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ARABIA: The Untold Story Book 2: Road of the Patriarch

ARABIA: The Untold Story Book 2: Road of the Patriarch

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Published by Wazir Bihari
Compiled by:
The Badr Society for Cultural Research
Compiled by:
The Badr Society for Cultural Research

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Published by: Wazir Bihari on Mar 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What happens when you lose sight of an ancient civilization? What happens when the historyof an entire era is hijacked? What happens when you take away the legacy of a nation? Whathappens when you violate the sanctity of a human being; of all mankind? What happens whenall this comes to pass? Is the truth irrevocably lost? Or does it hide from sight, only to returnafter a while, as the Dwellers of the Cave returned to the City? And can the people of the Citysuffer the return of the Cave Dwellers? Or will darkness endure in the City? Will the Nile Valleyaccept the return of the Egyptian civilization? Or will Mi
r remain in the City? Will the land of 
Yemen accept the return of Ibraheem’s ancestors? Or will their memory be forever imprisoned
in Iraq? Can t
he Sarawāt Mountains of forgotten Arabia suffer the return of the Patriarch and
his descendants Is
ḥāq and Ya‘qūb? Or will their legacy be held hostage indefinitely in thewilderness of the Levant? Will Yūsuf and Mūsa return to their homeland on the green s
lopes of 
imyar? Or are they doomed to tarry forever in the desert of rabbinical lies? Will ancient
Ṣan‘ā’ever sing its Psalms again, heralding the return of its sons, Dāwūd and Sulaymān? Or will their
memory be eternally lost in Palestine and the passages of the Orientalist translations of the OldTestament?
Is there anyone on this Earth who will listen to the call of the Sarawāt Mountains and pave the
way for the truth to return to the City?And will the people of the City welcome the return of the truth? ____________
Disclaimer 3Dedication 4Spelling and Transliteration 6
Preface 8  The Invention of a National Identity 16
The London Conference and Establishment of the “Buffer State”
Marketing the Lie19
The Khazarian Conspiracy22
The “Hebrew” Deception
- A Name, or a Description?34
CHAPTER I: Abraham’s Journey: Separating the Truth from the Myth
Ibraheem’s Original Homeland
The Location of the “Blessed Land”
- Religious Confusion44
The Jealous Wife48
Trip to Egypt?54
Hamadāni’s Testimony
Coincidences (1-20): Beer-Sheba65
Coincidences (21-31): Beth-El80
CHAPTER III: Peoples, Tribes and Trees
Who were the Biblical Canaanites?98
Egypt vs. Msrim103
The People of Lot110
The Tribe of ‘Ād
The Tribe of Thamūd
Trees and Roots: The Great Scandal129
References 135
This book is not the work of one person, nor can any single person lay claim to its contents. It isa compilation of many works; an assemblage of book passages, sayings, quotes, interviews, andarticles most of which have been translated from Arabic to English for your convenience, andcompiled into one volume. It is not to be published, for those responsible for its compilationhave no legal right to publish it in any way, shape or form; nor do they seek any material gainfrom it. It has been made available for free and is for you, dear knowledge-seeker, to read inthe privacy of your own home, and to share with your friends or loved ones as you see fit.The message of this book is directed first and foremost to those who call themselves
“Muslims”, especial
ly those among them who can read and understand Arabic, as they have theutmost obligation and responsibility towards their non-Arab brothers and sisters in the faith.
This is because only those who can speak and read the original language of the Qur’ān ar
equalified to assess the credibility of the Arabic sources used as references, and to judge the
accuracy of the translation of Qur’ānic passages to English. In no way does this imply that
Christians or Jews - especially those who are not content with the beliefs they have inheritedfrom their parents or communities, and who feel an urge to search for the truth - cannotbenefit from its message. The book is mainly concerned with history, geography andarcheology, and most of the information contained within it is of special relevance to the
followers of the other “Abrahamic” faiths as well.

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