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March 2013 Newsletter

March 2013 Newsletter

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Online Newsletters

Keep current on the events and happenings at Cicero United Methodist Church through Insight, our monthly newsletter. Each newsletter is in PDF format allowing you to view it in its entirety as well as print it out.
Online Newsletters

Keep current on the events and happenings at Cicero United Methodist Church through Insight, our monthly newsletter. Each newsletter is in PDF format allowing you to view it in its entirety as well as print it out.

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Published by: Cicero United Methodist Church on Feb 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 2013Cicero UnitedMethodist ChurchPASTOR Byron FritzP. O. Box 617Cicero, IN. 46034
Pastor 1General News 2 - 7Birthdays & Anniversaries 4Those Serving 5Prayer Requests 6Youth 5March Readings 7Just for Kids 8Calendar 9
 The Story of the Easter Robin
), Dandi Daley
Mackall retells an old Pennsylvania Dutch tale of the robin’s com-passion as he witnessed Jesus’ death.
On Good Friday, a plain brown robin flying over Jerusalem was
curious about the “nest” atop Jesus’ head. When the bird realized it
was a crown of thorns, he tried to dislodge it. As the robin pulled out
a long thorn from Jesus’ forehead, a drop of blood landed on therobin’s breast, staining it red. Now the robin’s red breast is a sym-bol of Jesus’ loving sacrifice, and th robin’s early
-Spring song is a
Reminder of Jesus’ joyful resurrection.
As we come into March each of us looks forward to Spring; the cold weather will subside and we will begin to see the signs of green grass, flower bulbs andtrees budding. It gives us hope that the past days of grayness and cold will
soon be gone. Some people’s hope will be so strong that they will begin to
 plan and sometimes plan too soon. We must remember that God has His tim-ing and we need not run ahead. It is the same with the hope that we will find atthe end of this Lenten season, when we will celebrate Easter. Easter is the ulti-mate hope, to know that the grayness and cold of death will be swallowed upin the brightness of the resurrection. That hope grows and becomes more realas our lives grow older, partly because we have to deal with the reality of deathmore often. I hear my father, who has just turned 88 years old, tell me hismain events are going to the funeral home; many of the men he worked withand friends he had in school are gone. Death has come and gone oh so fre-quently. But there is hope; we know that the event of Easter gives us thestrength to know that death is not the end, that death is truly the beginning of alife that God has put before us. Again, we must remember that God has Histiming and we must learn to trust in Him daily. This past weekend, as I was onthe Chrysalis Flight with 30 teenagers, we heard over and over again of youthwho had friends who were murdered, and illnesses that ended in death. Our timing is not the same as God, but let us not put accidents into the hands of God as if God made them happen. One phrase that we need to never use is
“God took them.” This paints the picture of a God up in heaven going around
and deciding to just take people at His choosing. The phrase that needs to be
said is “God receives them”. There are such things as accidents, and evil peo-
 ple who cause deaths, so such things are because of our own choosing, to walk in a path that does not please God. The other idea is that when something badhappens that it is a person is being punished by God. Again, this paints the picture of a God who will always punish us for the things that we do. If that istrue I think we would be seeing Sodom and Gomorrah events in our lives. Remember we all have sinned andfallen short of the glory of God. Yes God does judge, but God also shows mercy and grace. In this season thatseems to bring to your mind coldness and death, let us look toward the Easter that brings warmth and life.
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WEATHER ALERTSThe season for bad weather is upon us. We may have to notify you of delays orcancellations. Any delay or closing will be publicized on Fox 59 & CW 4.Please tune in to one of these stations if you are unsure about any delays.
All Committees Meet
11:30 - 1:00 p.m. Sunday, March 10th.Church Council Meets
1:00 - 2:30p.m. Sunday, March 10th.
(A light lunch will be provided for those staying for Church Council.)
 It is important that everyone involved plan to be present at their meeting!
