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Eyman Initiative 2013

Eyman Initiative 2013

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Published by heidigroover
'Voter Protection Act' from SOS website
'Voter Protection Act' from SOS website

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Published by: heidigroover on Apr 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Initiative Measure No. 1310 April 16, 2013
AN ACT Relating to state taxes and fees; amending RCW29A.72.283,29A.32.070, 43.135.055, 43.135.031, and 43.135.041; adding new sections tochapter 43.135 RCW; adding a new section to chapter 29A.32 RCW; creatingnew sections; and providing a contingent expiration date.BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON:
 NEWSECTION.The people want the legislature to approve, and refer to voters forratification, a constitutional amendment requiring two-thirds legislativeapproval for raising taxes as defined by and as required by Initiative 960,approved by voters in 2007, Initiative 1053, approved by voters in 2010,and Initiative 1185, approved by voters in 2012. This measure requirespeople’s advisory votes on whether to amend the constitution to requiretwo-thirds legislative approval to raise taxes.
Sec. 1.
 This initiative is intended to provide short-termand long-termprotection fromstate tax and fee increases, providingour state’s economy with a chance to recover. The people find that accountability and effectiveness are importantaspects of setting tax policy. In order to make policy choices, thelegislature needs information to evaluate whether the continuation of taxincreases is in the public interest. To effectuate this finding, thismeasure limits the duration of tax increases imposed by the legislature toone year.
Another aspect of accountability and transparency involves keepingvoters informed. This measure provides information in the voterspamphletabout legislators’ voting records on tax bills. The Legislature has repeatedly raided fee accounts, depleting themof revenue, necessitating revenue increases. To stop such tactics and ensuregreater accountability and transparency, this measure requires fees to belegislatively approved and dedicated to their statutory purposes. These important policies ensure that taxpayers will be protected andthat taking more of the peoples money will always be an absolute lastresort.
NEWSECTION.(1) A measure for an advisory vote of the people for a constitutionalamendment requiring two-thirds legislative approval for raising taxes isrequired and must be placed on each general election ballot under thischapter.(2) No later than the first of August, the attorney general will sendwritten notice to the secretary of state of the legislatures failure tolet the people vote on a constitutional amendment requiring two-thirdslegislative approval for raising taxes. Within five days of receivingsuch written notice fromthe attorney general, the secretary of state willassign a serial number for a measure for an advisory vote of the peopleand transmit one copy of the measure bearing its serial number to theattorney general as required by RCW29A.72.040. Saturdays, Sundays, andlegal holidays are not counted in calculating the time limits in thissubsection.
Sec. 2.
A new section is added to chapter 43.135 RCWtoread as follows:(3) For the purposes of this chapter, "raising taxes" means any actionor combination of actions by the state legislature that increases statetax revenue deposited in any fund, budget, or account, regardless owhether the revenues are deposited into the general fund.
Sec. 3.
RCW29A.72.283 and 2008 c 1 s 8 are each amended to read asfollows:(1) Within five days of receipt of a measure for an advisory vote othe people fromthe secretary of state under RCW29A.72.040 the attorney
general shall formulate a short description ((not exceeding thirty-threewords and)), not subject to appeal, of each tax increase and of eachfailure of the legislature to let the people vote on a constitutionalamendment under section 2 of this act and shall transmit a certified copyof such short description meeting the requirements of this section to thesecretary of state.(a) The description for each tax increase must be formulated anddisplayed on the ballot substantially as follows:
“The legislature imposed, without a vote of the people, (identification otax and description of increase), costing (most up-to-date ten-year costprojection, expressed in dollars and rounded to the nearest million) in itsfirst ten years, for government spending. This tax increase should be:Repealed . . . []Maintained . . . [](b) The description for the failure of the legislature to let thepeople vote on a constitutional amendment under section 2 of this act mustbe formulated and displayed on the ballot substantially as follows:
“Do you support or oppose having the legislature refer to a vote othe people a constitutional amendment requiring two-thirds legislativeapproval for raising taxes as defined by voter-approved Initiatives 960,1053, and 1185?Support letting the people vote . . . []Oppose letting the people vote . . . [](2)
Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays are not counted incalculating the time limits in this section. ((The words “This taxincrease should be: Repealed . . . [] Maintained . . . []” are not countedin the thirty-three word limit for a short description under thissection.))
Sec. 4.
RCW29A.32.070 and 2009 c 415 s 5 are each amended to read asfollows:

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