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Ego Electronic Cigarette User Manual

Ego Electronic Cigarette User Manual

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Published by SharpSmoker
Everything you need to know about using and caring for your Ego Electronic Cigarette.
Everything you need to know about using and caring for your Ego Electronic Cigarette.

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Published by: SharpSmoker on Feb 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sharp Smoker LLCEgoUser Manual2013
Thank you for purchasing theEgoElectronic Cigarette.Whether you are new to vaping or not, you have justpurchased a great unit which provides excellent batterylife and lots of vapor.This manual covers everything you need to do once youreceive yourEgoElectronic Cigarette and what to do tokeep it in the best working order. If you ever have anyquestions, feel free to contact us at Sharp Smoker byemailingkevin@sharpsmoker.com
Enjoy the Vaping Experience
Kevin Sjodin, PresidentSharp Smoker LLC
I.First StepsII.Charging Your BatteriesIII.Battery FunctionIV.Priming Your AtomizersV.Dragging TechniqueVI.Refilling Standard CartridgesVII.Refilling Tank CartridgesVIII.Refilling CartomizersIX.Maintenance of Your E-CigX.Atomizer CleaningXI.Best PracticesXII.Which is Better for Me
First Steps
1.When you first receive yourEgoelectroniccigarette, the batteries may be locked. Check thisby pushing the push button. If the L.E.D. lights up,they are not locked, if it does not light up, unlockyour battery by pushing the L.E.D. button 5 timesrapidly. It will now be unlocked.You canlock/unlock your batteries at any time by pushingthe push button 5 timesrapidly.2.After charging your batteries for the first time (seefollowing instructions), screw the atomizer onto thebattery till there is resistance.Do not use excessiveforce!3.
 –Open a mega cartridge,remove the clear rubber cap, fill the cartridges withe-liquid (see the following section on refillingcartridges) and push the cartridge (do not twist)onto the atomizer. Let it sit for about 5 minutes toabsorb some e-liquid from the cartridge into theatomizer. This is only necessary before the first useof an atomizer and after an atomizer cleaning.Wealso recommend priming the atomizer. You do thisby drippingabout 3-5drops ofe-liquid directly ontothe bridge of the atomizer.4.
 –Open a cartridge, removethesilicone/rubber stopper, fill the tank with e-liquid (leave about 1/8 inch of air for cap to go backon), replace the cap, and push the tank cartridgeonto the atomizer fully without twisting.Make sureyou push it all the way down so the atomizer probepunctures into the tank cartridge.We alsorecommend priming the atomizer. You do this bydripping about 4-6 drops of e-liquid into the smallslits on the inside of the atomizer. Drip about 2 or 3drops into each slit.5.Charge the batteries for the first time for a full 4hours, even if the L.E.D. on the charger turns greenafter a few hours.6.YourEgoElectronic Cigarette is now ready for use.
Charging Your Batteries
1.Plug the USB portion of the USB charging cable intothe AC wall adapter.2.Plug the AC adapter into the wall outlet.3.Ensure the L.E.D. on the wall adapter lights up redand the L.E.D. on the USB cable lights up green.4.Screw the battery into the chargeruntil the L.E.D.on the USB cable turnsredand the L.E.D. on theEgobattery starts to blink.STOP WHEN THIS HAPPENS.The Blue L.E.D.shall remain lit while charging (onthe older batteries, the light does not stay lit duringcharging)
Sharp Smoker LLCEgoUser Manual2013
5.When fully charged, the L.E.D. on the battery will goout and the L.E.D. on the USB cable will turn greenor blink from green to red to green to red.
 –Charge your batteries for a full 4 hoursor approximately 2 hours after the L.E.D.on the USBcable turns green.
Battery Function
TheEgoE-Cig batteries come with a safety featureallowing you to lockthe batteries when not in use toprevent inadvertent activation of the e-cig which couldlead to overheating and failure of the atomizer.
-push the button on thebattery 5 times rapidly(some batteries are 3 times)within 2 seconds.
 –push the button onbattery 5 times rapidly(some batteries are 3 times)within 2 seconds.You should see the L.E.D. light on the battery flash a fewtimes whenever the battery is locked or unlocked.
Priming Your Atomizers
It is always a good idea to prime your atomizers beforeuse. Most atomizers come almost totally dry of e-liquidand priming this gets them nice and moist with e-liquidso you get great vapor production from the start. This isvery easy to do and takes only seconds.
(with metal bridge)To prime your standard atomizers, drip about 4-5 dropsof e-liquid directly onto the metal bridge of theatomizer.
If you look inside the tank atomizers, you will see twosmall slits insidethe atomizer against the wall of theatomizer. Drip about 2 drops into each slit and then 2drips directly onto the metal probe in the center of theatomizer.
Inside the C tank atomizers, you will see two small slits just outside of the center metal probe. Drip about 4-5drops onto the center probe, and the excess will getabsorbed into the tiny slits around it.
Dragging Technique For E-Cigs
