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IBM AS\400 Interview Question

IBM AS\400 Interview Question



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Published by murugan

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Published by: murugan on Feb 13, 2009
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AS\400 Interview Questions1. Define a shared access path?To share the open data path by various programs in a same job.2. What is the difference between array and a multiple occurrence data structure?The values stored in array don’t vary. In the other hand, we can store theDifferent values in same variables at various stages.3. What is *INZSR used for?It is special type of RPG/400 subroutine, which is executed automaticallyat beginning of the program. It is a good place to code initializes the variables.4. How can you execute a command from within an RPG program without calling a CLPprogram?By calling QCMDEXC application program interface we can execute a CL command within an RPG program.5. What is the purpose of the "N" in the following calculation specification?C KEY CHAIN FILE N 99If you specify 'N' in 53rd position, the record will not be locked if you try toread the locked record. It is a way of avoiding the record lock.6. Which of the following operations does NOT zero the field FLDA defined as 4,0?C MOVE *ZEROS FLDAC Z-ADD *ZEROS FLDAC Z-ADD 0 FLDAC MOVE *ALL'0' FLDAC SUB FLDA FLDAC MOVE '0000' FLDAC CLEAR FLDAC MOVE *BLANKS FLDAThe last instruction does NOT zero the field FLDA.7. How can you check for a records existence without causing and I/O (CHAIN/READ)?With the help of File Information Data Structure, we can check existence ofrecords in a physical file. The code is described below:In File description continuation line (IPFK),KINFDS RCDSIRCDS DSI *RECORD #RCDSwith the above code we can check the existence of records in a file withoutcausing I/O operation.8. Define what a data area is along with a brief example of what it may be usedfor?Data area is a storage area to store limited information.Example: a new and unique customer number is generated whenever a new customer is
added to customer master file. Data area keeps track of last record added and add1 to it. Through program we can access new customer number.9. Define what a data queue is along with a brief example of what it may be usedfor?Data queues provides communication between programs by calling API's QSNDDTAQ andQRCVDTAQ along with parameters like data queue name, library in which data queueexists, variable to store the number of characters to be sent, variable to storethe information to be sent. We can send the same data queue to the many programs.10. What is the purpose of the following?I 'CLOSED' C STAT01I 'OPEN' C STAT02It is a type of initializing the variables in I-spec. and these are further usedin C-spec.11. What is the difference between UDATE and the system date?UDATE supports two-digit year. The format is *MDY (MMDDYY).*DATE (system date) supports four digit year. The format is *MDYY (MMDDYYYY).12. List some of the commonly used commands for debuggingSTRDBG(for batch jobs), STRISDB.13. Define the RCVF command?RCVF command used to receive the records either from the data base file or devicefile.14. Define the purpose of the %SST function?To extract the information from the specified string.15. Define the purpose of the *CAT function?To concatenate the two strings into a one string.16. Define the purpose of the *BCAT function?To concatenate the two strings by placing a single blank in a resultant.17. Describe the difference between the DOWxx and DOUxx operations?DOWxx : If the condition becomes true, then only the group of instructions allowedexecuting.DOUxx : Irrespective of condition, it will execute at least one time.18. Define the purpose of the LEAVE operation?If you specify LEAVE, the control transfers to the statement below the ENDDO.19. Define the purpose of the ITER operation?If you specify the ITER, the groups of statements are allowed to executerepeatedly.20. List the steps/commands necessary to accomplish the following:a. Copy data from the file ORDHDR into file ORDHIST
b. The file ORDHIST may or may not existc. If the file ORDHDR does exist, it may or may not contain datad. The file ORDHIST may or may not contain data, if the file does contain data theold data should be erasedCommands: a. CPYF FILE(ORDHDR) TOFILE(ORDHIST)b. CPYF FILE (ORDHDR) TOFILE (ORDHIST) CRTFILE (*YES)c. CPYF FILE (ORDHDR) TOFILE (ORDHIST) *ADDd. CPYF FILE (ORDHDR) TOFILE (ORDHIST) *REPLACE21. What is the purpose of the following?FORDHDR1 IF E K DISKORDHDRF KRENAMEORDHDRF1In order to rename the record format of a data base file in a program,we can use the above steps. Purpose of renaming is: If the record format name issimilar in two files and if both are used in a same program, the program will notcompile. Hence we have to rename either of the file.22. What is the purpose of the followingC/COPY QRPGSRC,ORDERRDuring the compilation the source code of ORDERR copy book is copied into theexisting program. Where as /COPY is compiler directive statement.23. What is the purpose of the followingFORDHDR1 CF E WORKSTN$2SFN SFILE FMT2The above line indicates that, $2SFN is a relative record number and FMT2 is nameof the subfile record format.24. What is the purpose of the followingI UDSI 1 60ORDER#I 7 90LINE#The purpose is to define the variables in I-Spec and these are further used in C-spec. Where as ‘U’ indicates data area data structure? The above code is used toupdate the data area value through the program. The letter "U" indicates that thedefined data structure is a data area data structure.25. What is the purpose of the following?A CSRLOC (F1ROW F1COL)Using this record level keyword, you can specify cursor location on an outputoperation to the record format you are defining. The program sends output aftersetting the cursor location.26. What is the difference between SFLCLR and SFLINZ?SFLCLR : It clears the subfile.SFLINZ : First it clears the subfile and initiliazing the numeric variables withzeros and alphanumeric variables with characters.

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