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Collected Poems 3

Collected Poems 3

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Published by St. Stephen
Teighe Janic presents three poems. A short collection, or sampling.
Teighe Janic presents three poems. A short collection, or sampling.

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Published by: St. Stephen on Feb 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Could be
friends squared, rooted, busted or once and for all, lovers, ripped off and on and on.How much difference would that make on thisuncompromising globe? Would it rewritehistory or make monkeys out of fish? Could it pollinate flowers or blush you ruddy and ripe?Can you rattle on about some hare-brainedscheme or other and still touch your toes,still sense bliss blind with striving? Can youlead the way filled with sorrow and acceptsuch uproarious bonds loosing perplexingaffections mysterious, influences elusiveclues abound, dos and don’ts hardly matter muchif, in the long run, we’re all made of food?Isn’t everyone a luminous pin-upincandescent symbol of sex or some kind of longing,the comrade of intent animal body eyesthe scoreboard, obvious enough for eyeingthe score; must we shake hands right now or attend instead to actual events waiting for a time all-to-easy to refuse, a timethat trips our imaginations up,a time that tiptoes little by little,
delaying our beginning, a time that forestallsfutures and shreds fond reminiscence of sweethearts and family pets, rope swings sunnydays and delicate wreckage never meantfor our understanding. Still – we get it – 
 – now – 
this time nevertheless at once too toughand too tiny for chit chat, too dangerous andtoo sly for thursday nights at the bar, for  parties or coffee dates, movies or newspapers or well-meaning acquaintances who matter as much as blind dates, as Orcas beached by the harsh sonar of spies, as much as undiscovered invertebratessleeping forever, as much as fossils of long gone proto-amphibians. How muchdo you supposethat is?
 – so then – 
Do I matter that much to you?Could we after all be friends? Would it make
a difference if we werelovers just like that?What difference would it make?Lips, fingers and skin?Phone calls tension andcalculated avoidance?If we let go of tenthousand years just sink intoa simple warm embrace,with all its here-you-arethis and all-good that,would it burst the bubble at last?Would it dam the Ganges?Would the geese stop flying south,the humpbacks suspendtheir migrations?Would you flip out and makea feral noise, carrywild oats westward?Would you sweat with anticipationas we announce the winner would the inside of your brain turn around and greet me?Would you spill your guts for the truth

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