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Sample Bib

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Published by Kate Flom
Sample Annotated Bibliography for WRD104
Sample Annotated Bibliography for WRD104

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Kate Flom on Apr 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student‟s Last Name
Student NameKate FlomWRD104DateFinal Annotated Bibliography and Research StatementGun violence in the United States has been a controversial debate for the last severaldecades but the issue has resurfaced now more than ever due to the most recent public shootings.Even before the most recent and devastating mass shootings such as the Columbine High School,Virginia Tech, the Colorado Movie Theatre, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Ihave been in strong support of stricter gun control laws in the US. In order to prevent further gunviolence, there has to be immediate legislation action to better the current situation. Thislegislation should include but not limited to bans on military assault weapons, better execution of current laws, stricter background checks and gun-trafficking laws.Stricter gun control is needed to reduce gun violence in the US as soon as possible.Within my paper I will focus on why people support or oppose gun control, determine who has a better point, and on the current debate on gun control. I will present information regarding bothsides of the argument. I will include information on the opposition to demonstrate that there isanother side to the argument of gun control but I will then refute it thus proving my point.
Baker, Peter and Michael D Shear. “Obama to „Put Everything I‟ve Got‟ Into Gun
 New York Times, 16 Jan. 2013. Web. 5 Feb. 2013.
Peter Baker and Michael D. Shear‟s informative article, “Obama to „Put Everything I‟veGot‟ Into Gun Control,” focuses on discussing President Obama‟s future plans of enforcing
Student‟s Last Name
stricter gun control despite opposition. Baker and Shear explain that Obama plans to enforcelegislation and gain public support that will facilitate and result in stricter gun control. They alsoconvey the overwhelming effects gun violence has had on our nation recently. Not ignoring theother side of the argument, Baker and Shear include pro-
gun rights politician‟s opinions.
I chose this article due its constant focus on the effects of gun violence, the ongoing guncontrol debate and more specifically how President Obama is handling the issue. Baker and
Shear appeal to the audience‟s intellect and establish credibility throughout the article. Baker and
Shear effectively inform their audience of the consequences of gun violence on our nation, the
President‟s fut
ure plans of enforcing stricter control despite opposition thus proving a viablesource to argue gun control is in fact necessary to prevent future gun violence in the UnitedStates. This article will prove helpful when I write about the importance of enforcing stricter guncontrol in order to prevent further gun violence in our nation.
Bennett, Katherine, John Kraft, and Deborah Grubb. “University Faculty Attitudes Toward GunsOn Campus.”
 Journal Of Criminal Justice Education
23.3 (2012): 336-355.
 AcademicSearch Complete
. Web. 6 Mar. 2013.
Bennett, Kraft and Grubb focus on and study university faculty‟s feelings towards the
idea of being allowed a concealed gun in public places such as college campuses and churches.They conduct a survey in which faculty and administrators are tested over their opinions on thecurrent gun law being considered. The results demonstrate a majority of those tested opposeallowing concealed weaponry on college campuses. Bennett, Kraft and Grubb also found that a
 person‟s opinion on the matter depends on their political affiliation and if they own guns or not.
Student‟s Last Name
This article will prove useful in establishing and proving my argument because it offers a perspective my other sources do not. Bennett, Kraft and Grubb actually conducted a study wherethey asked the participants if they favored gun legislation. The results showed that most participants opposed the lenient gun laws, which will further prove my argument. Also, theresults demonstrated political affil
iation and gun ownership are contributing factors in someone‟s
opinion on gun control, which is one of the points I am making in my paper.Celinska, Katarzyna. "Individualism And Collectivism In America: The Case Of Gun OwnershipAnd Attitudes Toward Gun Control."
Sociological Perspectives
50.2 (2007): 229-247.
 Academic Search Complete
. Web. 12 Feb. 2013.In her research, Celinska addresses the belief that the vast majority of Americans haveindividualistic ideologies. To determine if this claim is valid, Celinska utilizes an index of individualism and collectivism and applies it to the issues of gun control and ownership.
Celinska suggests that society‟s attitudes are mainly due to either their individualis
tic or collectivist ideologies. After doing surveying research, she finds that people with individualisticideologies usually oppose gun control measures.I chose this article because not only does Celinska provide a conclusion that goes alongwith my argument, she has appropriate evidence to prove it. In my argument to enforce gunregulations, I want to show how the supporters have better reasoning than the opponents of guncontrol.
Celinska‟s research establishes opponents of gun control have more indiv
idualisticoutlooks than supporters. Thus facilitating my argument that gun control should be enforced.

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