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6r Priprema Unit6 Test

6r Priprema Unit6 Test

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Припрема из енглеског језика за 6. разред
Припрема из енглеског језика за 6. разред

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Published by: Žika Savuljesković on May 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I) Use these phrasal verbs to complete the sentences: _____/10
get up put on ran into tried out sat down switched ongot off  picked up came out looking for
1. He _________________________the phone to answer it.2. We _________________________ the TV to watch the football match.3. The man was standing outside the back door and Ashley _________________________ him.4. Here’s a book you wanted. I spent hours in the library _________________________ it.5. I_________________________ at 6 o’clock every morning.6. When they _________________________ the bus in London, they asked a policeman the wayto their hotel.7. I ____________________ a new computer game last night. It was brilliant!8. When we _________________________of the cinema, it was dark.9. She _________________________ in an armchair and fell asleep.10. He _________________________ his hat and left.
II) Complete with
must / mustn’t / don’t have to / should / shouldn’t 
1. It’s cold. I think you _______________ put on your jacket.2. People
smoke in the building. That’s a rule.3. She
go to bed early tonight. She’s working in the morning.4. She
go. She can stay here if she wants.5. You _______________ sit so close to the TV. It’s not good for your eyes.6. You _______________ do the washing up. I’ve already done it.7. When you’re driving, you
wear a seat belt.8. You
eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.9. You
wear Jason’s jeans. He’ll be angry!10. You
tell lies. It’s not nice.
III) Match the problem in A to the advice in B: _____/5A B A B
1. My back hurts.a) Drink hot tea with lemon and dont go out. 1 _2. Ive got sore eyes.b) Lie down on a hard bed and rest. 2 _3. Ive got a cold.c) Take an aspirin and lie down.3 _4. Ive got a toothache.d) Wear your glasses when you watch TV. 4 _5. Ive got a headache.e) Go to the dentist.5 _
IV) Present Perfect: _____/5
1. I (not see) him for three years. ____________________________________________ 2. Her mother never (tell) a lie. ______________________________________________ 3. I (not pay) the bill yet. ___________________________________________________ 4. They just (go) out? ______________________________________________________ 5. I (have) a wonderful time. ________________________________________________ 
V) Irregular verbs: _____/10InfinitivePast SimplePast participlePrevodbegancutfoughtkeepmaderodeprodatisweptthink tornVI) Fill in:
hide optician’s key sweets headache battery  bighead robbery bored corridor
1. I must lie down. I’ve got a ______________________________.2. She had nothing to do. She was ______________________________.3. Children mustn’t run in the _____________________________ at break time.4. You have bad teeth. You shouldn’t eat so many ______________________________.5. I couldn’t phone you because my ______________________________ was dead.6. When you see a wild animal you should ______________________________.7. No one likes him. He’s a ______________________________ at times.8. Lisa’s going to the ______________________________ to take her new glasses.9. There was a ______________________________ at Yorkshire Bank.10. I can’t find my______________________________. Now I can’t open the door.

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