Thank you to those who have contributed to purchase the new plastic cafeteria-type trays and soupcups. We are now using very minimal consumable paper products! Volunteers are needed to preparemeals in March, and we need 3 volunteers to take the dishes home each week to be washed in homedishwashers. Please see Jeannie Ecker, if you can help. Our attendance has been low this winter, butour guests always enjoy a warm meal and great fellowship. The Lenten programs have started, andeveryone is invited to join us each Wednesday evening at 6 p.m.!
If you have changed e-mail addresses or have never given your emailaddress to the church office, please do it so we can keep our emailing listupdated and keep you informed of church activities
College Students
We will be collecting money and/or $5 gift cards to send to our college students in early April. If youwould like to contribute to this project, please see Jeannie Ecker or place your monetary donation in theoffering plate with COLLEGE STUDENTS in the memo line. Appropriate gift cards include Starbucks,Target, Subway, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, etc. The deadline for contributions is Sunday, April 7th. If your college student was not on our December 2012 list, please submit the information to the church of-fice for inclusion in this project.
THEME: Everywhere Fun FairDATES: June 3-7 from 5-8 p.m. each eveningCome out for a VBS Kick Off Carnival1:00 to 4:00 p.m. on June 2ndMore info to come!!!!
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Angels’ Attic Food Pantry and the CUMC Food Closet Food Collection Barrel
Angels’ Attic is a twice weekly operation (Tuesday 6
-7 pm and Thursday 6-7 pm), with a managed distribution process, that provides food to families once a month.
The CUMC Food Closet
is now operating as an emergencyfood source based on referrals from Chris Miller, the Jackson Township Trustee. During normal Church office hours, Nancy or Byron will help with distribution requests. After hours, Mike Murphy or Karen Mann will help with distri- bution requests.
This past year there was a tremendous need for food by local families in the Cicero, Arcadia area. Both Angels’
Attic and the CUMC food programs have depended on sources such as the Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank 
(HCHFB). As of May of last year, the HCHFB’s inventory was almost depleted. Normally, the HCHFB is able to
maintain an adequate inventory until late summer or early fall, at which time the traditional food drives begin. Thisyear, the demand has exceeded the normal year.
As an opportunity to help
. . . . . . please “feed” the Angels’ Attic Food Pantry (and CUMC Food Closet) Collec-
tion Barrel, located in the Narthex. All non-perishable food is appreciated! Paper products and canned meats are alsoGREATLY appreciated!
LAY LEADER / CHURCH COUNCIL CHAIR Along with Susie Browning and Pastor Byron, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on "Encouraging the Joyof Generous Giving" that was presented by the United Methodist Rejuvenate Ministry committee. It was a workshop thatwas well worth the time spent and I think we all came away with new ways of thinking about giving in our church. It is aworkshop that I would recommend to all of our church leadership and fortunately, is available again on Saturday, May 4in Kokomo. It is a lively 4 hour workshop that presents new ways about looking at giving in the United MethodistChurch.One thing we learned was that Stewardship is more than just money. Stewardship is a very big word in the GreenMovement. In that movement it means the care of our planet that has been entrusted to us. As Christians, we know whohas created this planet on which we live and we know who has entrusted it to our care. God has entrusted the care of thisplanet to us. Yet, we as humans,have made some very poor - even stupid - decisions on how we treat His creation. Andeven as we have made some poor decisions on our care of this planet, we have probably made some poor decisions on ourgiving and how the needs of the church can be presented.If you are interested in learning more about the "Encouraging the Joy of Generous Giving" workshop please speak with Susie, Pastor Byron or me. I will be happy to get you the information that you will need in order to enroll.
~Dennis Schrumpf, Church Council Chair & Lay Leader 
March Worship Events
March 17 -
Children’s Choirs will perform
 March 24 - Palm Sunday Penny Raiders (UMCOR One Great Hour of Sharing)
Every Wednesday we have a short Monologue called “Six Lives
Six Stories” at 6:30 during LOL
 March 28
Maundy Thursday 7:00 we will be having a Tenebrae Service called “Lovelight”.
 March 29 Good Friday 7:00 United Family Wesleyan Church. The Tri Town MinisterialAssociation will be putting on a live Last Supper with communion for all the churches inthe area
March 31 Sunrise Service at 23 Point Lane 7:00 a.m., followed by breakfast at CUMC.No Sunday school. Church will be at 10:30.

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