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Society for Mathematical Biology 2012

Society for Mathematical Biology 2012

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Published by Patricia Dillon
Mathematics and Biology:
Interdisciplinary Connections and Living Systems

SMB2012 Abstract Book
Mathematics and Biology:
Interdisciplinary Connections and Living Systems

SMB2012 Abstract Book

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Patricia Dillon on Mar 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Book of Abstracts
of theSociety for Mathematical BiologyAnnual Meeting and ConferenceKnoxville, TennesseeJuly 25-28, 2012
Theme:Mathematics and Biology:Interdisciplinary Connections and Living Systems
Hosts: National Institute for Mathematical and Biological SynthesisandUniversity of Tennessee
SMB 2012 Author Index
alphabetical by presenting author 
Presenting author Title Page
Ahmed AbdelrazecOptimal control of West Nile virus in mosquitoes, birds, and humans withSeason11Maira AguiarRich dynamics in multi-strain models: non-linear dynamics anddeterministic chaos in dengue fever epidemiology12Folashade AgustoMalaria drug resistance: The impact of human movement and spatialheterogeneity13Jorge Alfaro-MurilloAn epidemic model with age of infection-dependent transmission rate andwaning immunity14Jun AllardPolymerization-driven, adhesion-mediated actin traveling waves in motilecells15Richard AllenStochastic inference of cell migration phenotypes16Andrew AllstadtInterference competition and invasion: Spatial structure, novel weapons,and resistance zones17 Nina AlpheyGenetic vector control strategies to reduce the burden of mosquito-bornediseases18Melissa AnthonySpatial Autocorrelation in Species Distribution Models: SimultaneousIncorporation of Multiple Scales of Influence Using a Bayesian Framework (poster)19Paul ArmsworthModeling a time-area closure as a tool for managing U.S. tuna fisheries20Erika AsanoOptimal reproductive strategy for the fire ant (
Solenopsis invicta
) over multiple seasons21Austin BairdPumping mechanism of the tubular sea squirt heart22H. T. BanksExperimental design for vector output systems23Lorena BarbaProtein electrostatics on a desktop using GPU hardware and multipolealgorithms24Jaydeep BardhanFuture-proofing fast electrostatic models for the era of massive parallelism25David BasantaStudying evolution in prostate cancer with agent based modeling26Andrew BateRabbits killing birds: Hypopredation and limitations of hyperpredation27Basil BayatiOn the influence of high-order nonlinear fluctuations in the multivariateSIR master equation28Banu BaydilData-driven computational modeling of breast tumor aggressiveness29Catherine BeaucheminFlu, where are you?30Stefan BeckerA mathematical model to simulate the progression and treatment of brianmetastasis31James BensonOptimal control of a class of PDE and state constrained bio-mass transport problems32Michael BerglundComputational Method for Identifying Space Polygons (poster)33Samit BhattacharyyaRSV and HPIV: do they interact? (poster)34Lydia BilinskySlow passage through a Hopf bifurcation in spatially extended excitablesystems: Some examples from neuroscience35Martin BockOn crawling human epidermal keratinocytes36Erin BodineFirst-year biomathematics: Considerations, possible frameworks, andresources37Sarah BogenAgent-based mathematical model for Johne's disease epidemiology andeconomy (poster)38Ashfaque BokhariTumor growth and its monitoring (poster)39Vrushali BokilStochastic models for compteing species with a shared pathogen40Rebecca BorcheringA Simple Spatiotemporal Rabies Model for Skunk and Bat Interaction in Northeast Texas (poster)41David BortzAccurate experimental design and model selection computations42Beth BradleyThe Search for a Dengue Reservoir in the
Mosquito Population(poster)43 Nick BrittonInterspecific kleptoparasitism44
Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting and Conference, July 25-28, 20122
Presenting author Title Page
Cameron BrowneModeling HIV dynamics under periodic combination drug therapy45Alexander BuckschCanopy network reconstruction from point cloud data46Liam CallaghanModelling plant-pollinator interactions with mixtures of linkage rules47Hannah CallenderChallenges and opportunities for assessment in first semester biocalculus48Jason CantarellaA new model for ring polymers with some exact solutions49Dalton ChaffeeThe Evolution of Imprinting (poster)50Arnaud ChauviereFrom normal mammary gland development to breast tumor growth: Step- by-step development of a multiscale modeling approach51Xiaolin ChengFast electrostatic calculation in molecular simulation52Duan ChenMultiscale and multiphysics modeling and simulation of proton transportthrough membrane proteins53Frederick ChenBehavioral responses to epidemics in an online experiment54Lauren ChildsQuantifying strain dynamics of CRISPR-induced host-viral coevolution:Sweeps and coalitions55Rebecca ChisholmBuilding a morphogen gradient without diffusion in a growing tissue56Ching-Shan ChouMathematical modeling of cell morphological change induced by pheromone gradient in yeast57Yao-Li ChuangAdapting a tumor growth model to an evolving domain using a diffuse-domain approach58Maciej ChudekHow exploitation luanched human cooperation: A model of negativeindirect reciprocity59Stanca CiupeThe role of e-antigen in immunological tolerance and activation duringHBV infection60James ClarkeModelling the short-term dynamic impact and implications of controlstrategies for 
Chlamydia trachomatis
61Christina CobboldFrom diffusion models to patch models using mean occupancy time62Sarah CollierModeling the evolution of sexual imprinting (poster)63Shannon CollinsonThe effects of media on influenza infection: An agent-based Monte Carlosimulation64Timothy ComarFrom biocalculus to undergraduate research65Timothy ComarBifurcations in differential equations models for gene regulatory networks66Jessica M. ConwayStochastic model of HIV prevention using anti-retroviral drugs67Michael CortezComparing the eco-coevolutionary dynamics and the eco-evolutionarydynamics of predator-prey systems using fast-slow dynamical systemstheory68Elizabeth CouncillA comparative theoretical study of age-structured fish subpopulations69Elena CrosleyModeling
transmission in swine (poster)70Eric CytrynbaumMechanical modeling of bacterial cell division and the FtsZ ring71Donghai DaiThe origin and mathematical characterization of cancer stem cells based oncomputer simulated tumor development in uterine epithelium72Abhiram DasSoLID An Online Community Database of Leaf Images (poster)73Fordyce DavidsonSelective heterogeneity in exoprotease production by
 Bacilus subtilis
74Adriana DawesSpatial localization of Par proteins in the early
C. elegans
embryo75Judy DayThe role of T-cells in hemorrhagic shock76Troy DayComputability, Godel's Incompleteness Theorem, and an inherent limit onthe predictability of evolution (plenary)77Sandra DelgadilloA numerical study of the evolution of an aggressive heterogeneous tumor with different chemotherapy treatments (poster)78Edgar Delgado-EckertEpistasis on networks: Genetic interactions and network reliability79Jeff DennyA yeast competition lab for teaching mathematical biology80James DillonModeling protein translation and genome evolution (poster)81Hana DobrovolnyCharacterizing monotherapy and combination therapy of influenza82Tyler DrakeA model of fission-yeast cell shape driven by membrane-bound growthfactors83Brian DrawertPolarized stochastic amplification during mating in
84Carolyn DrobakModeling the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis System for Dexamethasone Treatment (poster)85
Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting and Conference, July 25-28, 20123

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