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The Current Status

The Current Status

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Published by Paul Henrickson
This is a record of ISP difficulties in Malta.
This is a record of ISP difficulties in Malta.

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Published by: Paul Henrickson on May 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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: The Individual vs. The StateTHE CREATIVITY PACKET
(until destroyed, eliminated, by ONVOL, a Maltese ISP from theinternet secretly, thievingly and illegally with apparent government approval, had beenavailable at
was a de facto non-profit enterprise launched by Dr. PaulHenrickson,
after he had moved to Malta,
as an exercise in the practical application of six decades of study and research in areas such as education, experimental psychology, art history, art productionand the occasional political commentary. This was a sharing of knowledge. There was no incomederived from the exercise, but many commented on the probable fact that this mental occupationwas goo
d for someone who had retired. From Henrickson’s point of view, however, he ,too, was
learning from this effort at which he spent 14 hours every day, seven days a weekWhat was not known at the beginning was that despite all protests to the contrary the inadequatelyeducated Maltese resent accomplishments by others in any field if it appears to challenge their self assessment. Judgments on the basis of the requirements of the discipline are ignored anddisparagements of colleagues , even Maltese colleagues, are common and in some instances athreat of a law suit is likely,The most recent occurrence affected by
Melitaplc, Onvol
, of 
epitomises several earlieroutrages to civilized behaviour characterized by the lies and malfeasance of three socially respectedand government supported Maltese judges, Mario Scerri, Noel Scerri and Judge Fenech of the SmallClaims Court. this incident is reviewed in the section entitled
”Government Sponsored Extortion”
 found below. The intellectual ground-base for mu
ch of Henrickson’s is rooted in his creativity
research conducted nearly fifty years ago at The University of Northern Iowa, through which, bychance, he learned that the official educational claims were in direct opposition to their practices. Inshort either the University did not know what it was doing or, they did know and they intentionallylied about it.This report is also below and entitled
“The Perceptive and Silenced Minorities”
It should be noted, at this point, that there is a growing belief among non-Maltese and confirmationamong some Maltese that the socially functioning exploitation of those not believed to be of Maltese background in the daily over charging by an estimated 30% on electric and water usecharges by Enemalta , a practice seemingly supported by government inaction has devolved to theone local merchant who defended herself for another 30% overcharge (
 for batteries that were dead 
)on the grounds that the client spoke English and, therefore, could afford to pay it. There have beennumerous other examples publically reported in this proclaimed Christian community.
© 2010
 It might be tempting, at times and for
some, to create a metaphor out of Malta’s geographical
position vis a vis the rest of Europe and with the evidence provided by some of the actions of Maltese corporations, and political parties there might appear some justification. But I will not dothat mainly because it would be contrary to both my expectations and my desires.I will, however, express my present grave concern for the evident greed and misdirected intellectand self-destructive hubris that portends a catastrophe.The following outlines my inane preoccupation with some contrived conviction imposed upon me bysome social myth. It is evident that the entire world, with few if any, islands of purity is engulfed in amaelstrom of fabrications which spun, layer upon layer have served to bind into impotence the oncepotentially creative processes of a population of 400,000 presently lost souls.A vivid example of the point I wish to make was unwittingly presented in a YouTube video discussing,somewhat patronizingly, one episode in the Iraqi war where after a helicopter attack on a civiliangroup civilian rescuers had come to rescue the only wounded but living man by moving him intotheir van were seen, by the narrator of the video discussing the event as having, somehow, brokenthe rules of war and so they, too, were killed and two 7-8 year-old children in the van criticallywounded. Since when, I had to ask myself, are the rules of war supreme over the rules of humanity?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zok8yMxXEwk The men in the helicopter are excused by themilitary analyst on the grounds that in a battle situation those involved are on high alert and energyand therefore may have mistaken a camera for a gun. I wonder the same explanation might havebeen applied to the situation in New Mexico (USA) where a police officer shot a man (fatally, I think)because the officer had mistaken a crucifix for a gun. My contention is that it takes a certain type of personality with a certain type of training to function as a police officer or military man at all.When I lived in a community in southwest Virginia (USA) I was observed, by a woman I did not know,
who was walking down the entrance walk to her sister’s house, planting young annuals for th
esummer garden in the front of my house, This woman was, apparently, offended and obliged to

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