthchecks to purchase, but arenone-the-less still relativelystraightforward to track down.
weapons (R) are difficultto come by and highly prized,giving a -1 penalty to purchasechecks.
weapons (7) alreadycost 5 to purchase as they arebuilt with 13bp (T4). Theseweapons are uniquely designedand difficult to obtain due to anadditional -1 penalty to checksto purchase them. They can,and should, have adventuresplanned around getting a holdof one of them.
 Assault rifles in Mass Effect are aclass of rapid firing ranged weapons,which also encompasses battle rifles,marksman rifles and light machineguns. Awkward at extreme close range andnot suited for long distance targets,assault rifles typically have a range of 1/3. Fully automatic rifles with a highrate of fire are represented with the
Dispersed Fire 

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