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The National Student March 2009

The National Student March 2009

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The National Student is the UK's independent, free, national student newspaper.
The National Student is the UK's independent, free, national student newspaper.

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Published by: The National Student on Mar 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 2009
One in three studentsthinks that a woman isresponsible for being rapedif she is drunk, accordingto research carried out for
the London Student.
The newspaper claims thatover a third of students believethat a woman is totally orpartially responsible for beingraped if she has had to much todrink and that nearly half sayshe’s in some way responsible if she’d failed to say ‘no’ clearly toa man.The survey carried out byOpinionpanel Research aimedto reveal students attitude torape as part of an edition of t
heLondon Student
focusing onfeminist issues.Participants were given sixscenarios and asked whethera woman would be totallyresponsible, partially responsibleor not at all responsible for beingraped in each.Some of the results show someshocking attitudes towards rape.In terms of a rape victim beingdrunk 31% thought she is partlyresponsible and a further 3%state she is totally responsiblefor being raped.
27% thought that irting
made a woman partiallyresponsible for being raped, with2% believing that it made hertotally responsible.Shockingly a staggering 44%thought that not clearly saying‘no’ to a man would make a rapevictim responsible, with 4%stating that it made her totallyresponsible.5% of students believed awoman was totally responsiblefor being raped if she is aloneand walking in a dangerous ordeserted area.However, the number of students holding the womanresponsible for rape was lowerin the case of them wearingrevealing or sexy clothing or if she had many sexual partners.
 According to the ndings male
students were on average morelikely to consider the woman insome way responsible for beingraped, with the wearing of ‘sexyor revealing clothes’ highlightingthe most obvious difference of opinion.26% of male students saidshe’d be totally or partiallyresponsible for being raped inthat instance, compared to 14%of female students.The survey also showed a lack
of awareness of rape gures – 
50% of students did not knowhow many women are raped inthe UK on average in a year,
and 15% thought the gure was
under 500.
The gure was even higher
for students from Londonuniversities, with 19% putting
the gure at under 500.The actual gure - according
to the Fawcett society, whocampaign for equality between
men and women - is over 47,000.The Home Ofce recorded 11,648
incidents of ‘rape of a female’ in
Heather Harvey, AmnestyInternational UK’s Stop Violence Against Women CampaignManager told
the LondonStudent:
, “Amnesty is horriedby the ndings of 
survey of studentattitudes to rape.”“A survey we commissionedthree years ago showed similarresults for people across the UK as a whole. Since then there hasbeen a Government publicitycampaign aimed at youngermen, and police and courtcommitments to better trainthose who work with victims.”
“But these new ndings still
show that even among youngerpeople the view that women ‘askfor it’ is stubbornly held. Suchattitudes stop victims reporting
in the rst place, and lead to a
low conviction rate when jurieshear cases. They also create aclimate of impunity where menknow they can get away withrape as people blame womeninstead of blaming the rapist.”“It has been consistentlypointed out by campaigners likemembers of the End Violence Against Women campaign thatthe Government has failedto develop a programme of prevention around violence
against women - they can do
seatbelts, smoking, obesity,
binge-drinking so why can’t
they start to tackle attitudeslike these which ignore violenceagainst women or worse stillblame women for it?”
Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang,
LSE Students Union’s Education
& Welfare Ofcer said: “I nd the
results of this survey extremelydisturbing.”
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One in three studentsbelieve that a woman isresponsible for beingraped if she is drunkaccording to survey
Scandanavia’s newmusic festival reviewed:
 A Belfast student radio station hasdefied a ban on the broadcast of agovernment climate change advert.
Queen’s Radio, the student radio stationat Queen’s University Belfast, was theonly licensed broadcaster in NorthernIreland to broadcast the advert, whichwas censured by Northern Ireland’sEnvironment Minister, Sammy Wilson.Wilson, a noted climate change sceptic,used his ministerial powers to blockthe Act on CO2 adverts being shown ontelevision in the province, dismissing themas “insidious New Labour propaganda”,in a move which has caused widespreadoutrage.The Democratic Unionist Party ministersaid the adverts attempted to tell peoplethat simple measures like changing theirlight bulbs and turning off TVs from
stand-by mode could help prevent them
“wrecking the world”. Although the adverts were not shownon television in Northern Ireland, Queen’sRadio decided to broadcast an audioversion of the advert throughout the weekof February 16.Keith Anderson, a spokesman for Queen’sRadio, said its decision to broadcast theads was not about arguments over climatechange.
