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Z diary 8

Z diary 8



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Published by S. Lei Pyke
Mary "innocence" continues her narrative as she is captured and tortured by Paishel
Mary "innocence" continues her narrative as she is captured and tortured by Paishel

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Published by: S. Lei Pyke on May 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Z diary 8By s. Lei PykeMary’s diary, entry 2I have lost track of time. The radio went dead a little while ago. I think Paishelhas cut off power to the house. I am still in my coffin, and I am hungry. Without lust tosustain me or blood to feed me, or the sunlight to tell me when to hibernate, I no longer know how long I have been in my coffin. It’s been probably a week.I don’t think I have used a coffin this extensively in a long time. It’s really justfor transport and for emergency purposes. Most of the time, a good bed and a deepcomforter will do. Or a shallow grave. Just so long as it blocks out sunlight.The sick thing is that this closed area is messing with me. I knew it would, but itwas a risk I had to take. The sounds outside my coffin are muted, but I can still hear human minds in the area, and occasionally I can feel the hard void that must indicate thereanimates. There are others too, vampires of the Phobos pact. I wonder if Zach knowsabout their participation.Zach is my mate. Yeah I know he’s Phobos pact, but call it kismet, or whatever you like, we have been together for over 500 years. If I concentrate, I can feel him. Hefled with the others, running when the others mutinied. He is not close enough for me tolink with his mind, but I always feel his emotions. He is frustrated and angry, and quite a bit scared. I am dying to know what he is thinking. I hope he is keeping tabs on mine.Also, I have decided that I will punish my dear flight for their methods. It wasuncalled for. I am sure that they are beginning to see what has overtaken our safe house.They are not dim.Entry 3:All I can think about is blood. Lust doesn’t even appeal to me anymore. I amdrying out. I just need. I have lost my mental connections in my all consuming hunger. Ithink I have been sleeping more. That tends to happen. I regret trying to do this. I don’tsee a way out. Any outcome that I do, I wind up a slave to that demon downstairs, or 
dead. Both are terrible. The last option to me is to stay here and languish. I am sure thatsomeday I will be exhumed. It’s not like I can die from being buried.Entry 4:I can smell humans in the house. More humans. . .more blood being smeared somewherein here. Now that I am too weak to actually lift the lid on my coffin, I can’t. . .“Mary, come forth!” the commanding voice shuddered through me, and I rosefrom my coffin, jerked into motion like some demonic marionette. I could feel my eyes blazing as my body followed the command like a rat to the piper.“Come Mary.” Called the voice again, seductive this time, igniting my hunger and lust. Before me, Meyers stood, his arms open to welcome my body, and shameful andhorrid that it was, I came, shuddering against him, a total slave to my passions.“That is right, child. Oh, you were so clever to hide in your coffin, but that isover now. See? I mean you no ill!”“P-Paishel?” I stuttered, unsure of myself. I tried to remain strong, but thedemon’s influence overshadowed me.“But of course my dear, would you have it instead be useless and tremblingghoulish Caldwell? Come my dear, I know what you need.”The door to my hiding place opened, revealing a timid teenage boy, dressed inratty clothes and reeking of drugs. He could not see into the shadows, but he stood,trembling, sensing danger. In my hunger I leaped at him, unable to stop myself.“Ah!” Paishel began, and I froze, just inches from the boy’s neck. Oh god! The boy seemed rooted to the spot, unable to move.“So thirsty, my dear. Ah, I was going to give him to Janice, but if you would.”He released me, and I bit down like the feral beast I was, blood leaping into my mouth,singing as it jetted down my throat. I had to have all of this boy. I stripped him downwith my hard nails, shredding the fabric from his body. He shuddered against me, hisanimal reaction bathing me in the scent of his hormones. Lust and blood together mingled in my form, revitalizing me, and I knew that I was going to kill him. Suddenly.
the demon Paishel took my hair and separated me. I roared in pain and frustration,seething and panting. Darkness fell across my vision, cutting off the scene.The zing of steel across my throat cut off my howl, and I was cast to the floor.My head gave way slightly against the floor, disorienting me. Then I felt lips against mywound. These were mortal lips. No. God no, not this.
 Paishel! You bastard! Not this!”
I flung my telepathic voice at his shield.Paishel laughed. The boy began to suck harder now, drawing my sustenance from me.The effect was nearly immediate. I felt him tremble from head to toe. His scream pierced my ears as he began to convulse. I was lifted to my feet under Paishel’s spell.“Ah, my little moonflower. How long? Fifty, sixty years since you changedSakura? And how long since you made a male? Hmm? Oh you should be proud mydear.” He ordered me out, and I could do nothing but follow. He chained the poor boy,even as with a dual pop, the child’s eyes came loose from their sockets as the pressure built in his body. Every vein stood out on his tortured skin. I could hear his poor heart,already thrumming as if he was running a marathon. He writhed and screamed as Paisheldragged him down the stairs, each bump cracking bones.I was too sickened to be elated. Why had I ever thought I could do this? Oh, itwas too late now. The boy was going to change, and I had the sick feeling that the childhad not chosen this fate.This was wrong, wrong, wrong. What a fool I was.“Oh, little Innocence. I am surprised that you don’t remember, I wore your father Ashur for a long, long time.” He said, as he hummed to himself.“Liar.” I said through my teeth.“Oh? Is that so? I suppose you would think that. Ah, we get so little credit for allof our troubles.” He sighed. “I suppose after a thousand years I wouldn’t expect you toremember anyway. Not considering I wore him the night I made you into the little slutyou are. Do you remember how it felt as I ravished you that night? Ah I have never hadso much fun.” I gritted my teeth. Yes. Yes I remembered. How could I forget that?I remembered differently though.“You possessed those men.” I hissed. He laughed.

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