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Ingredients Which Are HARAM for MUSLIMs

Ingredients Which Are HARAM for MUSLIMs



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Published by ather_88

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Published by: ather_88 on Apr 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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E- means EC (European communities) and E-Numbers are assigned to various food additives.Some E-Numbers are banned in some countries. In UK Numbers without E prefix are allowed butmay not be allowed in other country. We are getting lot of e-mails from our Muslims brother andsisters inquiring about Halal status of E-Numbers, so we decided to add to our web site. E-Numbers are divided into following category:E-Numbers Food Additives1.100-180 Colors2.200-252 Preservatives3.260-297 Acidities4.300-385 Antioxidant5.400-429 Thickeners6.430-499 Emulsifiers7.620-640 Flavor Enhance8.950-967 SweetenersHalal Status: The Halal status was given to the ingredients which are obtained from 100% Halalraw materials without use of alcohol. These are plant and chemical based material.Haram: Those are obtained from animal source or use of alcohol. All non-zabiha Halal animal by-products were considered as Haram because Allah’s name was not announced at the time of slaughtering the animal. Off course pork by product was considered 100% Haram. Some Muslimsmay differ with us about not accepting the meat slaughtered by people of the book as not Halalmeat.Mushbooh: Mushbooh status was given to those E-Numbers where source of raw material wasnot known, it could be from plant source or animal source and also lack of information of use of alcohol with based ingredients.Hidden ingredients: We have no knowledge of different food laws in different countries regardinghidden processing aid ingredients which may be Haram.HARAM E – NUMBERS:The following ingredients are considered as Haram:E 120: Cochineal (red color from insects) according to Ulema from UK and South Africa
E 441: GelatinE 542: Edible Bone PhosphateWe have carefully checked these ingredients based on our knowledge of US food industry but weare not familiar with different food laws in different European countries.
DescriptionHalal StatusE100CurcuminColo
Halal if pure grindturmeric
E101Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)Colo
(Haram if frompork liver & Kidney, Halalif 100% plant material
E102TartrazineColorMushboohE104Quinoline YellowColorMushboohE110Sunset Yellow FCF /Orange Yellow SColorMushboohE120Cochineal / Carminic AcidColo
Haram according toUlema from UK & SouthAfrica
E122Carmoisine / AzorubineColorMushboohE123AmaranthColo
Halal if 100% plantmaterial w/o alcohol
E124Ponceau 4R / CochinealRed AColor 
Mushbooh (synthetic)
E127Erythrosine BSColorMushboohE131Patent Blue VColorMushboohE132Indigo Carmine / IdigotineColo
Haram according toUlema from UK & SouthAfrica
Halal if not extracted withalcohol
E141Copper Complex of ChlorophyllColor 
Halal if not extracted withalcohol
E142Green S / Acid Brilliant Colo
Halal if the synthetic
Green BS
material are Halal
E150(a-d)Caramel Color/withchemicalsColor 
E151Black PN / Brilliant BlackBNColor 
Halal if the syntheticmaterial are Hala
E153Carbon Black / VegetableCarbon (Charcoal)Color 
Mushbooh, Halal if 100%vegetable derived
E160aAlpha, Beta, GammaColor - Carotene
E160bAnnatto, Bixin, NorbixinColor - Carotene
Mushbooh, may be mixedwith gelatin
E160cCapsanthin / CapsorbinColor- Carotene
Musnbooh, may be mixedwith gelatin
E160dLycopeneColor - CaroteneMushbooh, may be mixedwith gelatinE160eBeta-apo-8-carotenalColor - Carotene
Mushbooh, may be mixedwith gelatin
E160f Ethyl ester of Beta-apo-8-cartonoic acidColor - Carotene
Mushbooh, may beextracted with alcohol
Mushbooh, may beextracted with alcohol
Mushbooh, may beextracted with alcohol
Mushbooh, may beextracted with alcohol
Mushbooh, may beextracted with alcohol
Mushbooh, may beextracted with alcohol
Mushbooh, may beextracted with alcohol
Mushbooh, Haram if fromanimal source(retinal)
E162Beetroot Red / BetaninColo
Halal if not extracted with

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