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Student stationdefies ad ban
More at: thenationalstudent.co.uk
Exclusive chat with Belgian‘Pop Ambassadors’ Das Popin this month’s
The National Student 
, March 2009
The National Studentwelcomes contributions.The National Studentworks closely withstudent publicationsacross the UK.We are happy to acceptnews, comment,features, and reviewson any subject.Contact us at:The National StudentPO Box 7731DerbyDE1 0RWor email:
or phone:0845 46 300 46
The National Student isthe independent, monthynewspaper for higher education students inthe UK.Published byDefender Newspapers,PO Box 7731DerbyDE1 0RW© 2009All content is the copyrightof Defender Newspapersunless otherwise stated
Making Whoopee
 An Acoustics prferfr e uvery f salfrd akg e pbl  rae efe f wpee d  rder  advaea deradg f 
faux atulence and raise
ey fr c Relef.Prfer trevr cx adeged a webe wfeare wey wpee d. Ea vrear x f ee d,ad  aked  grade edepedg  w  eyake e lag. Vr are eraged dae  e appeal ad awa r Ytbe vderevealg e ere ee f wpee . Ardg  Prfercx, w ade wrldwdeeadle  2007 w rrble d reear,
there are some solid scientic
prple bed wy we
nd different whoopee noises
fe.“Fr  lg, aegeer ave erae e  a egbre ad er alla,   ab ewe g  e b f ere pra fdaeale.”“We’ve develped eere ab wy ewpee  d fer a aer, ad e ee ere we eedad f peple  aer ve  e e befreRed ne Day.”i e pa, Prfercx a eld e rerd frwg e wrld’ largewpee , a parf  ab  ge repeple vlved  ee.“te wpee  a   w ea ve ad w wdre wrk,    aerable way f prrayge pra ee.”t ake par  Prf cx’ expere g dfy.rg/ As much a 70% f de fr e Erpeau are falg repay ede la ey k  dy  e uK.te sde Lacpay (sLc) ay 1,580f e 2,240 w ldave ared repayeare  aed fr. A spa de lde BBc a e ad eardg e gradag
ve years ago.
te Gvere aye sLc  dg wa a  rak peple dw.take-p f e elee grwg fa, w 46,000w avg brrwed £130.sde fr Eure ave bee elgblefr lw ere la fre Br axpayer  payfr er  fee e2006.Davd Wlle mP,sadw sereary f saefr iva, uveread skll ad a esLc   dg eg rak de dw eey leave e ry.
Foreignstudent notrepayingloans
The National Student 
, March 2009
 As The NATioNAlstudnt wnt t p tmgd tat t dtf oxfd nwpapCw ad gndfwng cmpantcd  a atcadtn tat mckd thcaut and cmpadfm dt tpadp.T atca dtncad
afd t back ppn act tm andad ptgap f tudnt upmpdn t pn mag.san Cx-Bkand Mca Bnntt,w tk  a jntdt f 
nJanua, w fcdt tp dwn afttudnt and tutcndmnd t dtn.Dpt n aund50 cp f t pf,bng andd ut t tdta tam dunga ca n Nmb,cp w akd tatad t cmpant fmtudnt and t ugabbng t attntnf t p.on n wbt,t oxfd Gp, atudnt dcbd tnwpap a ‘abu’and ‘fc’. Antad t cntand ‘act,xt, bcn bant’.in a jnt tatmntCx and Bnntt ad,“W undtand tatcmpant a bncd abut a pf nwtt, lc,pducd n Nmb2008.”“T tn and cntntf 
wa cantndd t b atca,and wa cd auc b t ntnddcpnt.”“W undtandtat at can bmcntud, and at tm’ dt f Cw w apgf an ffnc wcmgt a bncaud, and a nwgnd.”
Full report online atthenationalstudent.co.uk
The MeDiA a agantund t attntn t tu f tudnt ungnn uc t catn unt wk.studnt p uc aoxfd pap
 and natna pap uca
the Daily Mail
aptd tat tudnta ng t nt fmn t GadGuu.cm,a nt ang wbt,w t tudnt cantn dwnad t ntf f.T t, upptdb ducatn pubMcGaw h, acntbut fm 281 UK nttutn and a  fapad ut a um f £7,847 tnt-ubmttng ‘guu’.T t batcntbut fmnttutn uc aoxfd, Nttngam andManct wt t tpcntbutng untpnt bng Duam.it dcb tf a“a patfm f tudntt p ac t wtcuwk” wc wncuag “a tudntw t act bt and t npt t acadmcgt.”B ubmttng wkt t t, cntbutaccu pnt wc cantn b xcangd fca  wad uc atauant and tauc.GadGuu fundem sawt td
TheNational Student
tat tt , “A cmmunt f tudnt w can  nac t f acadmcuppt - wt tugcmmnt, fdback nnt tat t cntbut t abt t dwnadt tudnt’ nt ff, w a ttng utt bud a ntwk wtudnt can cabatand an nn n a
way that is specic to