You will quickly find that using yourEgoElectronicCigarette, or any e-cig for that matter, is quite differentfrom using a tobacco cigarette. When smoking atobacco cigarette, you take a quick 1-2 second drag.However, with an e-cig, the best method of dragging isto take a slower, longer drag, approximately 5 seconds.The reason is the atomizer coil takes about a second ortwo to heat up and then needs a few seconds toproduce good vapor. This amounts to about a 5 seconddrag.We recommend you begin pushing the button justbefore you begin dragging and then do a slow, smooth,continuous drag for 5 seconds. Then will ensure thebest vapor production while not causing excessiveheating of the atomizer.
Refilling Standard Cartridges
For standard cartridges onlyskip to the tankcartridge section if you have tank cartridges.WHY DO IT
 –It can save you money and lead to betterperformance of your cartridges! You may notice themore you refill your cartridge, the less drops of e-liquidit seems to take. If this is the case, it’s time tochangethe stuffing in your cartridgeor get new cartridges. Youwill also notice that over time, the stuffing getsa bitdirty and needs changing.
 –There are many materials that peoplehave used as filler for their cartridges, but we havefound that the best material is polyester batting, amaterial which is very similar to that which comes in thecartridges already.
 –The cartridge stuffing works like awick. The bridge of the atomizer comes in contact withthe stuffing and wicks the e-liquid out of the stuffingand into the bridge. If the stuffing is to dense or of poorquality, it will lead to poor wicking and in turn poorperformance of the cartridge.
Sharp Smoker LLCEgoUser Manual2013
 –There is no exactscience to this, it is more a matter of trial and error. If your cartridge is not wicking well (retaining the e-liquidin the stuffing), you have too much stuffing and need touse a little less. On the opposite end, if your stuffing isnot holding the e-liquid in place causing it to leak allover, you have too little stuffingand need to use more.It take a little practice to determine just the rightamount of stuffing to use for the best performance.
There are many methods to refill your cartridges,however, we will share with you the one method thatseems to work the best and involvesnothing more thana paperclip or toothpick or the like.1.Remove the cartridge from the atomizer by pullingit straight off (do not twist).2.Take a paper clip and straighten out oneof theends.3.Slide the paper clip along one side of the cartridgewhile trying not to snag any of the stuffing.4.Pull the paperclip to the opposite side of thecartridge effectively push the stuffing to one sidethis allows you to drip e-liquid down to the bottomof thecartridge.5.Drip e-liquid into the opening you have just createduntil it reaches about ¼ inch from the top of thecartridge.6.Release the paper clip and pull it out. Fluff thestuffing a little with the paper clip if necessary.7.You may need to add a few more drops directly toto the top of the stuffing if it looks to need it.8.Push the cartridge back onto the atomizer and youare ready to start vaping again.
 –This is not an exact science, it may take a fewtimes and a little trial and error to determine just theright amount of e-liquid to put into your cartridges so itis neither to dry nor to wet. The number of drops willvary of course depending on how much e-liquid is stillleft inthe cartridge before refilling and the size of thecartridge you are using.
Refilling Tank Cartridges
Refilling your tank cartridge can prove to be a littlemessier than standard cartridges but just as easy if noteasier and quicker than refilling standard cartridges.1.Remove the cartridge from the atomizer by pullingit straight off without twisting.2.Remove the silicone/rubber cap by pulling itstraight off the cartridge while not twisting.3.Begin dripping e-liquid into the tank space until thee-liquid is about ¼ inch from the top. This space willbe taken up by the cartridge cap. If you fill thecartridge to the very top, when you replace the cap,it will cause some of the e-liquid to ooze out.4.Replace the rubber cap onto the cartridge.5.Push the atomizer back onto the atomizer withouttwisting.6.You are now ready to begin using your e-cig.
Refilling Cartomizers
1.Pop off the cap on your cartomizer2.Grab a bottle of e-liquid and start dripping e-liquidaround the edge of the cartomizer onto the poly-fiber stuffing. Be sure not to get e-liquid in thecenter hole as thatwill causing it to leak out thebottom of the cartomizer.3.How many drops to add changes of course with thecartomizer you have. Small cartomizerscan usuallyhold between 20-30 drips without really having toworry about it being flooded and leaking. Largercartomizers may hold up to 50 or more drips.4.When the poly-fiber filling starts looking nice andmoist, you probably have enough. It may take alittle experimenting to get just the right amount. Itis better to under fill than over fill and have itleaking everywhere.5.Replace the cap on your cartomizer6.Screw it back on your battery and start vaping.
Maintenance of Your E-Cig
 –The way youratomizer heats up is by an electrical connection thatoccurs when you screw the atomizer onto the battery.To keep this connection at is absolute best, theterminals need to be cleaned regularly. It is inevitablethat e-liquid will work its way to these terminals anddirty them up. To clean, simply take a paper towel orcotton swab(dry and dipped in pure alcoholhelps but is

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