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Published by: IBJSC.com on Apr 18, 2013
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Technical Data
Toner andProbe Series
Every day, cabling installers and network technicians deal with the shortcomings of cable location tools based on 40-year-old analog technology. Even though analog tools mis-identify cable and fail to pick up signals in of the most common workplace situations, they've been the only optionout there.
Until now.
Toner and Probe Series
 from Fluke Networks gives youdigital signal locating technology that’sas advanced as the systems you work with. IntelliTone is a breakthrough solution – and the only solution – that locates and isolates the most elusive,hidden or bundled voice, data and videocables quickly and reliably – even onactive networks. It succeeds where analog technology fails – such as locating cablein a bundle despite signal bleed, finding acable even when plugged into active net-work equipment and differentiating thetone from noise or a false signal. With gains in speed, precision and productivity that make analog tools obsolete.
IntelliTone breakthroughdigital signaling
Only IntelliTone Toners and Probes bring theperformance breakthrough of digital signal technology to common problems thatcome up in installing, maintaining, changingand troubleshooting your network.Eliminates confusion over cable location;decisively rejects noise and false signalsLocates cable quickly from a distance,even on an active networkIsolates cable and wiring precisely from abundle, despite cable bleedValidates twisted-pair installation withvisual end-to-end cablemap (opens, shortsand reversed pairs)Identifies, diagnoses and troubleshootstelecom/datacom servicesSimplifies signal interpretation in noisyenvironments with smart audio and LEDsignal indicatorsSafely and effectively tones activenetworksTests phone lines with powerful TalkBatteryExtended battery life with auto-power OfCompatible with analog toner and probesOne-year warranty
Locate cables quicklyand easily
Fluke Networks engineering has applieddecades of cable testing expertise to thescience of locating copper cables. The resultis what we call IntelliTone technology – asmart digital signal-toning and signal-inter-preting process that rapidly and preciselyzeroes in on even the most elusive cables.
Finds the Cables the Others Can‘t
Simply attach the IntelliTone Toner to acable and set the sensing mode on theIntelliTone Probe. IntelliTone technologyenergizes cable conductors with a smart,sychronized digital signal. Multiple tonetypes occur in the signal that help you to:LOCATE a cable from a distanceusing maximum radiation.ISOLATE a cable from a bundle using asignal with minimum radiation.VALIDATE cable conductor continuity withan automated signal that steps througheach conductor.The IntelliTone Probe’s signal selectionthumbwheel lets you choose which tonetype to use. Controlled LED signal indicatorsand audio tones simplify signal interpreta-tion and take the guesswork out of cablelocation, reducing even the toughestlocating problems into a few minutes’ work.
Locate hidden cables froma distance
One of the toughest, most time-consumingparts of locating a cablehas been in tracing itspath through walls,ceilings or wiringclosets. TheIntelliTone smartdigital signal fea-tures a LOCATE tonethat provides maxi-mum radiation, allowingyou to quickly locate hiddenand hard-to-find cabling from a distance.
Isolate the right cable – fast
Cabling installations have become increas-ingly complex, which has madecabling increasingly diffi-cult to locate with ana-log technology. Cablesfrom individual wall  jacks or devices areoften broughttogether and run inbundles to a central area or panel. Whencables are run together foreven short lengths, a signal fromone can bleed over to another. One cablemight carry the original signal; other cablesmight carry the signal as a result of bleed.Isolating cables with analog tools requiresguesswork, training, time for repeated test-ing – and even the best efforts often resultin mistakes.The IntelliTone Toner uses the uniqueproperties of twisted pair cabling to createa signal that minimizes the effect of bleed.The smart digital signal processing in theIntelliTone Probe clearly identifies thissignal with audio and LED visual indicators,allowing you to rapidly isolate the correctcable from a bundle or on a patch panel.IntelliTone eliminates hours of cableconfusion – so you can get it right thefirst time.
Overcome noise – and savehours of time
Fluorescent lights, machinery, computermonitors and electrical wiring all producenoise that slows down cable location ormakes it simply impossible with standardanalog audio toners and probes. Together,the IntelliTone Toner’s synchronized digital signal and the IntelliTone Probe’s micro-processor controlled signal identificationtechnology reject noise and false signals toclearly identify cable location. Thisadvanced capability alone can save youhours every week on cable location projects.
Tone on live networksquickly and safely
Modern network devices use aggressivetermination schemes for cables connected totheir ports. While this termination reducesnoise and crosstalk in the cable, it can alsoabsorb an analog toner signal, making theconnected cable impossible to detect. Theresult is that locating an unlabeled networkcan take hours with analog technology.Unlike analog signals, the IntelliTone digital signal stays strong despite common modetermination. And the IntelliTone Toner auto-mates toning individual cable conductors,making it quick, efficient and safe to locatecables on active networks.
Validate conductor continuitywith cablemap
Eliminate callbacks during cabling moves,adds and changes withthe powerful diagnos-tic capabilities of IntelliTone™. TheIntelliTone 200Probe features aCABLEMAP capa-bility that identi-fies common cablemiswires in twistedpair cabling. IntelliTonetechnology automates the testing of eachconductor for end-to-end continuity; LEDlights and tones clearly indicate miswires.
Identify and troubleshootcable services
– Once you’ve located a cable,the next step is to validate cable conductorcontinuity. IntelliTone 100 and 200 SeriesToners make it easy – eliminating the needfor a separate diagnostic tool.
– Is the RJ45 jack a datacom jack, aphone jack – or a dead jack? IntelliTone 200Toners take the guesswork out of huntingfor an active jack, or a jack with the rightservice. LEDs clearly identify common servic-es found on today’s networks, includingtelecom and datacom services and10/100/1Gb Ethernet links.
Telecom troubleshooting
– Detect Line 1voltage, polarity, and ring with IntelliTone100 and 200 Toners. The IntelliTone 200Toner adds Line 2 troubleshooting. Confirmtelecom circuits with the built-in talk bat-tery capability.
IntelliTone provides robust toninginto active network equipment
while eliminating cablemis-identification due to bleed
Banana jacks
allow customerselection and replacement of leads or no leads
One tool supports all VDVcable types
(RJ45, RJ11,coax, and bare wire
Identify and diagnose POTS
with multi-line Telco detect,polarity and ring indication(Line 1 and Line 2)
Identify and diagnose Ethernetlink
connectivity with NIC/hubindication
Test cable continuity,
eliminating need forseparate diagnostic tool Knob provides
simple,task oriented operation
Choose between
one-noteor two-note tonesMultiple-level LEDs
simplify signal interpreta-tion in noisy environments
Time-saving thumbwheel
letsyou select desired toning modeon the probe rather than toner
Test cable continuity –
eliminatingneed for separate diagnostic tool IntelliTone probes sense legacyanalog signals for
full backwardscompatibilitySYNC indicates detectionof IntellTone signal
andshows battery status atpower-up
Choose between two digital toning signals:
– lets you locate cables at a distance– lets you isolate cables in bundles orat patch panels
Low battery indicator:
LEDs on the tonerand probe light for one second at power onto indicate the battery status
Auto-Off feature:
The toner turns off automatically after 2.5 hours of inactivity.Probe turns off after 1 hour of inactivity.
Analog toner/probe compatible
IntelliTone Toners generate 1 KHzcompatible legacy analog tones thatanalog audio probes can detect; andIntelliTone Probes sense legacy analogsignals for full backwards compatibilityIntelliTone digital technology withadvanced signal processing provides
high-resolution measurement
Shared features:

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