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Published by pmerrill7182
Skateboard Ordinance - City of Grand Rapids
Skateboard Ordinance - City of Grand Rapids

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Published by: pmerrill7182 on May 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Grand Rapids, Michigan, Code of Ordinances>>-TITLE IX—POLICE REGULATIONS>>Chapter 165 - PROHIBITION OF SKATEBOARDING>>
Sec. 9.601. -Purpose.Sec. 9.602. -Skateboarding Prohibited.Sec. 9.603. -Exceptions.Sec. 9.604. -Area in Which Prohibition Applies.Sec. 9.605. -Enforcement.Secs. 9.606—9.700. -Reserved.
Sec. 9.601. -Purpose.
The City Commission finds that persons operating skateboards downtown significantlydamage property and risk injuring themselves and others. The Commission finds these problemsand concerns are most acute in the downtown area because of heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic and because its unique physical features are attractive to persons using skateboards. Thus,the purpose of this Chapter is to eliminate the property damage and risk of injuries associated withskateboards by prohibiting their use anywhere in the downtown area except in facilities specificallydesigned for such use or entirely on private property with the permission of its owner.
(Ord. No. 90-69, § 1, 9-11-90)
Sec. 9.602. -Skateboarding Prohibited.
Except as provided inSection 9.603, it shall be unlawful for any person to ride, propel, pushor otherwise operate a skateboard anywhere within the area described inSection 9.604.
(Ord. No. 90-69, § 1, 9-11-90)
Sec. 9.603. -Exceptions.
The foregoing Section shall not apply in facilities specifically designated for use of skateboards nor on any private property where the owner has given permission for such use.
(Ord. No. 90-69, § 1, 9-11-90)
Sec. 9.604. -Area in Which Prohibition Applies.
The area of the City in which the prohibition of Section 9.602applies is the same as theDowntown Redevelopment Project area described inSection 1.960of Chapter 22pertaining to the Downtown Management Board and is described as follows:That property located in the City of Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan; with a boundaryon the north along I-196, beginning at the Scribner Avenue underpass and running easterly to thepoint where Livingston Avenue extended south would cross I-196; then south to the centerline of Michigan Street; then easterly along Michigan to the point where Claremont Place extended north
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