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2013 5th Year Language FerrarelliM.doc

2013 5th Year Language FerrarelliM.doc

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Published by Mariana Ferrarelli

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Published by: Mariana Ferrarelli on Feb 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Colegio Superior de Lomas – Lomas High SchoolSenior Section – Planificación anual de LANGUAGE 5
Department: LanguageSubject: LANGUAGETeacher: Prof. Lic. Mariana Ferrarelli Year: 5thWeekly Modules: 3 (three)
IGCSE Language is designed to enable students to communicate effectively and accurately using written language.During the course students will exercise their writing and reading abilities but also their critical thinking andmetacognitive skills. Learners are expected to gradually gain awareness of their own knowledge as the course unfoldsand become active participants in their own learning.Students are expected to develop their language skills required for the International General Certificate of SecondaryEducation (IGCSE). This includes both reading and writing skills.
As regards
, upon completion of the course students will be expected to:
Master their reading skills, including pre-reading, skimming and scanning
Successfully deal with a variety of texts -newspapers, magazines, journals, books (fiction and non-fiction),promotional and informational materials- and to identify the main idea of a reading and/or writing passage
Understand explicit and implicit meanings and attitudes
Understand how writers achieve effects
Identify purpose, attitude and meaning
Determine meaning from context and identify other features such as detail, opinion, tone, purpose, main idea,implication, attitude, text organization, exemplification, comparison and reference.
Colegio Superior de Lomas – Lomas High SchoolSenior Section – Planificación anual de LANGUAGE 5
As far as
is concerned, students will be expected to:
Acquire command of a number of writing skills: choice of style and level of formality, suitable paragraphing andlayout of texts, sequencing in a logical way
Master their writing skills, including editing and proof reading
Use language to achieve effect
Express what is thought, felt and imagined effectively
Use sophisticated vocabulary appropriately
Time:UnitActivitiesMaterials to be used
Unit 1
 Tense reviewHearsay ReportingPassive formsHave and get sth doneReview of conditionalsMixed conditionals alternatives to IFOmission of IFUnreal past tenseCompound adjectives 1Noun Collocations with OFReview of relative clausesAdverbial clausesAdverbial participle clausesDiscussion of practice papers.Reading in class.Analysis of literary and informativetexts.Planning of writing assignments inclass: argumentative essays, stories,descriptions.Audiovisual textsElectronic literatureBooklet of the subject.
Colegio Superior de Lomas – Lomas High SchoolSenior Section – Planificación anual de LANGUAGE 5
Word formationFormal / Informal StyleAnalysis of Text StructurePresentation of FactsGeneralisationsArgumentative Writing Topics and main ideasDealing with unfamiliar wordsBuilding vocabularyParaphrasing
Unit 2
Modal Verbs:Necessity, prohibition, advice,permissionAbility, possibility/probability,deductionIntention, willingness, characteristicsAlternatives to modalsWord formation: nounsIdiomatic expressionsNoun clausesWords formation reviewPrepositionsEmphasis using negative introductoryexpressionsEmphasis through fronting parts of 

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