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Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011

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Teachers WIthout Borders
Teachers WIthout Borders

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Published by: Fred Mednick, Founder on May 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It has been 2 years since theearthquake in Haiti.
316,000 dead. 1,000,000 homeless. And yet, asI write this, there is enough concrete debris strewnabout in the streets of Port au Prince to build a four-lane highway from the capital to Los Angeles.But they shall prevail...through education.
It has been 1 year since theuprising in Tahrir Square.
A dictator was forced to flee and the Egyptian peoplebegan to construct their future. To some, the obstaclesare insurmountable.But they shall prevail because they believe ineducation.
Today, teachers are in gravedanger.
The indiscriminate bombing in Homs, Syria andwanton killing by the Boko Haram (translated as“western education is sacrilege),” threaten thevery pillars of society. When education isattacked, we all suffer.And so we must carry on. For TeachersWithout Borders, education is nothing short of our moral obligation to the future.Federico Mayor, the former head of UNESCOonce wrote: “Hay una pedagogia, lapedagogia de amor.There is only onepedagogy, the pedagogy of love.”Our 2011 Annual Report describes our effort toserve the world’s teachers—with love.Dr. Fred Mednick, Founder 
   2   0   1   1   A  n  n  u  a   l    R  e  p  o  r   t
Teachers. Leaders. Worldwide
Teachers Without Borders is a 501c3 non-profit organization (EIN# 91-2023723).86% of all donations are directed toward programs.
CONTACT US:www.TWB.org|info@twb.org| 206 623 0394
Founder’s Letter2011 At a GlanceNew Advisory BoardTeacher LeadersMeasurable ImpactsTWB WorldwideRegional HighlightsReaching ClassroomsPartnerships and NetworksTWB 2.0 for 2012Financials
We reinvented ourselves, established a world-classAdvisory Board, deepened our partnerships,absorbed “Bridges to Understanding,” anddeveloped a sustainability plan
   2   0   1   1    A   t   a   G   l  a  n  c  e
TWB 2.0
When TWB began in 2000, very few NGOs would consider themselves to be global entities. A dozen years later, the internationaldevelopment field is huge.In order to ensure that we provided measurable value, we took agood, hard look at our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, andstrengths in 2011 and both conceived and introduced TWB 2.0.Though strong proponents of open education in order to removebarriers to education, we also opened up our organizational bordersin order to become a nimble, responsive, generous engine of change.We are already making great progress.
New Advisory Board
Our work, like great teaching, is driven by a passion for the subjectand compassion for our colleagues. Our new Advisory Board ensuresthat our educational mission is supported by rigorous research andintegrity.We are proud to introduce a world-class Advisory Board: The Director of Global Education at Harvard, the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Education in Haiti, a leader of African education at USAID, thePresident and CEO of the Institute for International Education (incharge of managing the Fulbright program). Educational leaders.Worldwide.
Large-Scale, Strategic Partnerships
Building deep relationships by reaching the people who reach thepeople, we have extended our reach by orders of magnitude. Ivy-League universities, international agencies, Ministries of Education.TWB is no longer a destination or a walled garden. It’s a vital hub.
Bridges to Understanding
In 2011, TWB absorbed an award-winning, classroom-to-classroomnon-profit with a 9 year history of digital storytelling, media literacy,and problem solving, collaboration, and cultural exchange. In 2012,TWB shall repurpose the Bridges assets to connect global educationwith measurable academic achievement. No longer a program at theperiphery, our re-design is built around learning from and with distantfriends.
TWB was not immune to the global financial crisis, and though weexecuted our multi-year grants well, we were far less successful in our efforts to garner new grants. Our public campaigns were directedtoward raising money for others, particularly for disaster relief.Private giving stalled. In 2012, our goal is to reduce dependence ongrant funding and increase contracts, fees for mentor-driven courses,and enlist greater support for public giving to ensure TWB’s long-termcapacity.CONTACT US:www.TWB.org|info@twb.org| 206 623 0394
Global visionaries who defendeducation and support teachers
   A   d  v   i  s  o  r  y   B  o  a  r   d
focuses on increasingaccess to informaKon and to educaKonal toolsin underserved communiKes. Dr. Oliveira is aformer EducaKon Pioneers Fellow and holds aPh.D. in Psychology and Neuroscience fromthe University of California.President and CEO
Ins0tute of Interna0onalEduca0on
; administers Fulbright Program
focuses research andteaching on idenKfying educaKon policies thatsupport teachers in helping low-income andmarginalized children succeed academically. Dr.Riemers is internaKonal known for his seminalworks on advocacyfor teachers, andFord FoundaKon Professor of Int’l EducaKon;Director of the Int’l EducaKon Policy Program:
Harvard Graduate School of Educa0onYOLANDE MILLER-GANDVAUX, Ph.D
 advocates for coordinated, cohesive, andcollaboraKve relaKonship between USAIDand the non-governmental organizaKoncommunity. Of parKcular importance is herwork in Emergency EducaKon.
: Senior EducaKon Advisor - Africa
creates research andacKon paths across fields of qualitaKve research,educaKon, cultural anthropology, psychology andapplied development.Senior InternaKonal Advisor,
Hai0an Ministry of Educa0on
; Senior Lecturer,
University of Pennsylvania
Graduate School of EducaKon
focuses on increasing accessto informaKon and to educaKonal tools inunderserved communiKes. Dr. Oliveira is a formerEducaKon Pioneers Fellow and holds a Ph.D. inPsychology and Neuroscience from the University of California.
TWB Advisory Board Head: at
CONTACT US:www.TWB.org|info@twb.org| 206 623 0394
Representing universities,consortia, internationalagencies, and companies

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