t cu at tunt.”s dcbd t ta ‘a cct knwdgpatfm’ and ‘t wb 2.0n f a tud gup.’ Atug t t tatt  a pac w tudnt
can nd ‘course notes’,
acng t t t 
possible to nd examples of 
fu a ncudng mn Wam sakpa.T a cncntat a t mata nGadGuu  f, t ntng t tp antudnt takng an aand camng t a twn.T mak t dffntfm t a wbtuc a oxbdg eaand UK ea wcag tudnt fpdng tm wtwttn-t-d a. An undgaduat afm oxbdg ea canct aund £1,000, and afu PD dtatn cudct  £20,000.GadGuu pdnt f f and nt wad p-actca w p tp b pdng nttug t t.But acadmc akptca f t t. A pkpn fm tUnt f oxfd td
tat wbtk t a nt pfu ttudnt n t ng-un.“if tudnt mpcp t wk f t,t a mng pat f t anng pc andma fa bad wnt cm t t fmaxamnatn,”  ad. Ant uc fm tunt cad t ta ‘cat’ cat’ andtatd tat t ‘k upnt  u.’But GadGuu tattat “GadGuu tandagant pagam n at ptnta fm”.sawt xpand,“W a an tca ttng t p tudntp ac t. i tnkt  mptant tat tu b ad andaddd - t  ctca tu n f GadGuutat w b cgnd aa gtmat ducatnat. GadGuu abut cabatn, ntcun. it  abutffng atnat da,nt a anw. Au w  n t tmpag and n ucmmunt tandad, wd nt tat pagamf mata n u t.”“Wt u tng tancagant pagam andt t t back-upu ptn, w tnkGadGuu w  wptnd t dtuntca pactc,” addd.But sawtacknwdg tat t tcan b ud b tudntkng t cat n tcuwk.“Nt puttng n tfft and jut ng nmn ’ nt waunftunat appnngw bf GadGuu.T w ad pbabawa b a mnt f tudnt w t t gamt ducatn tm andcat tm ut f a auab ducatn. infact, man acadmcg ut a f t nta andut anwa. Tau f GadGuu  ntn jut gttng mn’ nt a a ubttutf u wn, t au n ng w mn ntptd a dcunand f t undtandngwa dffnt t u.”s addd tat t ta ‘mutp wa’ t tptudnt catng.“T dtnt ncudu cmmunt tandadand t wanng n umpag, but t pcngpat a cm nt fctug u patnpwt t ant-pagamt.”“W ff tudnt facadmc adc n tu t nu tcan b n cnfun, andm, w a n tannunc u atnpwt an ant-pagamt pd. in ucnutatn wt tacadmc cmmunt,t wa ca w nddt gt n bad wtnttutn’ appact pagam and wkwt t am pagamdtnt t t u –  w a dng xacttat. T patnpw nt n nd a tng gna tat w au abut acadmctc, t w a gt acadmc cmmuntt pac f mnd f knwng tat t fw tudnt w mgta cndd tng tpa t tudnt’ wkff a t wn w nwtnk twc, knwng tw gt caugt ut,” addd.GadGuu anw ntd n t apatnp wt Tunitint man ant-pagamc ud b acadmcnttutn. T m t t takng ama tp twadcubng cncn abutpagam.Kat Pj, f Tunitin, a “AGadGuu cntnt wnw b cntnuu adddt t Tunitin databawc nfc tcmmunt’ cmmtmntt pntng pagam.” A a ut, f tudntubmt mata fmGadGuu a t wnf a cu tat uTunitin, tat mata
will be agged as
ungna.”Dpt t mm tudnt aadmttd tat t tpaga. on tudnttd
tat aang wbt w ntt n pac a tudntcud tak mata fm f t wantd t cat.s ad, “n at fnd’ and tpp’ a. i at, pca fm ppw a gaduatd w i
know got rsts.”
“i’m nt agant aang wbt npncp, i wud jutw abut t quatf t wk tat  bngupadd”.
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Gradeguru is latest site questioned by press and academics over allegations of encouraging plagarism
leeDs UNiversiTy  bng ud ftwng ut zadxcmnt cctdb a PD tudnt f t.
Dan Bnnttwa ckd wn tund fm a
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a cctng ampa pat f  acn t anma’ dt,ppuatn z andbau. h tnwn a cap atld Unt andpnt tw m abng pad t cntnu ac n tPppn.Bnntt tdt
Times HigherEducation
: “TButaan   cutat a attmpt ttud t ung mtdtat a pdutab f t Kmddagn and t agzad a ndd ntta fau.”“B t bgnnngf t td a f m PD, i knw mabut zad factan i ad  tugtpb.”“rtunng t ld
from eldwork, I wassurprised to nd my
dk pac ccupd bant tudnt and t tat ptgapf m daugt, mgfnd and mfaut zad adbn md fm twa.”“M pna ffctad bn cafutwd n bx, butt wa n gn f m 35kg bag f zadt.”
Leeds sued over lizard poo
Cherwelleditorsforced toresign over satiricaledition
There hAs bna damatc n appcatnf ptgaduatcu a ppk t nca t
qualications for the
m cmptt jb makt a tcn bt.studnt aputtng ff appngf jb and akng t cntnutudng t t ut t
nancial crisis.

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